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June 30, 2010

This fortnight sees us winding down and integrating the Gemini Moon cycle, ready to begin with the new one on the 12th, in Cancer. This New Moon is the second of our pair of Eclipses.  The Solar Eclipse ushering in a period of focus on the home, hearth and family. That place where we find deep nurturing and comfort. Look within the individualized chart to see where this is for you. As the Planets begin to pull into an alignment of intensity this month with the T-square, many will seek their comfort in the familiar and find camaraderie in their soul groups or families. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and so is very much at home herself during this cycle. Sun and Moon bringing light and warmth in a motherly way. The Divine Feminine creating security and abundance for her offspring. Allow the feminine to guide you through this chaotic time with intuition and deep inner guidance. Your actions arising from this place will secure harmonious results. As the structures crumble and the unpredictable nature of events pushes you to a new level of understanding, allow yourself to adjust and create a new equilibrium. When confronted by an internal sense of authority wanting to control from an old perspective, allow new information to filter through and be prepared to view things from an altered perspective. Your freedom will come from the ability to spontaneously respond to situations, rather than from a set pattern of procedures.  For those who’ve lived unfettered, there will more structure in their lives.

NEW MOON 19 Cancer 24  July 12, 2010  03:42 a.m. (Total Solar Eclipse)

ARIES: Mars your ruler is a key player in this T-square and teams up with Saturn at the end of the month to oppose Uranus. For many of you with low degrees Aries, this is a momentous time which will start a cycle of deep and profound change in your life. Many will find their true calling or life’s purpose. This won’t occur without confrontation and radical change, however.  As you are accustomed to this type of chaotic inspiration, no doubt you will find yourself in the most appropriate of places.  Movement is a big part of this configuration as well, so be prepared for unexpected journeys.

TAURUS: Venus transits into Virgo at the end of this fortnight and will bring some solidity to your relationships.  A fellow earth sign bringing with it practicality and grounding. You will feel the need to create some boundaries within your relationship as well as get a little close and personal in the body sense. This seeming paradox, will allow a sacred space to develop within which you can explore intimacy on a much deeper level, rather than wasting energy on meaningless and old paradigm exchanges. This is the time to set all of this in place, as Venus will meet up with Saturn and oppose Uranus in August.

GEMINI: Mercury is set to do a whirlwind stint in the sign of Leo. Communication will be thwart with innuendo and ego overtones, unless you choose to bring it to a higher octave of friendliness, enthusiasm and inspiration. Leo works well with your sign, and can ignite the passions for you and others in the area of communication and innovative ideas.  Let these all flow freely now, as the old paradigm crumbles into disarray and you look for a new set of belief systems on which to build your life. Remember too, that these may be updated on a regular and ongoing basis as the acceleration and momentum increases.

CANCER: It promises to be a very inspiring time for you with the New Moon Eclipse bringing with it an intensified journey of nurturing. You have the ability to inspire others with your boundless attention to detail, when it comes to caring for them.  Offering the bounty and abundance of  the Universe as it flows through you, is your gift.  This  cornucopia knows no limits, and as such keeps you well supplied now and in all of your tomorrows. Your ability to share, assures you of a plentiful existence. You would be well suited to any endeavor which allows you to tap   into this innate understanding of divine wealth.

LEO: As the Sun is eclipsed in the sign of Cancer this fortnight, your thoughts will naturally turn to nurturing. When you nurture yourself deeply everyone benefits and when  we nurture each other, everyone feels good. You have a wonderful talent for doing both of these, and as such will find reward and success in whatever area you choose to place yourself. It is not the what that you are doing, but rather the how. Give yourself permission to shine in all your splendor and delight in the simplicity of sharing your authenticity. This then allows others to do the same thing. Acceptance of each other, just as we are.

VIRGO: When you open yourself to the possibility and potential of this time, you will see that you are and always have been, supported by the Love of the All That Is.  As you surrender yourself, your relationships and your life to the will of the Divine, the instruction of the Higher Self, you begin to recognize a synchronous flow, to all your pursuits. Call it the thread of Divine Timing, weaving the tapestry of your life, in a harmonious way. Any residue of doubt or lack of trust will simply dissolve, as you move into the flow of right action this fortnight.  Both Venus and Mars support you within all of your relationships.

LIBRA: Venus moves into Virgo towards the end of the fortnight, and brings some much needed discipline into all of your relationships. Relationship takes work and a great deal of discernment which brings the need for constant vigilance and thoughtfulness into your communications. When you observe yourself going into old behavior patterns be brave enough to address the tendency and make correction   wherever appropriate. The ego self has a great need to be right. The loving side of the self offers compassion and understanding, along with a great deal of forgiveness for the self and the other.

SCORPIO: You can feel the momentum building as Pluto pulls into alignment with Uranus and Saturn. If you are feeling pressured and under a great deal of expectation both  from yourself and others, remember to take some much needed time to regroup and ground. Some things just take time and there is no need to hasten the process, although the impetus is to do just that. With Uranus pushing you relentlessly into action, you could find yourself making hasty decisions. These decisions could cost you dearly at a later date, so remember to bring some discernment into all your decision making enterprises.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter forges ahead for a   moment longer, before it turns retrograde and teams up with Uranus once more in mid-September. In the meantime there is a square to Pluto and an opposition to Saturn to contend with. These next three months then, will be filled with hither and thither exchanges both internal and external. Allow your projections, your creations to show you where you are yet holding onto old ideas and where you must let go and where you will reconstruct. The most important thing to remember is that this is a process and as such will take time, until you have no more need of it.

CAPRICORN: At this time of year you always come to the opposite polarity within your chart.  With that, many of you are triggered deeply by these two eclipses.  The lunar at low degrees  in your sign and the other in Cancer, bringing that ongoing balancing act of family and work to the forefront of your experiences. Add to that the impending T-square involving your chart ruler in square to Pluto in Capricorn and you have the recipe for momentous change, growth, transformation and illumination. Allow yourself to be undone and learn to harness the power of this configuration to create metamorphosis.

AQUARIUS: At the end of this month you will experience the first of the Saturn/Uranus oppositions in cardinal signs (Aries and Libra).  Action is the key word here and where you may have felt compelled to be of service over the last year and half, you now feel to strike out on your own. You may feel some hinderance or resistance from those closest to you, as the opposition creates some stress from the external environment.  Others may have an opinion as to how you should be living your life, and if it causes rebelliousness within you, all the better, as that is your key into understanding the motivations of your own mind.

PISCES: Neptune still in Aquarius and making its’ final debut into Pisces in February 2012 while staying in close proximity to Chiron until that time.  In effect what this means for you, is an expansion of awareness within your holographic field to encompass other dimensions and realities.  An ongoing recognition of your role to play in the creation of your reality, while maintaining an openness to experimentation with new technologies and ways of thinking, along with a quantum introduction to healing modalities which will hasten the healing process. Allow the unfolding in a gracious manner. Resistance only brings struggle and pain.

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