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February 24, 2010

We are headed towards the Full Moon in Virgo, on March 1. With the Sun now traveling in Pisces, along with Venus, Jupiter and Uranus, and joined by Mercury, beginning of March, there is a watery, ethereal and spiritual cast to even the most mundane events. The really good news, is that Mars in Leo, is about to turn direct again, early March, after its’ extra long retrograde. Although it will be mid-May, before it reaches the original degree of turning, at Leo 20, in December. This month, with the Aquarius New Moon theme, we are in a state of co-creating our futures. Neptune/Chiron, having joined the New Moon and Sun, adding healing and a sense of a higher order and devotion. It is all about Divine Timing, and with a surrender to the natural order of Evolution, you will always find yourself, in the most appropriate place, to be of the utmost assistance. With the Sun, now in Pisces, the call to be of service, is resounding, in your very soul. The vibrations, the frequency of love, reverberating within and throughout existence. As we are released from the bondage of the past, through the Saturn/Pluto square, and pulled into alignment with Saturn’s opposition to Uranus, life changes, for the better. Mars, about to bring some fresh momentum to your life. A time to establish some new boundaries and to move from a less selfish and ego-centered way. It has been apparent, the price of greed and selfishness, to the Planet.
FULL MOON 9 Virgo 59 March 01, 2010 00:39 a.m.

ARIES: You will be affected profoundly, by the shift forward, in the movement of Mars. Although we are jumping ahead a little here, i would like to add a little enthusiasm to your current plans. It is quite possible a sense of weariness, has been a part of your life, over these past weeks. A fresh start is just around the corner, and it is time to adjust your sails, and set your sights on new horizons. The key here, is to remain detached from outcomes. Too much expectation, and you could set yourself up, for deep disappointment. All is going according to a much higher order and plan.

TAURUS: Venus moves from romantic Pisces, to rough and tumble, and anything goes, Aries, by the end of this fortnight. A change of pace indeed, as your love life, hits a new level of intimacy. Beware, that you are not in a position to upset anyone of authority with your actions, particularly in regard to your relationship escapades. It’s all in the timing, and if you have a little common sense working for you, all will be well. Many other relationships, are ending at this time, as they can no longer stand the old order, and are ready to move into a new realm.

GEMINI: As Mercury slides into Pisces, becoming nebulous, deep and mysterious, your thinking processes take a turn to the unfathomable. There is not much less or more that you can do here, than surrender. No matter how much you try to work things out, confusion seems to rule the day. All reason and logic has gone out the window. The upside is, that by the end of the fortnight, you will receive some deep, if not profound insights and epiphanies. These will propel you into the next round of healing, transformation and spiritual growth.

CANCER: A powerful moon cycle, holding so much potential, with relationship to your own growth and expression of your life. Much can be put in place this fortnight, with some foresight into future trends. Set your goals, according to your priorities and be about the business of organizing your life, centered around the need to be environmentally conscious and aware of the needs of others, as well as your own. We are all coming to see the impact that our personal lives has, on the collective. When it is all added together, good or bad, it becomes enormous.

LEO: With the Sun in Pisces, life can be a little confusing, to say the least. Every time you make a move in a certain direction, something comes along to derail your plans. With Mars moving forward in your sign soon, like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room, you will start to feel rejuvenated and unusually enthusiastic. This is always a welcome change and a great opportunity to start afresh, with anything new in your thoughts. Let the divine inspiration flow, and allow yourself to see and sense, what is best for you, at this time. Intuition is running strong now.

VIRGO: Time to give your head a rest, and take a little, much needed respite, from the everyday. Some adventure away from routine, is good for you now. A time to tune out, to tune in. The voice of wisdom, intuition, inner guidance, is strongest, when the rest of the world, is far from your thoughts and sight. This is the time for some healing retreat. You know what and where is best for you, so without too much fanfare, organize this for yourself. Everything will be taken care of, in your absence, all will be well, and in fact will flow, much more smoothly, on your return.

LIBRA: Venus about to move into Aries, your opposite sign, is giving you a little grief as she squares Pluto and Saturn, at the end of the fortnight. Relationships, couldn’t be more trying. Out with the old, as far as they are concerned. It could be the end of relationship literally, or just old beliefs or patterns of behavior which need to go, in order for you to spiritually grow. You will move through this phase and become a much more responsible and integral person, with regard to all of your relationships. The good news, is that everyone else will, as well.

SCORPIO: Pluto out of square with Saturn now, eases up on your life. A welcome relief, to the constant pressure, which has been putting you under stress, these past weeks. Although your primary relationship is still under much scrutiny, and is highlighted this fortnight, you will be feeling lighter and freer. Possibly a good time, to get some clarity on your life direction, or how best you can adapt to coming changes. Learning to go with the flow, rather than always controlling and manipulating situations, is what is needed here. While the Sun moves through Pisces, this is most easy.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter and Sun conjoin this fortnight, to bring a great burst of freedom and love to your life, and that of all on this Planet and beyond. Let the light of love and devotion fill up every dark corner, that still exists within your heart. Allow yourself to be cleansed and purified, as the healing of Neptune and Chiron raises the vibration of all. The frequency of love, has the ability to transmute all dross, all residue that yet remains, from lifetimes, of pain and suffering. Soon you will rise refreshed, rejuvenated and living much lighter, as the density leaves your human form.

CAPRICORN: Saturn, meeting less than harmoniously, with Venus, is causing some grief in your current relationship. Perhaps you had allowed yourself be taken advantage of, or you just didn’t see clearly, over recent weeks. Let go wherever and whatever is necessary for you, at this time. Sometimes it is better to bring things to an abrupt end, rather than, prolong the pain or continue with a lie. Count your blessings along the way, and these include the teachings, that life brings, in the guise of experiences. Be willing to own your part of this recent configuration.

AQUARIUS: Uranus is coming to the end of another of its’ seven year cycles. A good time to reflect on what has transpired in your life, since 2003, when it entered the sign of Pisces. How has your spirituality changed? Was there some radical transformation, with regard to your beliefs and has your heart softened? The rough edges smoothed and the inner diamond beginning to shine. As the new cycle begins, briefly in mid-year, and fully in 2011, you will get the opportunity to express yourself, in a much more outgoing way, when the theme becomes Aries in nature.

PISCES: Are you enjoying this time, when the world slows to a pace that more suits your sensitive nature and when others are more in tune with you, as the Sun moves through Pisces? Neptune and Chiron, moving together throughout this time, will also raise your vibration to a new level, which will see you very tuned into world changes, through 2012. Allow your intuition to evolve, in its’ natural rhythm and fear not your insights into the nature of life, and the feeling states of others. Use it as guide, on how to conduct yourself, in all that you do. Much love is needed now.
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