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February 10, 2010

Rounding off the Aquarius phase of the Sun’s journey this fortnight, as we move into Pisces on the 19th. Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 10th and Venus into Pisces on the 11th. Neptune conjoins Chiron and the New Moon, on the 14th, along with the Sun, marking a very profound and healing month. After the latest of our Pluto square Saturn meetings, this is welcome relief, as we can now set in place some of the necessary changes, the square provoked. The long Mars retrograde, finally turns direct in March, at which time it will be apparent that we have been in a holding pattern, with little action, since December. As I have mentioned previously, Uranus moves into Aries, in June, and by July will be in opposition to Saturn and square to Pluto. July and August, promising to be potent months of intense change and emotional exchange. Aries is always looking for a fight and by that time, Uranus will be joined by Jupiter, adding a larger than life agenda, to all proceedings. For now, however, Jupiter is working with Pluto, to bring a compassionate overlay, to the current transformative process, and promoting Saturn, to soften his hard edges a little. As the Sun slides out of Aquarius and into Pisces, to team up with Jupiter by months end, the human heart strings will be plucked, and asked to play a tender tune of unconditional love, particularly if the world stage is set, with natural catastrophes like Haiti.

ARIES: Mars continuing to move backwards, bringing glitches to your plans, still. A little more patience is called for. For those whose tempers have been aroused of late, have a little compassion and show some forgiveness to yourself. We all lose our cool from time to time, and as best as possible, do a little mop up and try to minimize by using damage control, if and when others, irritate you. Allowing Grace to move through you, in a challenging situation is not always an easy thing to open up to. However, the rewards of such acts, are in such significant proportions, that it is worth the effort.

TAURUS: Venus, your ruler, as she moves into Pisces, brings a touch of the romantic to your life. Moon filled nights, candle-lit dinners, fine food, music, dance and tender words of love. What an awesome display of love, you can bestow upon your beloved. The potential for a deep and profoundly meaningful relationship, is huge at this time. On the downside, make sure you, and the one you are attracted to, remain honest. Any deceptions, are likely to bring about a sense of betrayal, further down the path, with its consequents, bringing rage and fierce outbursts.

GEMINI: Mercury in Aquarius, brings the inventor and scientist within you, into play. Any new pathways which could be explored now, will bring richly rewarding results and information, your way. Teaming up with Neptune, at months end, will bring with it, the possibility of spiritual revelation and epiphany. Remember too, that Chiron, being a part of this union, brings healing in the form of relevant information. You could find yourself, using your visionary skills, as well as telepathy to connect with others. If your thoughts are future oriented, perhaps you could record them, for later reference.

CANCER: A lovely moon cycle, in which the potential for healing, is immense. Your heart and thoughts, will be tuned to humanitarian endeavors. Caring for others, is the highlight of your life, and gives you a deeper sense of purpose and responsibility. So, if you are called to venture beyond, the normal confines of your home, to assist now, then let this move and motivate you to make the necessary changes, to do so. Expanding your world, and vision, is paramount, to opening yourself to the potential of this experience. Get grounded in your heart, and call the shots from there.

LEO: The Sun moving from Aquarius to Pisces, gives you a little time to delve into the deeper meaning of life. Neptune has been busy softening your harder edges over these last years, and with the Pisces cast thrown over events, later in the month, you will be tempted to retreat, even if only for a short period of time, to reflect on your life and its meaning. This is a necessary part of life for all of us, and particularly at this time. The temptation is to blame others, or the world for our disharmony, and this no longer appropriate for the era we are moving into.

VIRGO: If the energies around you, are a little chaotic and unpredictable at this time, let them be so. Any attempt on your part, to try to bring them into alignment, will only serve to confuse you and create more disharmony. This is the time torelease and surrender the how to and the when, where and why, to the divine force or wisdom in your life. We all have inner guides and wisdom, which are all ready to assist, when we just be still and ask. The skill to attain, is the listening. If you expect to hear in normal ways, then surrender this also, and be patient.

LIBRA: You could be feeling a little more emotional than normal. The highs and lows can be quite pronounced, at this time, which will have you feeling like you are on a roller coaster ride. All of this, for someone who likes to maintain their cool, their equilibrium. A settling thought here, is that everyone, is on this ride together, and as much as possible, we could be the guiding light for each other. So when you are feeling o.k. reach out to assist, and when you are feeling low, ask for help. There are no prizes, for maintaining your ego, through a refusal to ask for assistance.

SCORPIO: Even you, could be finding yourself a little rattled by how things are playing out, in the world at large, and your own environment, or closer to home. Authority figures, are currently giving you, a little grief. So if you are experiencing hiccups in your life, in this arena, know that it is all part and parcel of this moment in evolution. We seem to be passing rapidly from one experience to the next, with moments of highs and the corresponding lows, in rapid succession. In truth, all is actually on track and as much as possible, remember this fact.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter joining with the Sun in Pisces towards months end, is playing a pivotal role in reforming your life. The gentleness now pervading events, is welcome relief and respite to the other, hectic and demanding parts of your schedule. A time for inner reflection and contemplation, wherever possible. You are at a crossroads, and need this quiet time to reassess and to formulate, the next part of your journey. All is, being divinely orchestrated, and you are more in tune with this, than ever before. Listen to the music of the spheres, and allow yourself to dream.

CAPRICORN: Saturn in Libra is bringing a sense of beauty and inner calm to your life, even through the external chaos which is apparent. You could notice the changes which are taking place, as a peacefulness, like an inner hum, so to speak. Enjoy this and allow it to grow and to permeate all of your experiences. Having peace, even in the most trying times, is something to aim for, indeed. You will be way more effective dealing from a peaceful demeanor, than from a stressed out one. Others will listen to you, as you carry yourself with this inner calmness and presence.

AQUARIUS: As always, you are in the most appropriate place, and of course, at the most appropriate time. If the current surroundings, are confusing you a little, know that a little inner reorientation is necessary to realign you, with your current reality. Sometimes, it is nothing more than getting a slightly different perspective, through viewing things from another angle. You will laugh out load, when you make the shift,for what you once took so seriously, becomes a tad insignificant. All this is due to old beliefs and ideas, which no longer belong to the new you. Release them with grace.

PISCES: This meeting of Chiron and Neptune will continue throughout 2010, and what a union it is. Neptune as your ruler, is everything spiritual, and Chiron, the wounded healer, all that is of a healing nature. In the sign of Aquarius, the humanitarian and the recognition of unity and oneness, brings a completeness to all in your life. Many will find rewarding and fulfilling work, helping those in need. If ever there was a time to be of assistance on this Planet, this is now. Follow your inner prompts and guides, and allow your life to unfold in the fullness of its potential.
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