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December 01, 2010

All of the outer Planets are traveling direct by the 6th, all the way through now until the end of January. at which time Jupiter has returned to Aries. On the same day the New Moon is in Sagittarius, bringing an action packed month which culminates in the Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini on the 21st, right before the Summer Solstice. Mercury and Mars both entering Capricorn to bring a bit of sobriety to this fast paced month. While the Sun is in Sagittarius we look to where growth is optimal and while it’s ruler Jupiter is still in Pisces, this growth is spiritual.  Make the most of these next weeks while it remains in this sign, for as soon as it moves into Aries, change will come fast and furious. Aries is spontaneous and impetuous. Pisces is meditative and contemplative. I think you get the gist of the difference. If you cast your mind back to July and August which was a pre-run of what begins again in January and comes into full force by March, you will fully understand the necessity to harness your inner strength now. A great time to take a holiday or a spiritual retreat.  Adventure high on the list of priorities. Some surprises in store for many around the Full Moon which could change the holiday season plans.  Let the Sagittarius optimism be your guiding light now.  Allow hope to be replaced by certainty.

NEW MOON 13 Sagittarius 28  6 December, 2010  1:37 a.m.

ARIES: As Mars moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn this fortnight your mood is profoundly altered and so is your energy level.  Life takes on a slightly more serious tone and work and finances become more of a focus. It’s a good time to prioritize before the silly season begins and you find yourself distracted and sidetracked by the needs of others. Although not always the most inspiring time, you have the ability to knuckle down and do some good work. If you’ve had projects on the back-burner now is a good time to bring them to the fore and direct some of your energy into them.  Remember to keep it lighthearted and fun.

TAURUS: Venus your ruler is steadily making her way back to the degree at which she turned and went retrograde back in October. By the end of the month you will be confident within your relationships and ready to make the changes and adjustments you saw as necessary over these past weeks. Transformation is an ongoing process and not just a one time event. You are constantly being asked to make these adjustments and to fine tweak your behavior. If you find yourself a little unnerved by other people’s actions, take a step back from the situation and allow some time to pass before  committing yourself to action.

GEMINI: This time of year is always a little unnerving for you, as you are asked to expand your thinking laterally and literally.  Confrontations come when you least expect them and this is often due to your own lack of discernment when it comes to offering your opinion. The only problem is that others are also inclined to do the same thing. Arguments or disagreements could arise and may take some time to come to a resolve as Mercury your ruler, does another retrograde stint this month. This means you will have plenty of time to mull over your mistakes and find perhaps, better ways of operating in the future.

CANCER: What was once a mystery to you, now is made abundantly clear as this months moon cycle brings revelations and an expansion of consciousness through information. This may come from a teacher or it may come through written information. The source is not important, but rather the content, which offers the education. Once truths are uncovered there is no returning to previous modes of behavior. Transformation is a metamorphosis which changes you from one state of being to another and there is no returning to the previous stage of development.  It’s just not possible.

LEO: As the Sun now bounds through Sagittarius with carefree abandon you are inspired to create anew within the realms of the adventure which is your life. An expansion is now possible and it is probably the best time to take advantage of the opportunities on offer to you. If you allow this chance to slip by, you may have to wait quite a while before it presents itself again. Let fear dissolve as you move forward with confidence and trust in a bright future. If you have been at all overwhelmed in recent weeks, this current energy is now abundantly available to you, to refresh and  rejuvenate yourself within.

VIRGO: What an awesome opportunity you have to reinvent yourself now.  Take all that is on offer to you and meld and mould it to suit your own personal needs. Apply what feels relevant and use your discernment to discard what no longer fits. If you have felt at all bogged down in the past, this is the chance for you to see with clarity what went wrong. Let all your experiences become purely a learning curve from which to develop strategies and coping mechanisms to rapidly steer yourself clear of the negative repercussions.  The mind is an awesome tool to be trained and used to your benefit.

LIBRA: You could benefit from a little alone time, although this is not your preference. If you take just a moment to delve deeply into your own nature you may come out of it, a little clearer and more directed within your relationship. When the relationship itself is in need of transformation, it is  all to easy to project the problems onto the partner without taking responsibility for your part to play in any discordance. This timeout offers you the opportunity to get a broader perspective and to create a platform for yourself with which to work from. Then you can apply this to the relationship once you have mastered it yourself.

SCORPIO: Pluto moves away from the Karmic Nodes now and you are fully on track with your purpose. This purpose includes some money making ventures which will keep you not only motivated but also in a position to motivate others.  A big part of your identity is bound up in sharing what you have with others.  The only thing that could get in your way is envy for the success of others. This is such a waste of time and a distraction from your own success.  Remember to wish others well on their journey and open yourself to the potential of becoming a person living without fear yourself.  You will be an inspiration to many.

SAGITTARIUS: Work towards achieving your goals now, in a steady way. Although the   tendency is to race ahead, be mindful to not overlook details along the way. Anything you miss now, could delay you further down the path and create unnecessary frustration and angst. Your usual jovial demeanor may give way to irritation and that is not a comfortable place for you to abide. So again, as much as you may want to forge ahead boldly now, do so with discernment. It takes courage to abandon an endeavor, when you find it is not working for you. Gather the strength then to do what you must and speak your truth.

CAPRICORN: As both Mercury and Mars enter your sign, you feel a burst of enthusiasm and a clarity of mind, which enables you to embark on a new direction of path now. It could feel like something that has lacked the momentum to get off the ground, now has all that it needs to be a success. This is good news, as by months end when the Sun moves into your sign you will be well placed to begin any new projects which this time inspires.  Mars will further activate this by prompting Saturn to set up new partnerships and strategies, also by months end. You will be well placed to start the New Year.

AQUARIUS: There is a lot of momentum building and it will promote a great deal of change and forward motion in your life. It may not come in the guise that you expect, although change rarely comes the way we would expect. New meetings and rekindling of old friendships both, offering you the necessary inspiration to venture into unchartered territory.You are pleasantly surprised to find a new depth to these old acquaintances and they bear witness to the alterations which have already been made for you and make clear the growth which has actually taken place in your life. A very refreshing time.

PISCES: Uranus in Pisces forges ahead this fortnight, creating a whirlwind of change in your life. Just when you were settling into a routine along comes the winds of change to unsettle any well thought out plans you may have made. Prepare yourself for a journey.  For some it will be internal and for others of you, it is a literal journey bringing a lot transformation. Remember too, that these are the last weeks of Uranus in Pisces, which has graced your life for the past seven years. Jupiter also, has just a moment longer. If the journey is one with a spiritual agenda more the better. You are well positioned for great insights.
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