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January 27, 2010

The Sun is now traveling in the sign of Aquarius, bringing a feeling of Oneness, Unity and Visions of the Future. Full Moon is on the 30th, in Leo, followed by the Saturn/Pluto square on the 1st. Jupiter in Pisces, marking a sextile to Pluto and inconjunct to Saturn. Much growth and change, will be prompted by Jupiter’s connection to these two. Pisces brings the Spiritual Dimension into play, and softening the rough edges of the sternness of Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. If we can relax just long enough to allow the otherworldly, to penetrate these forces of change, we will intuit the right movement of our transformation. This will result, in far less fear and suffering, as people, situations and possessions leave our life. Understanding of Divine Timing, and Trust, will penetrate deeply into the human psyche. A negative mind-set, will result in pain. It is then paramount to maintain a positive attitude, as challenging as that may be, at times. There will be much support throughout February, with Neptune and Chiron meeting on the New Moon and Sun, mid-February. This will set in motion, a great deal of healing power to be harnessed on a personal, and collective basis. Latent human potential, is emerging and revealing amazing talents, skills and abilities. The key here, is as I mentioned before, to remain positive, calm, and as much as possible, centered in current time and events. All is, as it is meant to be, and in this, lies your trust.
FULL MOON 10 Leo 15 January 30, 2010 14:19 p.m.

ARIES: If life appears to be repeating itself, in an endless cycle of sameness, then perhaps it is time to bite the bullet, so to speak, and take action. There is nothing like a little opposition from externals, to push you and motivate you to change course. It is o.k. to change direction, mid-stream. Although you may be upsetting the Apple Cart, others will come to thank you, for your abrupt, reaction, one day. You are a motivator, and an instigator, and very good at adapting yourself, to current conditions. Be the leader, which you most naturally are, and get yourself back on track.

TAURUS: Venus has been traveling close to the Sun, over recent weeks and this has illuminated, the need for partnership, in your life. For those of you, who remain, as yet, single, this Full Moon will shed some light on this seeming lack of abundance in your life. A good time to clarify your personal needs, and remove any clutter and resentment, from past relationships, which is getting in the way of you creating, what you now desire. Group settings are a good platform, for you to connect with interesting people and potential partners. Friendship is very important, at this time.

GEMINI: As Mercury retraces her steps through the sign of Capricorn, you are in a good position to realign yourself, with plans laid around Christmas. By the first week in February, you will be back on track. Any upheavals you experience before that, are all a part of the necessary purging, of any built-up toxicity. Remember, that this is more often than not, mental clutter or habits which need discarding. Prepare yourself, for an influx of new ideas and concepts, when Mercury moves into Aquarius, mid-February. Mind you, some of these need implementing, or they just remain ideas.

CANCER: Remember this moon cycle started with an eclipse and what a potent month it is, as the Saturn/Pluto square climaxes just after the Full Moon. You are in the throws of this current upheaval, with some unexpected endings, occurring in your life now. Let the dust settle a little, before making big decisions or huge plans. Knee jerk reactions, will only bring you grief, at a later date. The key here, is to feel your feelings, and yet maintain a distance from them. Getting swept up in an avalanche of despair, will only alienate you, from those you love. Be patient.

LEO: Full Moon, just as this fortnight begins, sets you in good stead, for the coming changes. As you tap into your internal nature, you recognize your own talents and skills, which will carry you through, these challenging times. Bringing optimism and joy to your surroundings, is a gift, you can share on a daily basis. What better way, to be a friend, than to sprinkle a little fairy dust, and weave a little magic, in troubling times. Bring the playfulness back into your own life, and allow some spontaneity in everyday affairs. Boredom, can be your downfall, only if you allow it.

VIRGO: We so often talk of the healing potential of these current times. Potential remains just that, unless acted upon. Gather all this energy then, and use your intention and focus, to create some healing balm and elixir, to spread over your life. You then get to share your achievements in your work. Many of you, already dealing with the healing arts, will be in a good position to do just that. Remember, it is always better to teach or instruct by example, rather than, an endless barrage of meaningless words. So be about you own healing journey now. The fruits of your labor, will be many.

LIBRA: Venus, your ruler, in fellow air sign Aquarius, brings harmony to your relationships now. Many of you, also benefitting from the Neptune/Chiron conjunct in that sign. You are a natural lover, of the spoken word, which brings much insight and healing, into your life, as new ideas infiltrate your thinking process. Now is the time to clear the slate, with lovers, past and present. This brings new opportunities, healing and an opening in the communication channels. Old grievances fester or mould, if left too long. This is the time for new beginnings.

SCORPIO: How are you riding these current waves of illusion? The thing to remember is that good always comes alongside the bad. Find reason for gratitude every single day, even in the midst of chaos. There is always a gift to be found, for those who seek one. A little gratitude for the smallest of things, brings you into alignment with your own creative force, the source of your being. As Saturn and Capricorn bring you more and more into a single-pointed focus, you recognize the potential of your mental capacity, when harnessed for your benefit and that of love.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter’s movement into Pisces, brings some much needed retreat, into your life. Whether this comes in the physical or the emotional internal, the benefit to you, is the same. A moment of quietude amidst the external clatter and movement. Make the most of these next few months, as by June, you will be in much demand, and intense movement will transpire. Being as you are, compelled to move often, and with haste, this could be the window you need, to achieve some of those goals, which require stillness. Perhaps a good time, to write your memoirs.

CAPRICORN: With a deep sigh of relief and gratitude, it is finally time to let go of that which has been holding you hostage. There is some sadness and grief also, with this departure of the old. No specifics here, as this is an individual process, designed by non other, than your own soul. Open your heart and your arms to the new, as it presents itself. Although there is more to come, on this theme in mid-year, absorb all you can from this current experience and that in itself will prepare you, for what and how this future event is to transpire. Be very gentle with yourself.

AQUARIUS: One Universal source of love, which is creation, resides within your own being. Is in fact, your own being. Giving gratitude then, is the recognition of your own self and your endless potential and capabilities. Uranus in Pisces, teaching you, all you need to know in the realms of spirit. On the way to its next meeting in opposition with Saturn, allow yourself to experience those deep moments of surrender to the unknown. Letting go of old ideas and forms is paramount, to being flexible, in this time of change. Follow your instincts and inner guidance.

PISCES: Your sensitivity is your strength. Your vulnerability, your open heart, the willingness to share your emotions a gift to yourself and to others. Let the healing balm of love, penetrate deeply into your very soul. Surrender all you perceive as struggle or suffering, to the Divine, in whatever form is appropriate for you. Bring Unity Consciousness into your consciousness, and be a living example of peace. The World has been upside down and back to front; we are simply righting this, through our individual alignment with Love. Let the world mirror back your attempts.
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