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Jari Menari

Over recent times, I have often been asked about where can one go and learn massage. This art as we are all aware is centuries old, it’s a technique that only so many can master, after years of experience. However, to give you an insider glimpse and ‘feel’ for what the art of massage is all about, I spoke to Susan Stein of Jari Menari, who has been conducting regular Tuesday one day classes at her premises, Jari Menari, Jl Raya Basangkasa, T: (0361) 736 740

OK, it’s a day course for anyone. People that want to try something new, curious people, husbands and wives, people from the corporate arena who want to experience a creative art, people who live here, visitors on vacation (we must remember that Bali is the Spa capital of the world, and this means massage too) people that want to re-energize their brain power, keep it working! and other professionals that are interested in learning new massage techniques.

So, an interesting mix of people from all walks, not only that, there can be any number of different nationalities too.

The day commences with some basic yoga, breathe in and exhale, stretch the body, and mind. (taking yoga at the onset of the day class, will provide insight for beginners of yoga and what it is all about too).

Now to the ‘best bit’, you will learn the 9 Steps of Massage, which is all about GIVING & RECEIVING, this I am sure would be a most interesting subject and then lastly, an Oil Free massage, so no need to exit the salon looking like an oily bird! The one day course covers ‘the back only’ but if you take to massage by the end of the full day, you can book into the Wednesday half day session which will work on the ‘front side’ of the body.

Each participant receives a booklet to take home, which features the 9 step sequence, so don’t worry if you can’t remember ‘a movement’ when you get back home! And the booklet is available in four languages - English, Indonesian, Chinese & Japanese.

The Jari Menari venue provides the perfect ambiance, overlooking the water gardens. A fresh lunch is served either inhouse or at an outside venue and then moving onto the next ‘best bit’ is to experience massage by the professionals, the local teachers and while lying there, you can go through the complete 9 steps in your mind, or you just might be ‘out of it’!

Jari Menari offer full massage services, or if stretched for time, try the excellent foot massage or the back, shoulders & head massage, it really is the best treatment to enjoy on a regular basis, and a definite stress reducer!

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