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July 28, 2010

Continuing this fortnight to resolve the issues of the T-Square with Jupiter squaring Pluto again on the 3rd and opposite Saturn on the 17th and Saturn square Pluto on the 21st. The New Moon is at 18 degrees Leo on the 10th.  Mars changes sign to Libra and teams up with Saturn on the 30th and Venus follows along on the 7th. As we integrate this intense moon cycle which began with the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12, we get a feel for the depth of change necessary in our personal, global and galactic existence. Those resisting change are feeling frustration, agitation and unrest. Allowing the density of our existence to be transmuted with cosmic love and the light of creation (Neptune conjoin Chiron) is the order of the moment. The clinging to old ways is bound to bring confrontation from without, while the inner stress created by Pluto who is demanding this transformation, at all costs. Pluto in effect is the activator for this whole play of events, pushing and ruthlessly destroying anything which is in resistance to change. Developing and becoming the Power in your own life is paramount now, as only conflicting ideas will come from the collective. Everyone has an opinion and will fight to uphold the rightness of their ideals and beliefs. Steer clear of confrontational types wherever possible and speak up for what you feel is right and appropriate within your own life. Some things are personal and are better kept that way. Be very discerning with what you share and to whom it is shared.

NEW MOON 17 Leo 25  August 10, 2010 11:09 a.m.

ARIES: As Mars teams up with Saturn and sits in opposition to Uranus and Jupiter, while squaring Pluto, you no doubt feel some awesome changes in your life. Applied to your personal chart, they will bring more clarity and depth, however, as a generalization we can say that transformation is inevitable and that momentous awakening is upon you. Restrictions are imposed within relationship and you could be feeling a little caged in by responsibility and needing to adjust often.  It is a work in progress, so be gentle with yourself and those you love the most. This time will pass and you will again see the light at the end of the tunnel.

TAURUS: Venus the Lady of Love, will join Saturn at the end of the fortnight and Mars mid-month, bringing her into alignment with the T-square as well. You could be motivated greatly to change the way you have always operated at a core level.  Ideas you once found attractive could leave you feeling a little desolate.  No need to fear, for soon they will be replaced with new ones, which are more in alignment with who you are now. The recent changes in your life have allowed for this change to take place. Be gentle with yourself while all this integrates within your system. Make no hasty decisions, which you could regret later.

GEMINI: Mercury remains in Virgo this fortnight, and turns retrograde mid-month. In an earth sign and square to your Gemini Planets, it tends to make you a little too judgmental and critical. If you are aware of this though, you can make the necessary adjustments to modify your thinking. The hardest critic in your life, is usually yourself. Go easy on you, and give yourself a little leeway during these tense and trying times. If you stress yourself out, you could very well lose your temper with those you love and those you don’t. The consequences of this could take a long time to mend. Go gently and be kind.

CANCER: Allow this time to integrate all that has transpired in your life during July and prepare yourself for the coming year of unprecedented change, growth and expansion. Take the time often to digest and assimilate all the things in your life.  Everything will run more smoothly when you are aligned at the core level, to your own sense of identity. Others can only hurt you when you are off center or leaving yourself vulnerable to external situations. Take whatever steps necessary to protect your personal self, as well as your physical body. You are stronger than you often give yourself credit for. It is time to drop the armoring in favor of common sense and self-love.

LEO: The Sun travels through your sign and brings some joyous opportunities and opening new doorways of perception and experience.  This coming year is one of the most paramount of your life. Take the time to become aware of all that  surrounds you. Be grateful for everything, and in particular those things which you have in the past, taken for granted.  You are being offered the opportunity to shift your way of living to a much higher state of existence.  If you take the challenge, you will be greatly rewarded with a finer and deeper sense of who you truly are, beyond the negative ego and its’ attachments.

VIRGO: Mercury in your sign and Venus until the 7th brings some clarity and communication within relationship. Getting your priorities in order is the task at hand. You will get the  opportunity to review all of this, as Mercury goes retrograde in your sign later in the month and through until mid-September. There is no need to concern yourself    with any of this, as the planets themselves ensure that all is going according to plan.  Your job is to stay in integrity and align yourself with your highest ideals, always allowing for the winds of change to come sweeping through and then adjusting yourself accordingly.

LIBRA: Venus in Virgo for most of the fortnight and then moves into your sign and joins Saturn. There is the need to bring a new structure to your relationships and to implement change, as well as transform old and worn out routines within them.  That’s a tall order. You must do the work or you will pay the price of not using this astrological configuration to your own benefit. Things can and will become very uncomfort able for you if you avoid this work. The upside is that  your partner will probably be more than ready to embark on this journey with you.  When you unite in your intention amazing and miraculous things can occur.

SCORPIO: As Pluto continues to be a key player in this field of astrological giants, you feel the undercurrents in your life, peeling away layers of karmic debt. Not everything needs  labeling or understanding at an analytical level, as much as you would love to bring it into your mental scrutiny.  Too much thinking or discussion will just fritter away the process and the benefits that it is possible for you to gain. Be about the work in solitude if need be or at least take time to yourself to really feel into what is yours and what belongs to other people, so that you can best discern how to act according to your own needs.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter another key player this fortnight propelling both Saturn and Pluto to make the necessary changes. You are pushy in that fiery Arien way now and will let no one stand in your way. This is your time and you will transform whatever in your life that needs to change, in order for  you to get your needs met. Saturn may want to place old relationship restrictions upon you, but with the assistance of Uranus, you will be able to stand firm in all adversity, competition and confrontation. Luck is always on your side and now more than ever. Harness this magnificent power and express your true desires and experience your wildest dreams.

CAPRICORN: You already know that Saturn your ruler continues to be a part of this great grand cross of late and the ongoing T-square which encompasses Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, as well as Mars joining with your ruler this fortnight.  There could well be opposition to your plans and let this not deter you from them. You will need to make adjustments along the way and of course the unexpected is always apt to  appear.  Be flexible enough to meet it, when it comes. Mars could bring the much needed added support that you have been praying for.  Be grateful for everything that you can find to be grateful for.

AQUARIUS: Compelled to change is the underlying theme now. Resistance only brings discomfort and suffering. Neptune in your sign joined by Chiron brings ongoing healing for you, in the form of cosmic universal love and themes of galactic significance. Life is anything but mundane right now. Interesting themes are developing constantly which keeps you in a state of high alert.  You could be privy to information, which may need dissemination to a much larger audience.Let discernment lead the way, as you play your part in the unraveling of the current crisis within your life, your community and your planet.

PISCES: Neptune in Aquarius is the soothing balm to all this cardinal energy, which is compelling you to grow beyond your own limitations now.  The balm is strengthened by the joining of Chiron with Neptune, to create an elixir or potion of love, which is to be shared with all you encounter now. Let the light of love shine through your eyes to those in distress or confusion with all this intense energy which is beaming around our planet.  If the madness is too much for them, allow the cool waters of the divine to sweep    away any distress and allow the words of cosmic  wisdom to pour forth. Service is your purpose, and always to yourself first.

Copyright © 2010 Vibhuti-Teri Norris

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