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December 30, 2009

This is the last horoscope for 2009, and as we head into 2010, the stage is set with a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, on the morning of the 1st. The second, of this pair of eclipses, is in Capricorn on the 15th, and conjunct Venus. For now, though, we are still in the Sagittarius moon cycle, which began, mid-december. Everything stays pretty much the same, with no planetary sign changes, or retrograde/forward movement. This is not to say, that things aren’t moving, because they are, and will continue to do so, with our tight Pluto/Saturn square. As the tension builds; the internal pressure cooker, and Mars now traveling backwards through Leo, and Mercury also, pondering its’ recent decisions, in retrograde, we wonder, just what is in store for us, through 2010. Venus and Sun, join the North Node on January 12, to reawaken, the Divine Feminine, within all of us. The New Moon Solar Eclipse, will then usher in the karmic forces necessary to implement and sustain, the changes pre-destined in our individual and collective lives. The Cancer eclipse on the New Years Day, will bring emotional issues, to the forefront. Perhaps finally, we will wonder what price we pay, for our insidious need for greed and abject consumerism. We will wonder what values, we have handed down to our children, and what will become of our descendants as a result of our decisions. Probably a more sobering time, for those with a minimum of intelligence. The writing is on the Wall, for all to see.
FULL MOON 10 Cancer 15 January 01, 2010 03:14 a.m. (Lunar Eclipse)

ARIES: Mars will have you pondering over recent decisions, and the events in your life, for a good few weeks. The tendency is to slip into ego mode, and defend yourself and your actions. Unfortunately, this is not going to bring you rewarding results, for others now have the ability to see through your thin veil of disguises. At the same time, you also have the ability to see through theirs. So although the truth has been exposed, the tendency is still to cover it with a thin veneer of human emotion. Just pay attention, monitor your responses to all situations.

TAURUS: Venus, coming in to interesting formations with the Karmic Node, could see you embarking on a new relationship scenario. If there is a bit of a fated feel, to the connection, let this not come as a surprise. This could well be the time to build a strong, solid, practical and very grounded union. With solid foundations, this relationship will see you through the tough times to come. The Goddess knows, we all can use a stable place to lay our heads, during tumultuous times. This could will be the stability you have been looking for in your life. Be prepared to do the work.

GEMINI: Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, is a bit of a dry time, although a time when you can actually achieve a lot. Interesting that she turned retrograde, right when she met up with the North Node. It’s a bit like, letting you see what’s coming, and not being able to have it, just yet. Never mind, good things come, to those who are prepared to wait, and patience is something we all need to garner, during this Capricorn time. With a glimpse into the future, you are now able to set the necessary steps in play, and be prepared for the time of action which is just around the corner, in the beginning of February.

CANCER: This Full Moon in Cancer, promises to be a deeply emotional time for you. It is not just the New Year wind-up that has you in your heart though. There are circumstances on the outside which are prompting you to grow, and shed that which no longer serves or fits. Let it all go graciously, even if it is necessary to shed a few tears. Tears are the cleansing factor, in this equation. There is always a strong attachment to the past, and a sentimentality around family and friendships. If this is the time for you to surrender anything, let in go in faith, that God has a Divine Plan for your life. All is well.

LEO: The healing journey, is simply this journey of life, which has you strategically placed in the most optimum of places for your spiritual growth. Although it may all look very ordinary; very mundane, trust that this is just what is needed to initiate you into the next phase of your evolution. Sometimes we expect dramatic agendas and grand events, and this is not always necessary. In fact, so much is camouflaged in everyday events, that it would be easy to skip over them, in our haste, to get to greener pastures, or more interesting events. Take a look at what surrounds you now.

VIRGO: If life has been curiously confusing of late, surrender your need to know what and why things are happening as they are. All will be revealed in due course. For now, rest in what is familiar, and be about the tasks at hand, even if it is a little more challenging than normal. If strong emotions, rise to the surface, allow them to do so. This is a cleansing time, and there is nothing quite like a few honest tears, to cleanse the soul and to prepare you, for the next phase of the journey. God knows you have had your fair share, of
upheavals, over the recent months/years.

LIBRA: What would it take for you, to be finally convinced that there is a Divine Plan, in motion in your life. Perhaps some epiphany is in order. Pay attention closely to the events in your life, over the coming weeks, as you are about to be shown a glimpse of how the Divine, is at work in your life. It could come in the form, of a prayer answered, or someone from your past, returning to your life. Try to not be too set on how you would like your miracle to appear, as the nature of miracles, tends to be a a little radical and random. Relax, and all shall be revealed.

SCORPIO: This is the intense journey of life, which has you in it’s clutches. Careful, it doesn’t chew you up and spit you out, with disgust at the way you have been playing the game, of late. Are you walking, all over the emotions of those closest to you, or are you in alignment with your soul’s purpose and doing you utmost to create some peace and harmony in your environment. Having some compassion for those around you, is much needed at this time. Use your intuitive abilities to discern, what is really going on, not just what appears at face value. This is the time for you to tune in.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter is about to enter Pisces, and as such creates an abrupt change of focus in your life. The coming weeks, will see you turning ever more inward and further away from the distractions of the outside world. All of this is necessary as you prepare for the coming changes to your life. You are getting an ever so faint glimpse, of what is to transpire over the coming months, although it still feels, a bit like anything is possible. Take every opportunity, to rest, center and gather inner strength, as it will be in much demand in the weeks, and months to come.

CAPRICORN: It’s Birthday time, and for many of you, this will be a strong year of interesting relationships, both in your personal and professional lives. Many are nestled between the two eclipse, and the Saturn/Pluto square will play prominently in your Solar Return Charts. You could feel like you’ve slotted into your souls purpose this year, and with that feel ever more confident, although challenged, along with the rest of us. A little challenge, goes a long way for you however, and you have the skills and patience to see it all through to clarification and resolution.

AQUARIUS: The stellium; group of planets, which has included Jupiter, in your sign, has altered and reshaped your life for the better, and although Jupiter is about to move on now, Uranus in Pisces, keeps you well tuned into the changing trends, all around. What could appear as random events, and chaos to others, is beginning to make sense to you. If at first, it arises as an inner knowing, and later filters through to your intellect, this is fine, and is more the nature of things to come. Trust your ability to intuit the future and trust your gut instincts.

PISCES: Jupiter moves away from Neptune, your ruler, now. It has been a renewing experience for you, over the recent weeks. A remembrance of your Divine or inner nature, and as Jupiter heads on into your sign, this will continue. Trust, that a deep and profound healing has occurred for you. Although it may have felt like, you were put through the ringer, all is, in fact, well and will continue to be so. The more you center yourself in your Divine nature, the more everything will be o.k. If at times, life makes no sense, let that be, just the way it is. Accept all, that transpires in your life.
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