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January 13, 2010

As we move into 2010, our optimism remains high, even though confronted and challenged, on many levels, as the tension of the Pluto/Saturn square intensifies, once more. By February 1, they will be in exact formation, while Jupiter freshly in Pisces makes a harmonizing sextile to Pluto, and Chiron and Neptune move into conjunction. Jupiter, bringing some much needed respite, to the pressure and force, of these two outer Planets, who are implementing the necessary changes, for the evolution of our species. Saturn, although not comfortable in Libra, is the ruler of Capricorn, the sign occupied by Pluto. So, in a way, this is a compatible meeting, although thwart with tension. Remember, however, that this tension is a necessary thing, to promote momentum and speed, and it appears that speed, is an integral part, of this current cycle of change. This will become more apparent, when Uranus and Jupiter both shift from Pisces to Aries, come June, of this year. Let this then, be the warm-up period, before things really heat up, later in the year. Chiron and Neptune, in the sign of Aquarius, serve to bring us into alignment with the vibrations, of higher frequencies, emanating from our Galactic Center and beyond. All of this serves to remind the human species, of its true origin, as a member of the Galactic Race, rather than, being limited to our Earth home, only. We are being asked to broaden our horizons, expand our perceptions and take charge of our Planet.
NEW MOON 25 Capricorn 01 January 15, 2010 13:12 p.m. (Solar Eclipse)

ARIES: Mars continues to back track through Leo, and of course helps to raise consciousness as it does so. There is nothing better, than the exposure of the human ego tendencies, to bring about an awareness of the absurdity of our actions. Trying to keep face, no matter what the cost, is an expensive exercise now. One that will cost you, your awareness. So if you have lost sight, of the purpose and meaning of your life, perhaps it is time to have a look, as to why, you are doing, what you are doing. With Mercury moving direct, you will get the opportunity to get very real with yourself.

TAURUS: Many of you have just entered into a new relationship. There is a feeling of freshness, newness and a fated feel to this meeting of hearts. Could this be, the one you’ve been waiting for? This relationship will bring with it, much responsibility and the need for growth and change, on your part. This is the time to step up to the plate, and to be willing to take your appointed role, in this unfolding drama. A role, which has you at the helm, of your own life, with the ability to choose, and not feel like a victim, or at the whim of outside circumstances and events.

GEMINI: Mercury retracing her steps through Capricorn, makes the going, all a bit laborious. Although the pace is slow and steady in the mental arena, at least the Sun is about to move into Aquarius and team up with Venus, to bring some verbal stimulation to your life and relationships. Everyone is feeling a tad cautious, when it comes to expressing themselves, and you are no exception to this rule. Not quite sure of where to place your allegiance, right now? Perhaps it is better to wait out, these current configurations, which are disrupting the status quo, for that very reason.

CANCER: The second of our pair of Eclipses, has you positioned to feel deeply, before you take action this month. You are, no doubt, thinking about your life situation, including your job, finances and family commitments. Although you want to call the shots from your heart, you have an overwhelming urge to prioritize from a perspective of need. This could create a dilemma within the very fabric of your soul. This is not the best time, to make important decisions, and at least, wait out this current moon cycle, until the new moon on Valentines Day in February, when things will look and feel much different.

LEO: As the Sun moves into your polar opposite, Aquarius, along with Venus, you feel the stirrings of a less than personal life. Your picture begins to expand out, to encompass others, at this time. It’s like a veil has been lifted from your eyes, and you see beyond the periphery of your own needs. If you are feeling compelled to be of assistance, to those less fortunate than yourself, this month, let if come as no surprise. Mars, is asking you to assess your very motivations, for all that you do. We are in a time of great healing, and you are no exception to this event.

VIRGO: Some of the solidity of your recent decisions, are up for review, as Planets move from earth to air signs. Bringing everything to a point of perfection, only to have it all disrupted, yet again, seems to be the fate of your existence. Learn to not take it all so personally, and see the bigger picture, which encompasses all and everything. “ Including the loss and destruction.” The good news, is that recent events, have been revealing to you, this grander plan, in the form of synchronic events, paving the way to interesting and important meetings. Follow your inner urges now.

LIBRA: Venus enters Aquarius this fortnight, bringing with it the need to experiment, a little, within your relationships. You could try, by simply approaching your beloved in a new way. Old habits, are easy to change with a little determination and a lot of integrity. So wherever you feel, things have come out of alignment, take the opportunity to realign them now, and implement these new strategies for change and growth. A great force of healing energy, is available, and at your disposal. It is always up to you, to choose to use the gifts given. Make wise choices now.

SCORPIO: Of course, by now, you are aware, of the impending force of change and destruction sweeping the Planet. At the end of the day, you too, are deeply and profoundly affected. Possibly even more so, than most, with Pluto being your ruler. Having your life reshaped and remodeled is not a comfortable phenomena. The necessity, is for you, to own up to your part, in this unfolding drama. It is is all too easy, to slip out the back door, or to camouflage events with a little white lie. Be bold and courageous now, and speak the truth, no matter the cost or loss.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter changes signs, from Aquarius to Pisces, this fortnight. As she scoots through Pisces over the coming weeks, you will feel a renewed sense of connection to God/Source/All That Is or any other name, you give the Divine Power. This is the time to expand your spiritual connection through meditation, or deep inner reflection, and it is a journey you must make alone. A connection to your higher self, or higher aspect is in order, as we are about to embark on a series of changes never before seen or experienced on this Planet. A good time then, to tap into your inner guidance.

CAPRICORN: As you are well aware, Saturn is your planetary ruler, and is currently in the sign of Libra. Libra is here to bring harmony, peace and love, although will fight to get it. Saturn prefers to be the boss, and to have everyone do it his way. Now along comes Pluto, in your sign, to be really pushy, and at times, ruthlessly destructive to get its desires fulfilled. Desires which can be very selfish and withholding from others. Now, see the dilemma here, when all you want to achieve is harmony. Give too much and you become a doormat. Withhold, and you become a tyrant. Good luck with the balancing act.

AQUARIUS: Healing, is the agenda for the coming month, and who better than you, to introduce new concepts and modalities to others. Keeping yourself abreast of changing trends, is your forte. When others are floundering, looking for answers and the scope of there availability, you have the potential to offer solutions, and through your networking ability, bring about the spreading and sharing of vital information. Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, have the best interests of everyone, at heart, although to some, it may look like pain. Often the healing crisis comes, with the recognition of pain.

PISCES: Aquarius and Pisces, are quite interchangeable, with Uranus in your sign and Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius. I suggest you read both. Many of you, have been experiencing quite a rebellion over the last few years, as Uranus makes its way through your sign. This rebellion was necessary, as you removed yourself from unhealthy situations. The time is almost upon you, when you will be called to be of great assistance to a rapidly awakening Planet. Allow the last of your own maladies to leave you now, and allow yourself to be strategically placed, to optimize this healing potential.
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