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March 10, 2010

As Mars moves forward now, we get the feeling that finally we can embark on new ventures, feeling more self-assured and confident in our own abilities, and with the added bonus of support and encouragement within relationship, as Mars makes a strong trine to Venus, in Aries. Responsibility within these relationships, a priority, as this fortnight begins.Perhaps, setting the stage for the coming T-Square in July/August, as the Planets move into Aries. Mercury on the 18th and the Sun on the 21st. The Sun meets Uranus mid-March, on the New Moon, at 26 Pisces. This will, no doubt, be a cycle of change and transformation, particularly in the arena of our connection to Divinity. Uranus, as always, bringing an unpredictable edge and some chaos, with it’s Pisces theme of Spirituality, compassion, understanding and the more downside ones of escapism, deceit and avoidance. There will be the possibility of a few uh-huh moments, when the penny finally drops, with regard to where we have been deluding ourselves. All this culminates in a lovely Libran Full Moon at the end of the month. Relationship, remaining the theme, with there being every chance of you meeting a twin flame/soul mate, if you haven’t already done so. A very like-minded individual, who mirrors your own attributes; good and bad. This being a spiritual union, there is the potential for great joy, and learning. A true companion on this accelerated evolutionary journey.
NEW MOON 25 Pisces 10 March 16, 2010 05:02 a.m.

ARIES: With Venus now in Aries, and Mars, your ruler, moving direct, you are finally in a prime position to implement those long awaited changes and get some momentum happening in your life. Out of the quicksand, at long last. As the pair team up, at the beginning of this fortnight, you may be introduced to a potential new relationship, or even business partner. This is a fiery and passionate union, which will have you literally blown off your feet, with excitement. Just remember your impetuous nature however, and keep a focus on your relationship priorities.

TAURUS: Venus in Aries, brings with it, some surprises this fortnight. Although a little unsettling, you will revel in the freshness of your encounters now. It could be, that you are ready for an adventure, with your beloved, or an adventure could take you to a new beloved. Whichever way, it plays out, this is no mundane configuration. If it upsets the status quo, all the better, as this is exactly what it is meant to do. Not everything adheres to your plans. As you let go, and relax into this newness, you will discover attributes of yourself, which have lain dormant, for a long time.

GEMINI: A change of pace, as Mercury moves from Pisces to Aries. A new round of mental configurations and learnings. Aries tends to be a little self-oriented, and with that, your mental meanderings could be all about you, your life, and your process. Taking the time to focus on the workings of your own mind, allows you the opportunity to investigate yourself, and to dig out any unsatisfactory behavior and negative thinking. The downside, is that you could find yourself, a little defensive and argumentative. This could be an exercise in self-restraint and patience.

CANCER: With the Pisces New Moon, at mid-month, this will be a month of deep and profound understanding, with insights into relationship. As you develop your compassion muscles, you begin to see, that it is safe to share your vulnerability with others, as they too experience the pains and disappointment, as well as emotional upheavals, of life. At the end of the day, we are all in the same boat. So let your armor down a little, and allow love to penetrate, deeply into your heart. It’s light removing the density of the pain-body, and all it has endured.

LEO: A forward moving Mars in Leo, brings with it, good tidings indeed. An end to the stagnation, and depressive qualities of backward motion. You are now able to embark, on new endeavors, and set in motion, your long held plans and creations. As Planets move into fellow fire sign Aries, they add rocket fuel, to really give some momentum to these ideas, particularly when the Sun, as your ruler, joins on the 21st. Be your bold and outrageous self, and inspire others to follow their hearts and their passions too. You will need company on this journey.

VIRGO: When we embark on a healing protocol, we inadvertently find, that it is in truth, a spiritual journey. One that leads us back to, and connects us to, our Divine Source. So, although we set out on a fast, a cleanse or exercise regime, it becomes much more. If you continually find yourself in awe of this process, allow it to be the inspiration, in maintaining an ongoing connection. This will allow your abilities in the psychic realms to develop. Your intuition will sharpen, and your perceptions heighten. All of these, you can use on a daily basis, within ordinary life.

LIBRA: Venus in Aries, opposite Saturn in Libra, gives rise to a bit of a balancing act, to start this fortnight. Freedom verses responsibility. Relationship or work? Not a good time for an all or nothing attitude. You will need to remain flexible, or an explosion of egos is possible. Keeping it all together will require a strong sense of yourself, and the ability to take responsibility for your own needs, while maintaining integrity within your relationships. Good luck. This is a workable situation, and the Grace that is given, works through the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces; unconditional love.

SCORPIO: This is the opportune moment to gather yourself, and to bring together all that you require to set you in good stead, for when the next round of changes comes, later in the year. See what you need to modify to make yourself stronger, and more resilient to the chaotic storms of life. Although you weather changes, more efficiently than most, you are still a sensitive person. We all require a safe harbor, a sanctuary, to deeply rest, when times get confusing, or too much. Create this for yourself now, and then you will be ready when inclement weather arrives.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter continues to traverse, the cosmic realms of the ethereal wanderer, Pisces. Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces, before the discovery of Neptune. With that, you could be finding yourself, a little out there, and a little in there, with not much making sense in-between. So, if reason and logic has temporarily left you, all the better for this time of introspection and Divine Union. Allow yourself to indulge in the finer, gentler and more creative activities of life. Things will move into a new cycle, soon enough, so better to just flow with the current one.

CAPRICORN: Saturn moving in a backwards motion, and revisiting the sign of Virgo, for a few months, from April to July, will really solidify the changes, you made over the past two years. It’s like putting the finishing touches to your creation. A whole new cycle of activity could begin around mid-year, when you will also be ready to let go of many things, from the past. None of this is easy for you, although the satisfaction you will get, from a job well done, in the coming years, will be magnificent. Take the time now, while the pressure is off a little, to rest yourself. The next Saturn/Uranus opposition is 27th April.

AQUARIUS: Uranus and Sun in Pisces, this fortnight, bringing a window of opportunity, which allows you much creative scope. A good time to daydream, and see your creations, with your minds eye. Albert Einstein, received his inspiration while sleeping and dreaming. Go a little easier then, on your mental processes. Not everything has to agree with reason and logic. Some things, just don’t make sense, and yet they work most efficiently. When you are lost to know, what next to do, take some time off, and relax in the not knowing. No longer a place to fear.

PISCES: Allow yourself, to indulge in these remaining days of Sun in Pisces. Birthdays, bring with them, a new beginning, and as this is implemented now, you can feel the threads of what is to come in this powerful year. Although as yet, they may be just stirrings on the surface, you get the gist of coming changes. A strong year for many, with Uranus and Jupiter both in Pisces, propelling you to greater heights, and a good deal of growth and transformation. What was once only a dream, is now a possibility and soon, reality. Expand your creations, to encompass a larger arena of people.
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