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May 5, 2010

As we settle into integrating all that was thrown asunder by the last fortnight’s transits, a sense of calm once more predominates with the Sun plodding its course through Taurus.  The New Moon also in that sign on the 14th. Our latest Mercury retrograde moves direct on the 12th. Jupiter is about to follow in the footsteps of Uranus and oppose Saturn, shedding wisdom and understanding on what has just occurred, and to help bring about the now necessary adjustments. There is a deep level of empathy available to us all.  The ability to feel the pains of another person through your own body, bringing with it a sense of unification and oneness.  It is an irony that our very separation is where the fabric of unity will be made manifest.  The understanding that there exists no isolation, no boundaries and in fact nothing, that can keep us apart. The crazy idea that we are ever alone, when all that surrounds us is infinite density. Call it love, call it God, or any other name which works for you. Recognize that all that has existed has its imprint on this very fabric of existence. Everything and everyone, just a thought away. Allow the age old fears to disintegrate and remember to not take this world so seriously. Drop beneath the level of pain, struggle and confusion of being human, and find the thread of eternity that exists, right there. Regardless of the intensity of your pain, it can be found as an experience. Discover your patience, it is your greatest asset right now.
NEW MOON   23 Taurus 09  May 14, 2010  9:05 a.m.

ARIES: Your integration often comes about through action.  The more you can do, the more things just naturally make sense to you. This speed seeming to bring with it, a certain sense of comfort and familiar harmony, as you go about the world, bumping up against yourself time and time again. The other person always acting as the measuring stick, for what you have achieved, and what you have as yet, to integrate or understand. Remember as Mars continues to travel in Leo, the ego of everyone is placed in prominent position. So let your meetings be true ones and not shallow one-upmanship.

TAURUS: Venus in Gemini, creating confusion in your love life. That fickle side of the Lady of Love, is enough to give anyone a headache.  Just remember to keep rolling with the changes, and all will be well. The only thing remaining constant is change itself. Give the other person in your life a lot of leeway and be willing to listen deeply, as communication twists this way and that. The good news, is the sobering quality of Mercury in Taurus, as it turns direct, brings some stability to this nonsensical relationship plot. Probably better to not make any major decisions with regard to       your partnership, at this time.

GEMINI: Your world is generally filled with loads of activity, new meetings and a constant flow of interesting agendas. If that has paled a little of late, let it not find you resting in boredom.  There are other pastimes which can provide you with a sense of fulfillment, although they may be slightly less entertaining. Use this respite, to dive deeply into your inner realms, and seek out the inner sanctum. Take the time to feel your emotions, connected to your thought processes. In fact, take a look at your thought processes themselves. Become   the observer of yourself, and not just the doer of your life.

CANCER: The next moon cycle is in Taurus, and looks a like a promising time for you to        reconnect to your higher-self and inner wisdom.  Lay to rest any doubts that you may have, on your success or following your life’s path. Realign your thinking with what it is that you wish to achieve now. You best know, what it is that satisfies you, and what makes you feel like you’ve achieved something at the end of any given day. Others will often dissuade you, or move you away from your focus and intention, and this is why quiet introspection is so valuable to you. Here there are no deterrents and no confusion.

LEO: The Sun in Taurus, at some part of its journey, throwing a nice challenge to your own Sun in Leo. Where do you resist and where do you hold steadfastly to ideas or concepts of yourself? Are these ideas for your own best creative process? Take a moment to reassess yourself, and the reasons that you do things. This is a good exercise for everyone, not just you. It is so easy for anyone of us, to lose sight of the why we are doing things. It is when we start going blindly about our lives, doing what we do, every day, just because it’s what we do, that life becomes a bit of a cliche. Take a long deep look now.

VIRGO: When we get out of the habit of looking for the end of the process, we get to understand that life including death, is just an ongoing series of process. Stop looking for the point of perfection, and all is well, just the way it is. For as surely as one door closes, another opens. If you find yourself, on a momentary point of plateau, enjoy the peace and calm you find here. Accept wherever it is that you find yourself, comfortable or not. Let the confusion of contradiction serve to motivate you towards healing your mind of its constant necessity to hold to a formula.  Try some random and illogical decision making techniques.

LIBRA: Venus in Gemini can be a very trying time for your relationship. Although a lot of communication is apparent, not much resolve for deep issue is forthcoming.  Perhaps it would be wise to wait a couple of weeks, when the feeling side of your nature is activated once more. The turning point will come, when both of you can access your heart centre.  When personalities are confronted, it takes a lot of courage to face the challenge without armouring your heart.  Do your best to intuit what is really going on beneath the surface of this current issue and lay your ego to the side.

SCORPIO: As you hold yourself in preparation for the coming changes, know that it is safe for you to build on your dreams now. Look with optimism towards a future, totally unlike the past.  Although challenges come and go, throughout your lifetime, it is perfectly natural for you to look forward to life, with a happy anticipation. Waiting for the next shoe to drop, or catastrophe to assail you, robs you of energy which is needed to achieve tasks in the here and now.  You need not be always be on the look out for next tripwire.  This is a great opportunity to reap the rewards of your efforts.

SAGITTARIUS: You can almost feel the winds of change on your cheek.  The gentle whisper of a promise of good things to come, as Jupiter teams up with Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries.  If you wonder as yet, if it is safe to dream a new dream, you can rest assured, that change is imminent and that the promise is for action and excitement. This sojourn into the otherworldly has been a tad stifling. Hanging in the watery realms of the deeply feeling, has you waterlogged and aimless. Not for much longer. Dust off the suitcase and burst forth your adventurous nature, as change sweeps in, at months end.

CAPRICORN: Pluto is slowly tracing its path through Capricorn. Keeping everything under control as it moves through this cautious sign, and dutifully discarding all that no longer works efficiently. Sometimes the dismantling is piece by piece and at other times, the whole lot comes tumbling down, in one foul swoop. Let not this phase of deep transformation scare you, and prompt you to make hasty decisions. There is a grand element of divine timing at work here and all will be revealed in due course. Find the steadiness and security of those things which have withstood the test of time.

AQUARIUS: Evolutionary changes come sweeping through our lives whether we are  prepared for them or not. The cushioning of the past few years is about to be replaced by the abruptness of Uranus in Aries. The good thing is that there will definitely be no time for boredom or stagnation. All that deep spiritual introspection, will be tested for its durability in withstanding the onslaught of constant upheaval. Finding ways to remain calm in the midst of the storm, will be the challenge in the days to come. Remembering your constant connection to your divinity a must. A great time to promote your innovative and radical inventions.

PISCES: More and more you find yourself  falling into the lap of humanity and wanting to share love in whatever form best suits the  individualized occasion. The deep bonding that is found at the heart level, within all human situations, is making itself apparent in your life. The level of suffering which has been endured and surrendered to, is revealing the divine nature of existence, to us all. Finding yourself in a position of unification with all, is enough to bring tears of joy and gratitude. Revealing the deeper meaning behind the grace of existence, it is a miracle to behold.
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