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March 24, 2010

We have just passed the Equinox, and the Sun is now traveling in the sign of Aries, forming a lovely, fiery trine to Mars, the ruler of Aries, to begin this fortnight. Venus and Mercury both, moving into Taurus, on the 1st and 2nd, respectively. The Full Moon is in Libra, on the 30th. This has been a month of deep spiritual connection, culminating in the Full Moon, in Libra, which seeks to find peace. The stage is being set, with the Sun’s movement into Aries, for the coming mid-year configurations, at which time, our Leo Mars, will be moving into Libra and joining Saturn. Jupiter, by then, will have joined Uranus, freshly in Aries. Pay close attention, to what plays out for you now, as we head towards, the next exact opposition of Uranus and Saturn, in late Virgo, on April 27. Each one of us, is being asked to relinquish those beliefs, habits, lifestyles, relationships and whatever else that may be holding us in the past, or old paradigm thinking and creating. What is of paramount importance, is to keep a check on your thought processes. This is definitely something to perfect, before mid-year, when things really start to speed up. Catch where you are creating from a negative mind-set, and make the necessary adjustments. Asking for what you don’t want is just as effective, as it is, for what you do. Practice keeping your heart open, and receptive to the cosmic frequencies of love. Judgment and criticism, are low density activities, which will only serve to keep you trapped in your past.
FULL MOON 9 Libra 17 March 30, 2010 10:27 a.m.

ARIES: This coming year, is one of many and varied contrasts, for you. The apparent contradictions, creating some confusion, and affecting your ability to make choices, but making those choices from an old mind-set is what creates the dichotomy, in the first place. What this means is, that first, you will need to look at your mind, before you blame external situations or other people. Even the darkest corner, and shadow self, will be revealed to the light, through this process. Taking responsibility, and owning up to what is and isn’t yours, and making the necessary changes.

TAURUS: Venus moving into your sign, is the harbinger of good fortune and more tender romance. You are sure to be in the mood for some encounters of the tactile kind. A slight clash of egos at the end of the fortnight, could dampen things, just a little. If you are feeling at all, at a loss for the right words, soften and listen to the stirrings in your own heart, and speak from the depths of it. Any sense of shyness or insecurity, will just wash away, as you melt into the tender embrace of the beloved. Some valuable insights will appear for you, as you allow old armoring to dissolve.

GEMINI: A long stint of Mercury in Taurus, will have you stubbornly holding onto old ideas and values. As is often the case, the coming retrograde period, will give you the opportunity to revise and reassess these. You will no doubt, feel challenged and possibly even threatened by the situations arising in your life. It is better to not take everything too personally, and to not worry. Your tendency to jump to conclusions and your paranoia, create unnecessary stress for you. Let things settle, before you make your final call, on any situation. For sure, you’re not the only one holding on.

CANCER: You are moving nicely with the flow of things, this month, although the tendency is to possibly sacrifice your own needs. The Full Moon will bring things into balance again, restoring the equilibrium and smoothing out the rough edges. It is a bit like polishing a diamond. By the time you are finished with this current process, a gem will be revealed. Whether this be, in the form of yourself, or a creative endeavor, come mid-april, you will be very pleased with the way things have turned out. Even relationships go through rough patches, before they reveal there true beauty.

LEO: What a special time this is, when you are in the position to receive some good advice and guidance, from those closest to you. So before you go reacting to the words of others, find the wisdom and the kindness which is being offered you. We often have knee-jerk reactions to familiar words, with old connotations, even though they may be now offered with healing intentions. Open your mind and your heart, and through this, allow yourself to see from a different perspective. Everyone has their sensitivities revealed at one time or another.

VIRGO: When those around you, go through their personal pain, it is a natural response to want to alleviate their suffering. This however, is not always called for. As you well know, life presents us all with challenges, whilst in the midst of, create confusion and pain. In hindsight however, they were the very things that promoted us to change, to grow, to move beyond old limitations. So, if you are in the position, of watching others go through a growth spurt, and are experiencing a little pain, take a step back, and just see if your assistance helps or hinders.

LIBRA: Slowing down, turning inwards, and taking the time to rest, is a part of your protocol right now, even if it appears that you are being pushed to do otherwise. You could well hasten your success, by moving too fast and getting yourself off kilter. Even though your actions, may be perceived as lazy, they are a necessary part of the process of integration. Sometimes slow and steady, is the way, developing much needed patience, with fore-thought. Let others be, their impetuous selves, and exhaust themselves, on the way to success. Yours is gentler journey, right now.

SCORPIO: Rearranging your life, as outside influences, often seem to do, I am here to remind you, that you do have some say and choice, in current life situations. And even though, you have a preference to try to keep up with your commitments and promises, sometimes you just have to re-negotiate the terms and conditions of agreements. There is some form of reconciliation called for, in your life, at this time. Bite the bullet, and stop trying to keep up, at all costs. You could just blow a fuse, or find yourself angry and resentful, if you don’t.

SAGITTARIUS: Learning to go with this Piscean flow, has you all in a haze, of non-activity. Trying to get things moving, in the direction you desire or require, is quite challenging. You will be pleased to know, that the Aries Sun, will at least move things along a little for you, although, perhaps not in the intended direction. You are really going to have to, let go and roam wildly for a while longer, with no clear destination in sight. This is the time, to find that deep inner sense of trust and connection to your divinity. This is not about beliefs, doctrines or dogmas; rather your own personal connection.

CAPRICORN: Under normal circumstances, your life is quite ordered and structured. This could well require a lot of balancing at this time, to maintain. It appears, that just when you thought all was going according to schedule, something comes along to disrupt, your well laid plans. Take heart, for this is not a personal vendetta, but rather a set of astrological transits, testing and trying all of us, to see how well and quickly we can adapt, adjust, change and evolve. This is not to say that planning, schedules and goals are no longer necessary, for they are. It is the adaptability which needs to grow.

AQUARIUS: The comfort of mental clarity, is yours in a strange and unfamiliar way, at this time. As much as you like to have labels, and the communication skills to share this clarity, they seem to elude you. It’s like all the edges in your thinking processes have become soft and merged, with the contradictory effect of bringing clarity. It’s a bit akin to developing your inner knowing, telepathy and intuitive abilities. You just seem to know. The process involves, you now trusting in this inner wisdom, and having the confidence, to share, what you, just know.

PISCES: The journey of the these past seven years, has seen your life take shape, to the point, where you are about ready to really jump into a totally new expression of yourself, with confidence. Jupiter coming along now, to bring good fortune to these changes and promoting your success. This is the time, to trust, like never before. You have grown, and made the necessary adjustments through this ongoing round of transformation, which has not always been easy. Your new abilities, are well and truly a part of who you are, and your everyday life. Time to be bold.
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