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December 15, 2010

We head into a very potent fortnight, with our Total Full Moon Eclipse on the 21st in the last degree of Gemini followed by the Summer Solstice the next day, when the Sun enters 0 degrees Capricorn. This Full Moon trines the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius and squares Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces. What this means is that we have amazing healing potential for the balancing of the masculine/ feminine polarity on the Planet. A healing through compassionate understanding and the ability to resolve confusion via effective communication techniques. Old pains and wounds exposed to the healing light of love and the necessity to grow, change and mature through radical new modalities, and technologies. These very last degrees of Gemini (Moon) and Sagittarius (Sun) bring the ability to move things from the microcosm to macrocosm. From the mundane reality into a higher perspective or higher truth. A 6 month period highlighted by the Eclipse portal, where communication becomes paramount. The distribution of critical information made available to all. A raising of consciousness through awareness and education, leading us into the Unification of our species through the recognition of our commonly held fears, pains and human struggle. Bringing all to the light of day, as the call to change rings out and we continue the healing metamorphosis from self-centered beings (selfish) into Galactic citizens (heart-oriented), and the transmutation of fear to love.
FULL MOON  29 Gemini 21  December 21, 2010  16:15 p.m.


ARIES: Mars your ruler, traveling in the sign of Capricorn this month has made some very interesting and powerful connections with Mercury, North Node and Pluto. In effect, what this means is that communication, karmic connections  and deep transformation have been promoted and made available to you. All of this culminates in a square to Saturn (authority and maturity) at the end of the month. What you are bumping up against is your inner critic and/or inner parent discouraging you from pursuing your true passions.  This time, although slow, is momentous in the permanent changes it is bringing to your life in the area of vocation.

TAURUS: Venus continues this month in the sign of Scorpio, and it is interesting to note, that she returns to her retrograde degree right on the Eclipse. For you, relationship issues are extra paramount at this time. For many, you have met your true partner. For others, a deep, profound and life altering relationship is taking place. An amazing amount of healing potential is yours for the using. Garner the inner strength and reserve that is required to go the distance of integrity and maturity. This is a time for many to grow up and take responsibility for what is and has been occurring in their lives. The end of the blame game.

GEMINI: Mercury retrograde and a Full Moon Eclipse in your sign. Could be that you are challenged to take giant steps this fortnight in the area of communication. No surprises there, as this is your life’s purpose. To communicate fairly, justly and with consideration for the thoughts and feelings of others. If you have been too brash, unthinking or insensitive in the past, these issues may return to haunt you, this fortnight. You will get a lovely long period to determine how best to use your communicative talents and gifts, highlighting your ability, with everyone’s best interest at heart. The upside, is that many are having such a great time, this has become fun.

CANCER: As the Moon is your appointed ruler, and considering that she is totally eclipsed this fortnight and partially eclipses the Sun next fortnight, you may find yourself in a juxtaposition between your inner feminine and inner masculine. Between your assertive self and the submissive you. It is a good time to determine your position through study of both the mundane and the higher mind. The choice is yours to make, between being your own authority or allowing the external to rule your world. The power is yours. Decisions are difficult when we choose to view them from old paradigm thinking. Take a step away from your problems.

LEO: As the Sun migrates from Sagittarius to Capricorn, from the outrageous to the responsible, you may find yourself challenged by the polar opposites of your life. To satisfy your own needs or to be of service to others. Both are possible, and finding the balance between meeting your own needs and supporting, encouraging and being there for others, your path of growth this fortnight. By placing yourself in alignment with the thoughts and primarily the feeling states of those around you, you will be in a much better position to make the necessary choices, which life is calling you to make, at this time.

VIRGO: You are another, who has an amazing potential for change, growth and transformation.  As this fortnight leads into the Full Moon Eclipse, take the time to reassess your life’s path and ask yourself, if you are truly headed in the right direction or at least the most appropriate, for your soul’s evolution at this time. The best way to do this is to drop out of your head and down into your heart and see where that leads. If it leads away from where you’ve thought you have been headed, let that be o.k. and make the necessary changes, adjustments and apologize where it’s needed. Boldly move forward.

LIBRA: Saturn in Libra squares with Mars at the end of this fortnight, bringing a lot of power and passion to your business projects as well to all of your relationships. To find the balance point can be disorienting and destabilizing at times. Patience is called for. A surrender to the process and refusing to give up. Viewing obstacles as challenges which are destined to enhance your life and bring you to a point of maturity. Knowing that you have all the resources,  support and guidance that you could possibly need to navigate your way through this “mind” field. You also have the stamina and vitality that is required to last the distance.

SCORPIO: Mars unites with your ruler Pluto, to get this fortnight off to an eruptive start. Transiting  the sign of Capricorn, Mars acts as the catalyst for transformation as it triggers the deep inner depths of Pluto. Igniting your very passion for the earthly elements of existence. Focusing your intentions around the materialistic gains, a priority for you. Are you o.k. with the concept of success? Has bitterness, regret or envy gotten in the way of you achieving your goals? It is a time for house cleaning, if they have. Let the compassionate heart shine it’s luminous and healing balm on your old wounds and have them healed, once and for all.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter your ruler, is heading for it’s last conjunction with Uranus, at the beginning of January. It is suggested that you make the most of this deeply sensitive, intuitive and unconditionally loving time. Radical healing energy is made available to you as you move forward in your life’s divine and evolutionary journey.  Although triggered by the Full Moon you will find yourself in a place of deep and lasting fulfillment as the wounds of the past, gently give way to a more loving and supported existence. As you are made aware of your value and your worth, you can rest more comfortably and relax into a state of peace and grace.

CAPRICORN: There is a lot of activity in your sector of the heavens, with Mars and Pluto joining forces in your sign along with North Node and with the Sun about to enter. A great period for you to transform and right before your Birthday. Getting yourself ready for a brand new beginning.  Mars activating many with it’s fiery passion before the Sun comes along to fully ignite the flame. You are probably busy creating new plans, setting schedules and goal orienting yourself. It is a good idea to let yourself be undone, before you start doing too much. All of this will be activated in good time. Enjoy the process of creativity; it is a beautiful thing.

AQUARIUS: A very auspicious time for you, with the Full Moon Eclipse triggering both Uranus, your ruler, and the planets in your sign. You may feel a little pushed to communicate outside the normal bounds, and move beyond your own thinking processes and belief structures. All of this brings you into a deeper field of unification with those around you and   although this challenges you, you will still feel the love, camaraderie and sincerity of yourself and your community. (family, work, society, country and planetary)  Finding the threads of commonality is your talent, to be applied to all that you do now. Enormous healing potential can be harnessed.

PISCES: You are a key player is this month’s eclipse portal, with the trine from it to your ruler Neptune and it’s conjunction with Chiron and considering too that Uranus and Jupiter align in your sign, you will be feeling overjoyed, enthusiastic and an incredible sense of humanity. Be aware of the strong currents flowing through your body at this time and remember to rest both your physical and mental bodies. There is a potential for burnout, and consider yourself forewarned.  You can act as a conduit (channel) for higher inspiration at this time, as the Sun activates the Galactic Center and triggers Neptune. Tune in, receive and disseminate.
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