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April 21, 2010

We move into this pivotal fortnight, with it’s promise of radical departures and impelling impetus to change, as Uranus once more opposes Saturn. If you cast your mind back to November 04, 2008, to the time of the first opposition, you can make note of what has changed and shaped your life over these past 18 months. The second contact was in February, 2009, the third in September, and the fifth and final one in July of this year. By July however, Uranus has moved into Aries and so the opposition then, is in the Aries/Libra polarity. Jupiter joins Uranus and Mars, Saturn. The whole configuration pulls Pluto into a T-square alignment, with them, although the exact square between Uranus and Pluto occurs only in May 2012 and continues to square all the way through to 2017. The last of the Saturn square Pluto transits end in August, 2010, with the first occurring in November 2009. In practical terms, we are in a long term process which was seeded during the Uranus/Saturn opposition of ‘65/’66 and the Saturn square Pluto which began ‘81/’82. With Planets in cardinal signs come July, things will really begin to move. The nature of that movement is unpredictable, radical and deeply transformative. These are unprecedented transits, which could produce all sorts of movement, including revolution. Aries is an argumentative and warring sign, sure to bring a great deal of unrest. This will be the time to trust that Saturn and Mars in Libra, will maintain a sense of order and justice.

FULL MOON 8 Scorpio 07 April 28, 2010 08:20 p.m.

ARIES: This is a great time for you to make the necessary adjustments to your life, which are going to bring you into alignment with the coming changes. As Jupiter and Uranus move into your sign, your life will move ahead in quantum leaps. Discarding rapidly along the way, the things which no longer support, nourish or sustain the new you, an up tempo momentum will inspire you to participate in many and varied projects which will start the process of repairing human relationships and environmental damage. Any inner stress you encounter can and will be transmuted into usable energy.

TAURUS: The Sun now travels in your sign, bringing Birthday blessings your way and instigating a brand new year of activities for you. As Venus your ruler enters Gemini, the promise will be for many and varied relationships, or a lot of changes and excitement within your existing one. The Saturn/Uranus opposition in your Birthday chart portends, a particular amount of adjustments necessary for you, throughout the coming year. These will be in the area of where you provide service; in your work, your home and to yourself. It may be to set aside more time for personal endeavors, such as aligning yourself with Spirit.

GEMINI: Mercury in another retrograde period, this time in the sign of Taurus, brings the need for introspection to the fore. Any rigidly held ideas, may have to mold to a new format, or at least be open for change. The tendency however, will be to hold onto what is tried and true. Resisting the beliefs of others could lead to confusion and conflict, at this time. Venus in your sign however, is making your love life very exciting and far from boring. Being your flirtatious self, will come effortlessly, and Mars in Leo promises a whole load of interesting acquaintances to practice on.

CANCER: The Full Moon in Scorpio promises to bring some depth and understanding to your emotional explorations. This is a great time to transform any negative or long-held programs which no longer serve you. The emotions at times, if we allow them, greatly override our ability to manifest in a creative and playful way. So as much as is humanly possible, keep yourself in a positive frame of mind, and refuse to indulge in emotional extremes. Use your power of discernment, to weed out what is truly important and what is just a whim. Be mindful and co-create from a conscious standpoint.

LEO: A few more weeks of Mars in Leo, will continue to bring good fortune your way. At least you will be feeling confident and your ego will remain intact, although threatened by the Sun in Taurus. Those solid individuals who refuse to budge from their orientation, who so effortlessly manage to maintain a rigid standpoint. Let the frustration and anger wash over and through you and allow this area of your life to transform. It’s time for all of us to let go of some of the minor irritations, as they truly have no place in our lives now, when things of much more significant manifestation, must take priority.

VIRGO: This is the last of the Saturn in Virgo oppositions to Uranus and portends a time of upheaval and disruption to your life. As if there hasn’t been enough already. When the unexpected comes knocking on your door, you can refuse to answer it, or you can welcome it with curiosity and an open mind. Keeping your heart open and your ability to forgive intact, move forward in your life now, embracing the necessary changes and adjustments. You can also be an inspiration to those who are struggling in these times of uncertainty, sharing your insights from a perspective of clarity.

LIBRA: As Saturn does a little retracing of its steps through Virgo, you get some weeks of reprieve from his stern mastership. Use this time wisely and do some mental investigation, as Venus your ruler, travels through Gemini. A good time to gather some data and new information. Anything which puts you on a much more stable platform, to usher in the coming changes of July/August. Planets at very early degrees are going to be profoundly affected at that time. This is the time to loosen the shackles of your outdated thinking. Get a clear and positive perspective on possible coming events.

SCORPIO: The stage is being nicely set, for your next debut in August. These are powerful years for all of us, and in particular you, as a Scorpio. Pluto your guide, mentor, ruler and prime-motivator, continues to promote enormous transformation in your life. Although your sensitivity usually goes unnoticed beneath the surface of your confident demeanor, even you, will be wobbling and willing to share your fears, frustrations and apprehensions over the coming months. Harness your inner determination and passion, and be the change that you wish to see in your community and local environment.

SAGITTARIUS: As mentioned in the introduction, Jupiter teams up with Uranus, from July through to January next year, as a key player in the current astrological configurations, acting as and catalyst for, the coming earth changes. The nature of these changes are as yet, not fully understood or formulated. So much depends on how we, as a species choose to react to apparent external provocation. You will be deeply confronted by this Uranian energy as it moves alongside Jupiter. Things are not going to be comfortable, and inevitable and unavoidable change is on the way. Hone your skills of positivity.

CAPRICORN: As change escalates for you, harness the capacity to mold yourself to current conditions. The next time Uranus meets up with Saturn, it will be in the signs of Aries and Libra, and this will really bring with it, a much bigger impact on your life. By now, you are learning to ride these waves of chaos, with much more grace and ease. Surrender the need to be in control and all will be well. By all means take a leaders standpoint, and at the same time, be willing to play the role of mediator between self-sacrifice and divine service. Those who are placed in positions of authority, have more responsibility, naturally.

AQUARIUS: It has felt like a lot of repetition over these past months and perhaps by now, you almost have the lesson learnt. This stint brings with it, the final phase of the service polarity. By July/August it will have a whole new theme, so allow yourself to be undone, unravelled and realigned. Next comes the movement from this new standpoint. The need to implement and organize around what you have learnt to date, with more purging and transformation on the way. You will also be placed in a very pivotal place to be of the utmost assistance to many. Be ready to take a great deal more responsibility.

PISCES: Chiron moves into Pisces now, with its 51 year cycle bringing healing to your birth chart. As it touches your Planets one after the other, old wounds heal. The last of the Uranus in Pisces oppositions to Saturn Virgo, have you set to purge the last of the Piscean self-martyrdom and victim consciousness tendencies. You are now slated to move into positions of power, unless you succumb to old addictions. This is not a favorable standpoint with the coming powerful transformative powers in July/August. Harness your willpower and move through with confidence and trust any residue of resistance.
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