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December 29, 2010

An interesting and action packed few weeks ahead. When Mercury goes direct on the 30th, it will mark the beginning of a rare phase, where we have all Planets in forward motion until the 26th January. New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 4th, with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces the same day. Venus finally departs Scorpio on the 7th and moves into Sagittarius. The Sun in Capricorn has just teamed up with the North Node and Pluto, starting the next phase of karmic transformation. The Solar Eclipse highlights this Capricorn portal and intensifies the more serious side of life and where we are required to mature and take responsibility. Jupiter (the largest Planet in our Solar System) conjunct Uranus (the most erratic) right on the New Moon portends a month of radical change, growth and transformation. The Solar Eclipse at 14° Capricorn and Uranus/Jupiter at 27°Pisces. The nature of this growth will be along the lines of spiritually oriented awakening and an emphasis is placed on all things of a Capricorn nature. (government, military, time, business, finance and security)  Of course the polarity is always called into play and with Cancer as the opposite theme, there will be issues pertaining to home and family highlighted as well.  Basically, expect the unexpected and be ready to respond in a spontaneous way. We are preparing the way for Jupiter’s return to Aries on the 23rd and Uranus in March. Be ready to respond spontaneously and adapt easily. Changes will come thick and fast.
NEW MOON  13°39” Capricorn 17:04 p.m. January 4, 2011 (partial Solar Eclipse)

ARIES:  Mars remains in Capricorn this fortnight and teams up harmoniously with the Uranus/Jupiter conjunct. For you this brings the possibility of a new work direction along with the solidifying of current ideas and possible projects. You are being called to take more responsibility and yet this brings blessings in the form of a deeper understanding  of yourself, life and others. This promotes a sense of well-being and security, although the final outcomes are far from obvious. It’s possible that even those things which challenge you, bring you a greater sense of awareness and acceptance. Allow any internal tension to dissolve.

TAURUS: Venus moving into that adventure loving sign of Sagittarius adds a whole new dimension to your relationships this fortnight and throughout January. You have been through 3 months of personal relationship training and now you get to play. Responsibility bodes well with you, as does time schedules, goals and plans. Current transits suit you well. The only glitch is for those born with late Taurus degrees, as you are in a potent healing phase of restoration. If this is you, allow the old to leave your life with grace, and know the wounds reopened now, will heal permanently. Feel your deep pain and sadness and release the guilt, shame and resentment.

GEMINI: As Mercury forges ahead once more in Sagittarius this fortnight, your sense of enthusiasm is restored. A great time to plan for your next adventure, holiday, overseas journey and spiritual sojourn. Some unexpected twists and turns as you find yourself in perpetual change. You though, more than most, are very comfortable with this idea of change and spontaneous decisions. You could say, that you even invented them. At least in your own life, which has kept most people guessing as to your next move. Although the general trend is towards sobriety, there will be enough momentum created to keep you more than stimulated.

CANCER: This Eclipse time of year has you positioned to make enormous life changes.  You may be thinking along the lines of career   or vocation. A possible relocation, even to a   foreign country is possible for many.  Although it is easy for you to settle and become comfortable, the benefits that you can receive by boldly stepping out now, are well worth the effort. It is better to move and grow consciously, then be forced to do so by apparent external circumstances.  Allow your self to hear the inner promptings and guidance and embrace the changes with grace and anticipation of the good things to come.

LEO: As the hidden forces begin to redirect your life, you finally get to see what the last months have really been about. It is in hindsight that you get to see that all is and always has been, in Divine Order. Allow then the current changes, to welcome in the next round of growth and spiritual evolution. Although you may be called upon, to make some tough decisions, trust that your intuition is your best guidance here and when unsure, allow some time to restore yourself to clarity before making further choices.  So even though the atmosphere is a little tense and serious, you are in the right place.

VIRGO: As we seem to be in this perpetual healing cycle, the suggestion is for continued vigilance with regard to your health and exercise regime. It is easy to become distracted by other commitments, but it is your body that will suffer if you do.  Remember also that the mind is very much a reflection of your physical health. Take the time to communicate your thoughts and feelings to others in a safe and sacred space and you will get to see how your thoughts are actually creating your outer reality. Beliefs are just thoughts that you think. So changing the way and what you think   will change your beliefs, your behavior and your life.

LIBRA: Many of you are being stretched by this Capricorn energy which currently abounds in the heavens. How to balance all of your needs, the current conundrum, when work seems to be taking on a larger part of your agenda and schedule. Schedule could be your key word here. The more you can release yourself from the need to memorize and distract yourself through excess communication the easier things will be for you. Put your plans in order and you will have more time to simply relax. The less stress you have in your life and body the easier things will flow. Here’s the thing, you know all of this. It’s just about the implementation.

SCORPIO: The Sun has just highlighted Pluto your ruler and emphasized your next phase of transformation. The heaven’s support your current evolutionary phase and as such bring much needed assistance in the form of healing old wounds and relationship resentment. This will enable you to move forward in the direction you now wish to go. Any holdups in your romantic partnering will finally be overcome and there is a surge forward in this area of your life. About time, you may be thinking to yourself, but by now you are starting to understand the consequences of previous actions and owning your part to play in the affair.

SAGITTARIUS: The good news is that Venus enters your sign this fortnight. How awesome is that. You get to play and adorn the feminine Goddess in an extroverted and fun way. Jupiter your ruler, joins Uranus to bring some exciting twists and turns to the program and all in all you are set for a fun time.  Any stress you felt around the last Full Moon, has now subsided and you are free to move forward in any direction you can bring to your imagination. Remember this is your life and within that you have choices and can manifest and co-create your life in a playful and joyous way. Let your imagination run wild now and create an amazing  adventure for yourself.

CAPRICORN: This is great time for you, even amidst the hurdles and plain hard work. By now, you are used to the concept of the need for transformation and are willingly applying your life to your soul’s highest potential and growth.  We are all influenced by the New Moon Eclipse, and no one more strenuously than you. These coming months will be highlighted as you continue to grow beyond your own imagination. What were seeming obstacles before, appear like stepping stones on your journey of unfoldment. Continue to allow the change to become exponential and you will sit in a space of total wonder, before too long.

AQUARIUS: The ongoing theme continues for a moment longer, as Chiron and Neptune spend their last weeks conjoined in your sign. Uranus also as it spends it’s last weeks in Pisces and joining Jupiter this fortnight, brings those winds of change once more sweeping though your life. There is no point resisting and in fact, you would hardly want to as these past months have borne testimony to the amazing potential of your life. When Uranus finally settles in Aries in March, the acceleration process really begins in earnest. Spend these next weeks then harnessing your inner strength and consulting your inner guidance. You will value it in the years to come.

PISCES: Jupiter conjunct Uranus in your sign on the New Moon Eclipse is like rocket fuel added to the events of your life. Be prepared for changes as they flow rapidly into your awareness now. This heightened sense of perception and intuition will guide you in the most appropriate direction. The Capricorn energy is acting as an anchor for you. If life offers unusual situations, all the better. Use your discernment and keep your wits about you. Remember too, that you remain in the midst of a major healing journey. The only way for old wounds to heal, is to allow them to rise to the surface. Healing however, will be swift and filled with Grace and ease.
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