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May 19, 2010

This fortnight the Sun changes pace from the plodding mode of Taurus, to the quick as a flash speed of the mercurial sign, Gemini. Gemini, the Messenger of the Gods and the one who translates the light and information of the Sun, to the rest of the Planets,  including us here on Earth. This takes place on the 21st, with Jupiter opposing Saturn on the 23rd, and the really big shift, is that of Uranus into Aries, for the first time in 85 years. You may want to reference the time frame between 1928 and 1935, to a get the gist of what we are in store for, over the next 7 years.  Saturn goes direct and Neptune retrograde, this fortnight. Jupiter following the imprint of Uranus, which was in opposition to Saturn, during the last Full Moon, prompts us all to make the necessary adjustments and dismantle and/or reconstruct new boundaries, within the framework of our lives, particularly in the area of our work/service arena. Jupiter in the sign of PIsces, is shedding Divine Light, Love and Grace upon everything it touches now. By next month, it will be teaming up with Uranus in Aries, to kick-start all sorts of pioneering new ventures and adventures. If you can feel  the quickening, allow it to be the juice you need to fuel your own creative process.  It is like the entire galaxy, if not universe, is conspiring to bring you the things you desire at quantum speed. Just remember to focus on what you do want and to keep that monkey mind, focused on the positive. Happy Manifesting!

FULL MOON  6 Sagittarius 33  May 28, 2010  07:08 a.m.

ARIES: Mars continuing in Leo until the first week in June, where it’s been for an unusually long stint, since October last year, injects the last of its fiery energy through your life. Things will ground a little more at that time, although with the movement of the outer Planets into your sign, get ready for some deep work, radical changes and profound shifts of consciousness. Remember as we pull into the major configuration of July/August the inner tension will build.  There is nothing to fear here, for what it is implementing is an awesome wave of awakening on the Planet. Use this fortnights transits, to intuit your best moves.

TAURUS: Venus moves into Cancer this fortnight, to bring some homely comfort, nurturing and tenderness into your life.  With Mercury still in your sign and the outer Planets mostly working with you, you will be feeling pretty content with your lot. The New Moon this cycle was in your sign, and so the coming Full Moon will be very pleasant, with the potential for loads of fun and laughter. Enjoy yourself. When all is said and done, you are often the one, who holds the platform for all those around you and this often goes unappreciated.  With that in mind, the Planets are bestowing their gratitude on you, this fortnight.

GEMINI: Basking in the limelight this month, as Birthday time swings around again, you find yourself in fine spirits and an uplifted frame  of mind. It is lovely when the World finally conforms to your model, while the Sun is in Gemini.  The Full Moon in your polar opposite sign, could see you feeling a little neglected when others tend to move towards their more loftier ideals. Be prepared to adjust your thinking wherever necessary, although with Mercury still in that fixed sign of Taurus, that could be a little challenging. Venus has just moved out of your sign and leads                        relationships away from the mental realms to more sensory.  Enjoy them.

CANCER: Venus freshly in your sign, has the Divine Feminine reminding you of sweeter, gentler and much kinder things. New Moon this month was also in a much more tactile sign, and has you wanting to engage the sensual side of your nature. Allow some romance into your life and when the opportunity arises, fall into the embrace of the other and be deeply nurtured.  Allow yourself to be supported and fall into that feminine quality of receptivity. This is a much better place to create and manifest your desires. Too much doing, and you will become overtaxed this fortnight.

LEO: The Sun in Gemini supports your nature, and gives you some extra momentum to get things done. Remember also to utilize the remainder of the energy available to you with Mars in Leo.  You are pretty much on the up and up though, as you are in store for so much support from the outer           Planets, over the coming months and years. Communication is the key issue here, and is important in keeping the  channels open. Your primary relationship is calling for some nurturing now, and you will be able to fulfill any and all requirements that it presents you with, this fortnight.

VIRGO: If there are some issues which are  confounding you now, allow them to just remain in a state of unknown or in a place where you can just allow them to be what they are.  There is no need to hurry a process, which wants to deviate from its original plan. Get your mind used to the idea of change and adjustment, and find ways to accept situations and make new choices whenever and wherever necessary.  These skills will be in high demand during the next earth cycle. Broaden your understanding through whatever modality comes your way, and share what you have             understood from it.

LIBRA: A very nurturing little pod of existence presents itself, this fortnight when you will be able to feel the beloved with a great deal of ease and with much tenderness. Enjoy these precious moments. As the Sun travels through fellow air sign, Gemini, the channels of communication will likewise be opened to you. This is undoubtedly a good opportunity to do a little soul searching and to share your deepest truths with the beloved. It could become a little more complex, further down the track, so it is suggested to use this window of opportunity to clear the air and set your priorities within the relationship.

SCORPIO: If everything and everyone around you, is seeming a little fickle and lacking depth of purpose, try developing some patience and some listening skills. You many have to do some discerning when it comes to understanding their communication, and yet it will be worth the effort in the long run. Not everyone has the determination or the single-pointed focus that you possess. This is the time when you can call on your own inner strength, courage and wisdom to support you in your daily interactions. There is a deep maturation process at work here, and you will be a much wiser person at the end of it.

SAGITTARIUS: Full Moon is in your sign this fortnight and promises to bring with it, loads of fun.  You will most likely, be ready to kick up your heels and have some fun as Uranus marks its debut in Aries, at the same time. Interesting configuration and a portend of amazing things to come.  By the end of the fortnight your planetary ruler, Jupiter will also enter into Aries, to mark a period of much movement in your life.  It’s funny how things look so different once the future has arrived, and you find yourself in a place of forward momentum, in contrast to the introspection that was a big part of your life in the past months.

CAPRICORN: Saturn moves direct this fortnight and initializes some fresh movement, as it heads back towards Libra and its meeting with Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, and what a meeting that will be.  Your life is about to change in ways, beyond your wildest dreams and imaginings. You are about to experience an eclipse in your sign, at the end of June as well. All of this combined, will usher in a life, unlike anything that you have lived to date. Changes and departures on so many levels, and areas of your life, that the freshness itself will be like balm to a weary soul. Enjoy the journey!

AQUARIUS: Uranus in its momentous sign change, allows you some freedom to explore, experiment and regain a sense of yourself, which you thought had departed. Accessing areas of your mental capacity which have lain dormant in some of you, will be exciting. While others will deepen their skills and abilities through new modalities and studies. What an exciting time this promises to be. All you need remember, is to release the old with ease and allow the grace to move through your life, and do its work. The fewer ideas you have on how this will take place the           better. Keep an open mind.

PISCES: The Sun in Gemini and Full Moon in Sagittarius, Neptune your ruler going retrograde and Uranus and Jupiter departing your sign.  You are going to call into play now, all that you have learnt over the recent years and implement that into your life, and integrate on a very deep level within your being. It’s a bit like receiving your diploma and now going out and sharing what you have learnt. Not that there are any levels or gradings going on here. It may just feel like it for a moment. Chiron is allowing you the ability to transmute your past, without catharsis into a positive present and release the future from its previous binds.
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