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June 2, 2010

Jupiter moves into Aries and teams up with Uranus on June 8, heralding some unexpected and unprecedented changes and transformation.  If the World picture becomes a little unstable at this time, let it not pressure you into hasty decisions or lure you into the fear matrix on the Planet. “This too shall pass” is your motivation for remaining positive and optimistic. Mars finally changes sign from Leo to Virgo, bringing with it some much needed organizational energy. Remember Mars has been in Leo since October last year, and as such has been playing havoc with us all on an ego level. Virgo brings with it the need for order after the chaos.  Use this time to set your psyche in order, before the stress of the T-square in July/August, involving Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. If you like, the current alignments are a precursor for what is come. Learn to ride these waves of change by adapting yourself as much as possible to the current moment, without holding onto past concepts, beliefs and judgments. Let the preoccupation of future orientation also leave your thoughts, unless you are in the process of planning, manifesting or co-creating. Dwelling on fear thoughts and negativity will manifest as quickly as positive ones, so be discerning and vigilant with your thinking. Mars in Virgo, tends to worry a little too much, so keep affirming that all is well.  The positive traits of Virgo include an ability to put everything to good and proper use efficiently, including the mind.
NEW MOON  21 Gemini 24  June 12, 2010  07:16 p.m.

ARIES: The movement of your ruler Mars to Virgo, is happening right on time, bringing a little order to your life, which has just been wonderfully disrupted by Uranus and Jupiter freshly in your sign. This awesome feeling of freedom with unfortunately, an overtone of pressure and a sense of        responsibility. If it appears that the days of complete and carefree abandon are no longer here, then perhaps it is just a matter of changing your perspective on current trends. If you are unable to see with clarity, do a 180 degree turn, and have a look at your life from this angle. It will give you the chance to see the Divine in all aspects of your life.

TAURUS: Venus continues in Cancer this week, making home a lovely place to be and even better if you are accompanied by the beloved. Cancer is a water sign, which  harmoniously aligns itself with your earthy and sensual side. A strong ability to merge and melt is yours this fortnight. Mars entering earthy Virgo, is also supporting this love partnership, with its practicality and tactile nature. Stand strong in the face of any adversity and be a solid rock for others, if they are wavering. Weathering the storms of life, with confidence and optimism, are a necessity in these days of constant change.

GEMINI: The Sun continues in your sign this fortnight, and that means a birthday still for many. A solar year which will be filled with change and growth and lots of surprises. You are an extremely adaptable person, and this gift of yours will be in high demand over the coming months. Welcome any disruption to your plans with grace and trust that you will have the resources and confidence to carry you through any and all trials and tribulations. Mercury your ruler, enters your sign on the 10th bringing movement, quick thinking and more surprises. Use your intellect in intelligent ways, and always allow for the miracle.

CANCER: Venus continues in your sign, bringing the Divine Feminine into play in your life. If you  find yourself seeking comfort and nurturing now, let it not come as a surprise. Find home, whenever and wherever you can. Those with early degrees Cancer, will be stretched over the coming weeks.  The less you make home, a physical place the better. Learn to come to rest in your own heart and find peace wherever you are. If you’re always looking for the structure, you create more time and stress for yourself. It could be that many will need to reorganize and rearrange their lives.  So in the meantime, find rest in love.

LEO: It’s time to bid farewell to Mars in Leo, and embrace the Sun’s journey through Gemini this fortnight. A fine time to communicate your needs and wants to others, with respect to their needs as well. You will also need to make allowance for the necessity of change. A change of mind can often upset the apple cart and we will all learn to adapt and to roll with the trends over the coming weeks. If not, we will experience a great deal of discomfort and disharmony. Relax your grip on how you expect things to look or turnout and you feel much better in the end. There is no set formula here. Create as you go.

VIRGO: The added bonus of Mars in your sign, will pull you through this current time of change and disruption. Let it be an enjoyable journey, even in the midst of chaos. Keep on top of your thought processes by aligning your mind with a higher frequency of thinking. Study, listen and learn from the physicists. Expand your views of the world and the universe. By keeping your thinking small, you keep your life limited to what you have always thought or known. Move beyond your comfort zone, and find an unlimited potential within the scope of your life. By doing this, life will become way more exciting and fun.

LIBRA: Venus in Cancer, may be calling for more affection and less talk. Let that be ok and allow an expression of love to flow in a tactile manner. As beautiful as the words may be, sometimes it is touch that is needed more. There will be plenty of time for discussion later. This is a great             opportunity for those in a relationship, to share from the depths of their being. So much transformation is available and very easy to access, with these current transits and remember they last through until August. Dive deeply then into partnership and grow beyond your wildest dreams.  This could be the beginning of something truly amazing.

SCORPIO: As the temperature rises, you feel the potential wrapped up in this current transformative astrological configuration. The pressure will continue to build over the coming weeks and reach one of its climaxes in August. You will however be experiencing ongoing pressure and a sense of unpredictability throughout the coming years.  Get ready then for a long process of growth and not just a short term intense sojourn. It will bring more acceptance and less stress to your system, if you can accept the long term potential. Pluto in Capricorn is refiguring the time factor in your life. Bending it to suit your needs is possible.

SAGITTARIUS: Get ready to rock and roll, as both Jupiter and Uranus enter fellow fire sign Aries. You can feel the rumblings in your Solar Plexus and the stirrings in your loins. All sorts of wild adventures and unpredictable events are about to be unleashed. Set your sights on far off horizons and get ready to have your mind expanded beyond its limits. This is the moment you have all been waiting for, and as  the two team up on June 8, something of paramount importance will be set in motion. The nature of this is  individualized, although the theme is chaos. Allow this to come in the form of potent change.

CAPRICORN: Saturn continues in Virgo until late July, when it teams up with Mars in Libra. This then marks an auspicious time of reestablishing your foundation in preparation for what is to come. Get solid in yourself. Find the point of grounding, within your physical, mental and emotional self.  Establish this and return to it often throughout every day, and this will assist you in weathering the storms of unpredictability which you will encounter over the coming weeks. Stay in alignment with your newly developed skills and practice any mind and relaxation techniques that support you.

AQUARIUS: Have you noticed the movement of Uranus, your ruler, from Pisces to Aries?  Does it feel like something has been quickened in your life or is it just a quickening in general?  As Jupiter aligns herself with Uranus, there is a major  opportunity presented to you. How to adapt your life to this change and make it all work is the big question now. Much luck, fortune and opportunity is yours for the taking.  Keep yourself in alignment with your souls journey and share the love and unity which you have experienced to date, as it multiplies its potential. Be a pioneering inspiration to others.

PISCES: Neptune has moved into retrograde and Uranus exits your sign. The good news is that Chiron is still traveling closely to Neptune and bringing much needed healing to your life. Venus in Cancer brings camaraderie in the relationship realms, with some deeply felt emotions being expressed both to and from you. Mars in Virgo will be supporting you from its polar opposite viewpoint, to create new skills and deeper understanding on many and varied topics. All this acting in alignment with Chiron to promote complete and permanent healing. Expand your mind during this Mercurial time, with Sun in Gemini.
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