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July 14, 2010

Momentous changes are afoot this fortnight. The New Moon Eclipse occurred on the 12th at 20 degrees Cancer. Saturn re-enters Libra on the 21st followed by the Sun into Leo on the 23rd. Jupiter squares Pluto on the 25th and Saturn opposes Uranus on the 27th. Mars joining Saturn at the end of the month, pulling the T-Square into a tight formation. The Full Moon is at 3 degrees Aquarius on the 26th, sextiling the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. With Cancer as our theme, you can expect family matters to be prominent right now. Sensitivity, nurturing, caring and supporting our loved ones and issues pertaining to the home prominent. It’s impossible to look at the aspects individually, being that they are all working in resonance with each other. Whether that be chaotic or harmonious is all in how you wish to perceive your reality and how you choose to view the happenings within it. Jupiter/Uranus in Aries pushing us and insisting that we change, become the powerhouse in our own lives. Pluto is demanding that we let go of our old ways of doing things, while Saturn and Mars aim to bring all this upheaval into some kind of balance and equilibrium. Eclipse energy also compelling movement and obvious enlightenment around heart issues. All that we hold near and dear to our hearts being illuminated now. Prioritizing our lives to assist the movement from fear to love, and remaining consistent in our attempts to modify our old behaviors, beliefs, patterning and habits through vigilance and the determination to change them.

FULL MOON  2 Aquarius 60  July 26, 2010  9:38 a.m.

ARIES: Mars continues in Virgo this fortnight  and draws ever closer to its meeting with Saturn at the end of the month.  As you are explicably drawn into this web of transformation and change, allow all that no longer serves you to leave your life, and make radical departures from the old way of doing things. Enjoy Uranus and Jupiter in Aries, with the prelude of what is to come next year and ongoing for the next few years. You are in for an altering of your perceptions and an opening within your heart center, like never before. Allow yourself to merge in partnership as this is the key area of grace during this time.

TAURUS: Venus in Virgo for the fortnight allows you the opportunity to really ground your relationship ideals.  To set in place some workable routines which will serve to strengthen you and your beloved, whether you are currently in a relationship or not. Relationship takes commitment that includes being willing to compromise from a space of love, treating the other with kindness and compassion. By allowing yourself to remain receptive, you will find ways beyond your own thinking, that will keep your passion and enthusiasm alive.  Let yourself expand into new ways of doing things and introduce some spontaneity.

GEMINI: Mercury in Leo allows you to formulate some creative new ideas.  Let your imagination run with these and seize the moment with regard to new ventures which can expand on them.  There is a lot of outer Planet support for those with early degrees Gemini.  You are an adapt when it comes to change, which mean that current trends won’t affect you  as much as those who are more rigid in their ways. You could act as a catalyst and support for these people by offering your encouragement with positive feedback and information.  Be the networking genius and let your talents and skills shine now.

CANCER: Moon cycle in your sign and the Sun remaining until the 23rd, brings some much needed familial support now. Remember this family is not limited to your immediate or blood family.  Let that sense of community pervade every aspect of your life as it nurtures your sensitive heart. Learn discernment through your intuitive abilities. Also use your learned talents to come to the fore now as well.  This is  the time for you to maximize your potential and claim your bonuses. You are valued and valuable, and with that deserve to receive abundantly on all levels of your life.  Open you arms and heart with gratitude.

LEO: Get yourself ready, as Birthday celebrations are just around the corner. This is your opportunity to shine and bring forth your talents.  The world is embracing your entrance into a new way of living and a new expression of you, in your authenticity. Welcome the coming changes, even when challenged to modify your behavior.  At the end of the day, it is you yourself who knows what’s best for you. Although others will always have their opinions and expectations, have the courage to stand boldly in your own center of power and proclaim your truth, even in the face of adversity, criticism or seeming authority figures.

VIRGO: Mars and Venus both in your sign this fortnight. That’s pretty solid back up for any  advances you choose to make within your relationship. Any tendency you may experience towards perfection needs to be kept in alignment or you could miss out on some amazing opportunities in the love arena. Let your guard down for a moment and allow yourself to experience the tenderness of the other.  Everyone has their own unique expression, and with that in mind leave some space available to experience things through new eyes and listen with a deeper sense of quiet. Deep nurturing is available now.

LIBRA: Venus in Virgo this fortnight, brings order to your relationships. Mars joins Saturn in your sign at the end of the fortnight, and for those with early degrees Libra, this is a momentous time indeed. For all, it is life changing, with evolutionary steps being made in all areas of your life.  Again, this is an individualized process, as well as a  collective one. You can however, see the threads of  symbolism in the big picture as you compare it to your own personal life. Energetically setting up resonances which will alter the way we live, the outer Planets are orchestrating change in an enormous way right now.

SCORPIO: You may feel at times, as though you are on some kind of wild ride. This wild ride, is in fact, life on Planet Earth.  Even you, who can take most things in your stride are being deeply and profoundly rearranged. Parts of you are being discarded in preference for a new and better expression. Some are being rearranged with a constant need for integration necessary. Let the balancing act  continue without too much opposition from you. If  authority figures try to dampen your spirits, stay firm in your own sense of self and power, without withdrawing to manipulation and petty one-upmanship.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter your ruler, is a key player in the current T-Square and alludes to enormous movement both within and without.  Don’t be surprised if some unexpected interruptions to your life occur now. Jupiter is paving the way for all to see where their lives need modification. Yours being no exception.  It will be necessary for you to totally evict some things from your life. It will also mean that you will need to create some new boundaries for yourself in relationship to others. Partnerships have an important role to play at this time, so some of you will find yourself in new relationships. Others of you will be ending old ones.

CAPRICORN: Saturn in Libra, is not always a happy camper. Prepare yourself for some adjustments over the next 2 1/2 years. Many are already facing challenges in what appears to be opposing areas of your life. What is needed, is a continuing readjustment and realigning of the current available energy flow. Be prepared to spontaneously   modify your schedule, your plans and even your goals in all areas of your life. The nurture aspect is strong right now.  If the tendency is to hold tighter, allow your grip on reality to loosen enough for you to get another perspective on the situation.  Also seek out the opinions of others.

AQUARIUS: Uranus your ruler, is a key player at this time as well.  With another opposition to Saturn about to occur along with the square to Pluto this month, you are in store for some amazing and life altering experiences.  The nature of these will be particular to your own individualized birth chart.  For all, they are in alignment with work, relationship and the need for radical change in both these areas. Uranus in Aries can be a little ruthless, as well as very upfront with its opinions and ideas.  Be willing to face the consequences of your actions and if you do then you will be in store for some amazing revelations.

PISCES: Neptune in Aquarius is set to travel closely in conjunct with Chiron over the next couple of months.  Allow this deep and healing journey to modify your life, as it works in partnership with Pluto in Capricorn. Some boundaries are required and also some processes which can support you to keep your thinking in a positive vein are needed. All will be revealed when you can surrender your will to that of the higher mind and nature.  If you are feeling superior on any level, be a little suspicious of even your own motives.  Let your fears be revealed  and choose to make love the priority.

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