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April 7, 2010

This fortnight our Sun completes her month long journey in the sign of Aries, and on the 20th moves into Taurus. Mercury having recently entered Taurus, goes retrograde on the 18th and Saturn re-enters Virgo in preparation to meet in opposition to Uranus at the end of the month. The New Moon cycle begins on the 14th in Aries, and making a trine to the Chiron/Neptune conjunction, marks the beginning of a healing month. Strongly promoting individualization and freedom, this coming month looks set to be yet another one of deep transformation. As already mentioned, this is strongly accentuated by the Uranus/Saturn opposition. Just to refresh your memory, this opposition is creating enough outside stimulation to radically alter the way you think about life and the restrictions you feel are imposed upon you by those external influences. So in effect, what it is doing is manifesting your thinking as a mirror image.This way you can take responsibility for what you are creating in your life and use the power of the opposition as a catalyst to propel you through change. Basically, changing the way you think alters your reality. If on the other hand, you chose to project your thoughts outward without allowing the wisdom of their reflection to shine through, you will probably feel very defensive, argumentative and quick to retaliate and may even want to seek revenge. The Full Moon in Scorpio is sitting right on this opposition. Nothing boring about this month.

NEW MOON 24 Aries 27 April 14, 2010 08:30 p.m.

ARIES: Mars is proudly continuing his way through Leo and leading you in an open demonstration of your talents. Gifted as you are with the natural attributes of forthrightness and freedom of expression, you will excel at this time in anything that highlights these. Bearing in mind that community and groups are high on the agenda with Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, you could do well to promote yourself through your individualized mode of thinking and communication. There may be a few glitches and arguments when Mercury goes retrograde, but that is par for the course anyway.

TAURUS: Venus is your ruler and continues in your sign this fortnight bringing a lot of good fortune for you. Mercury also spending a particularly long stint in Taurus, opens the pathways for direct communication. It will however, weave its way through a maze of stubbornly held ideas first. These will need upgrading after the mind purging process which occurs closer to months end. By the second week in May things will be looking pretty good again, and you can be confident that this year will be highly prioritized by your own solid intentions. Introspection during down times is integral to your experiences.

GEMINI: As Mercury in Taurus plods along, turning retrograde towards the end of the fortnight, you come to realize that not everyone sees things quite the same way that you do. This is neither good nor bad, so there is absolutely no reason to allow yourself to be upset by this fact. Actually, frustration is only going to bring anger which will serve to alienate you from others and is most definitely not a necessary part of this coming month. As best as you possibly can, avoid situations that bring your reactive self to the forefront. Better still, take the opportunity to transmute old behavioral patterns.

CANCER: You are a shining star of inspiration when challenged and taken to your edge of comfort. Finding your way through a minefield of your own thought processes, not to mention the projections of others, you manage to come out still smiling. You may however, need a rest to lick your wounds. This time is necessary and will allow you the space for some much needed aloneness. Keeping up appearances and tending to duty robs you of this. Be grateful then for this opportunity to sink into your feelings, for they will lead you back to your heart. A life lived through the heart is much more authentic.

LEO: As a lover of the Sun, you are nourished by his rays and can become easily disheartened when there is no sunshine. We can use this as a metaphor for your life. Whether you know it or not, you lighten the lives of those you touch with your presence and are missed when you chose to move on. Allow this to sink into your heart and enlighten any darkness, doubt, or lack of confidence, which may still lurk there. We are all gifted in our lifetime and it is always good to practice gratitude for those gifts that have been given us this time round. You will be called upon to share these.

VIRGO: When you can see the benefits of what you undertake you can move forward with confidence. This may not occur this month as circumstances and situations in your life are reshuffled. You will have to wait until they align once more to see where you stand and in which direction you will move. Not at all a comfortable place to be, particularly when you thought you had it all under control. It’s a case of the old cliche, in that it is better to go with the flow and synchronicity of events in preference to making them happen your way. This is the time to discard whatever is no longer of value.

LIBRA: With scales finely balanced this fortnight, you may manage to keep things in a state of harmony only if your temper remains subdued. This is not always an easy thing when the Sun travels through your polar opposite sign, Aries. Remain calm and muster as much patience as you possibly can. Holding on tightly to your beliefs without broadening your mind, will bring you a lot of dissatisfaction and competition from others. So if you can manage a little open discussion without judgment and criticism, you will find the going a lot easier over these coming weeks. Learn patience.

SCORPIO: Pluto has just turned retrograde until mid-September. It doesn’t mean that things will come to a standstill in your life, it is just that it may take a little more momentum than normal to keep them rolling. All this, while trying to decide what must go and what stays. As Pluto heads backwards, meeting in stressful formations mid-year, there will be a great deal of upheaval and tension which will seek to find some kind of resolution then. So it is better to not get yourself in too much of a state now. it’s a good idea to conserve your energy and methodically work your way through current situations.

SAGITTARIUS: It is only another few weeks before Jupiter meets up with Uranus in a fellow fire sign. So if you are feeling a little washed up, with this Jupiter Pisces sojourn, patiently maintain the stance and prepare for the coming influx of high velocity movement, thought and radical change. Take this opportunity to rest, and prepare the inner body by doing some meditative practices. These may be as simple as walking consciously in life without your normal haste. It could be paying attention to wherever you find yourself in space and time, without thought of the future or what is over there. Whichever it is, relax and accept.

CAPRICORN: It’s either unfortunate or fortunate, that it is your planetary ruler involved in this ongoing configuration with Uranus and Pluto. Of course, it depends on how you chose to view life. You are either the victim of external circumstances, or you are free to choose your responses and what you will accept in your life. Although it gets confusing and extremely challenging from time to time, there is nothing which is beyond your ability to handle. Even when faced with crisis you have the inner wisdom and understanding to deal with things in a calm and dignified way. Be gentle with yourself.

AQUARIUS: So once more, Uranus is about to be confronted by Saturn. When you are in a rebellious mood, watch how a sense of responsibility or a call to duty or illusion of time, gets in your way to thwart your attempts at revolution. On the other hand, see how you can maneuver yourself and your thinking to better utilize things in the material world, through your alignment with the unseen world. Perhaps you may begin or further understand your ability to bend time, non-verbally communicate and be aware of and utilize the collective mind. You may want to adapt these abilities to your daily life.

PISCES: Sharing your skills and your talents with the World may seem a little daunting, particularly if they are newly acquired ones, or you have been out of the loop for a while. Take heart, for once you actually begin, you find everything starts to roll with grace and ease. Allow, rather than try to manipulate or control life. Even though from time to time it seems to be the only way to deal with mundane reality, resist the temptation to approach it from this level. Keep your faith and trust intact and continue to allow the divine to move through your life and open doorways for you. All will be given.
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