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August 25, 2010

The Full Moon is in Pisces to start this fortnight on the 25th and so this two weeks is the culmination of the Leo Moon cycle.  There are no planetary shifts and no major transits. A time to integrate, rest and with our retrograde Mercury, introspect.  There have undoubtedly been some interesting events and situations happening in all our lives. Getting squeezed and  challenged by the outer Planets is quite a lot to digest and often the full revelations do not occur for some months. Saturn square Pluto has slowly and surely been breaking down our old habits. Threatened by Pluto’s relentless ways and Saturn’s stern guidance, we are propelled into a new way of operation or face dire consequences. There is a ruthless edge to all of the undercurrents right now and the picture at times looks quite bleak. The powers that be, still manipulating situations, while great numbers of people suffer because of natural and other disasters. Things just don’t appear fair for many, while others seem to benefit greatly from their enterprises. The picture doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when we look at the cost to humans, psychologically, spiritually, physically and emotionally. If we really allowed ourselves to look at the images and realize the suffering involved we would no longer be able to tolerate the senseless acts of violence and neglect. When we   finally make the pictures personal and begin to really care about one another, great changes will occur.

NEW MOON  15 Virgo 41  September 8, 2010  18:31

ARIES: Mars continues to travel closely with Venus in the sign of Libra. This being your polar opposite sign, could be bringing you a   little grief.  As you focus on your own needs the others in your life may be demanding more of your time and attention then you care to give. The eternal balancing act. At least the pressure is now off with the movement away from the outer planets. It’s more about developing workable plans and having the courage to stick to them. These plans have the well-being of all as the focus. Saturn is busy pulling you into alignment with regard to this and at times makes you want to rebel.

TAURUS: Enjoy the ease of relationship while Venus and Mars remain in Libra. As of next  fortnight they both move into the sign of Scorpio when things will surely change in an intensifying way.  Enjoy life without too many pressures for now.  Hopefully you have indulged in the gentleness of the Full Moon and are taking this time to deeply nurture yourself and the significant other, if you have one.  If you don’t, then this is a good time to attract an appropriate mate, and no doubt, one who is up for the ride through the next few months.  Venus is going to do a retrograde period through October and part of November, internalizing all relationships.

GEMINI: Mercury is retrograding through until next fortnight.  As much as possible, keep that monkey mind of yours occupied with worthwhile enterprises and let it not distract from the things of importance. This is a great time to have a discipline and exercise regime happening in your life. It really helps to get your mind into alignment with what you really want to create, rather than creating havoc and mayhem.  If you do slip up and lose sight of things for a bit, go gently on yourself as self-judgment and criticism will only add guilt to the picture and prolong the process.  We all get derailed from time to time.  “Just keep walking, don’t look back.”

CANCER: Allow the sacredness of the recent Full Moon, to permeate, for at least this fortnight.  You have developed some kindness and compassion for yourself and with that are able to set in motion, some new work schedules come the next moon cycle in September. This will be a great month for getting things done, as it heads into a Full Moon that sits at 0 degrees Aries, right where all the current change is and has been occurring while Jupiter and Uranus were at that degree. Now is the time for rest and integration  and I suggest you gather your strength now, while you have this opportunity.

LEO: As you settle into your new birth year, allow the currents of change to keep you in a momentum that takes you in fresh new directions. There is a great deal of shedding around birthdays and as this was a particularly poignant one, I suggest that you, like everyone else take some much needed time out now while you can. Allow the adjustments, changes and revelations to really sink in deeply to your psyche.  Life moves in never ending cycles and the more you learn to adjust to them, the lighter, happier and freer you will feel.  As previously mentioned, a big year ahead of you, demands that you remain vigilant.

VIRGO: The Sun in Virgo gracing us all with her wise and clever council. Remember to ground this Wisdom alongside Love or you may appear to be a know-it-all. A little gentleness goes a long way and if you are hard on yourself, you are no doubt, hard on those around you. Give everyone a break and loosen the apron strings and the restrictions. Sure your disciplines, work and practices are important, but not at the expense of all the other important people and things in your life. You are being asked to balance it all out, while Mercury goes retrograde in your sign. No point worrying.  Better to just add some fairness to the mix.

LIBRA: Venus and Mars continue to travel together in your sign this fortnight. Venus your ruler and Mars the sexual/masculine principle. If you play your cards right, romance and sensuality will be dancing harmoniously together and as they have now moved away from the influence of the T-square. You will be feeling less pressure and more lightness within relationship. It was good to get things   sorted and to see what was out of balance through August, and now is your time to play and indulge the senses with some fun and frivolity.  This is your time to enjoy other people with your special brand of affection.

SCORPIO: As the T-square eases and you get ready for the entry of Venus and Mars into your sign, life should be feeling a little less tense.There will be a freshness arriving on the scene with the prospect of some deep relating and of the sexual kind.  This will really give you the opportunity to see and digest what the T-square did in effect do to your life.  It’s a bit like the spin cycle finally slowing down and we can see that the clothes are actually much cleaner then when we started the wash. There is more to come, but at  least  acknowledge what has happened to date, and give yourself some credit for what you have done and been through.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter is about to retrace some of its’ steps through Pisces. January next year, it will fully enter into Aries again until the middle of the year. You along with the rest of us, get the chance to integrate and make any necessary adjustments and changes while your ruler is in reverse motion. What could you have done better, and how will you do things differently in the future? A good   time to co-create and manifest your heart’s desires, with all of the above in mind of course. This is the moment  to make adjustments. It may seem a tad boring after the momentum of the past weeks. Allow some rest and regrouping to occur.

CAPRICORN: Things will be on a slightly  more even keel now, as Saturn moves ahead in the sign of Libra. A time to really acknowledge all that you’ve been through with the Uranus  opposition since the end of 2008 and the more recent square to Pluto.  Allow the dust to settle and be about the business of bringing fairness and a sense of sharing to all your enterprises;  familial and business. This in effect, is a new beginning for you, and with that in mind, remember to leave the past where it belongs, in the past. It actually has no bearing on current events, unless you choose that it do so.

AQUARIUS: Jupiter and Uranus stay closely united until early next year. For a time now, they return to the softer tones of Pisces, before they re-enter that turbulent sign of Aries.  Growth is more in the line of spiritual as opposed to action packed and confrontational. Indulge yourself then, in the practices of the heart and find some reprieve once more.  A place of quietude to rest you body and mind, in preparation for the days to come. Contemplation is also a good relaxation as you find the space to just be, without pressures of the external world. You deserve this break and along with the rest of us, get to integrate now.

PISCES: Your life also, takes on a softer quality as we return to more nebulous days. You must however keep in mind the nature of cycles and maintain your mental and muscular tone, and not allow yourself to become too sleepy, as life will always pass through challenging times. For now though, allow  the healing waters to submerge you and wash away any residual density. You have been through a lot over these recent months and now is the time to go easy on yourself. Do those things which are significantly Piscean. Dream a lot and envision a life of joy, love, faith and trust. You deserve it!

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