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November 03, 2010

The New Moon cycle starts on the 6th when the Sun and Moon conjoin at 14 degrees Scorpio. Venus dips back into Libra on the 8th getting ready to turn direct again on the 19th. Jupiter and Neptune both also turning direct this fortnight. Mercury enters Sagittarius to join with Mars and the big event this fortnight is the meeting of Pluto with the Moon’s nodes in Capricorn/Cancer around the 9th and 10th. Remember Pluto in Capricorn is systematically destroying all that is no longer functioning or serving its purpose with regard to money, government, business and military organizations and institutions. When it teams up with the North Node we are in for some events which are destined to happen as a part of the earth’s evolutionary journey. The South Node in Cancer is reminding us of our strong family values and the need to remain strong through a sense of community/unity. During the Scorpio Cycle we are in for transformation anyway and on a personal level we can all look and see where we are still holding to our own set of values (particularly relating to financial flow, boundaries and business dealings) which may no longer be serving us or the Planet on which we live, or those who are nearest and dearest to us. Great time to be courageous and close the door on old situations and habits and addictions.  With Pluto, be forewarned, that events are going to happen whether we like it or not. It’s the way that you chose to respond that is important.

NEW MOON  13 Scorpio 40  November 6, 2010  22:53

ARIES: As Mars moves in a fellow fire sign now, you are feeling particularly restless and eager to get on with the next adventure. Working closely with Mercury the topic of conversation   is inspiring, innovative and ruthlessly honest. It appears that you are not too concerned with whose toes you step on now as you forge ahead doing what needs to be done at lightning speed. All is now in place for a successful conclusion to the events of the past few months. If it is time to move on, do so with as much grace and compassion  as you can possibly muster. The sensitivities of others are up.

TAURUS: Venus returning to late Libra degrees places you in a prime position to give and receive some deep loving now. Relationships that you thought had fizzled out, take on a renewed vigor. It’s a time to be close and share deeply what you are truly feeling and intuiting. Sexual energy is bountiful and you would like to be involved in more ]projects which allow you to use more of your vital energies.  You are aspiring to get very hands on and this is a good thing as it will keep you busy when things start to get a little rocky as we move further into this fortnight.  There could be some massive changes in your personal life.

GEMINI: Mercury in Sagittarius, your polar opposite sign is making a few waves this fortnight. Speaking the truth regardless of consequences seems to be high on everyones agenda. There are some things you’d rather not hear however, and sometimes it is a case of just too much information. Do a little gardening then, and weed out the important from the less important, to the down right no need to know communications and act accordingly. There is just no point hanging around when no positive inspiration is occurring. Better you spend time alone with a good book then hang out with inappropriate company.

CANCER: Those with low degrees Cancer signs are in for rapid change, growth and acceleration to their evolutionary journey. How this manifests for you depends on your individualized chart placements. A good time to have an astrology reading. One thing is certain, transformation is inevitable for all of us. Your nature is feminine, gentle, kind, caring and  deeply concerned for the welfare of others. Let this then be your priority as you move into the events of this month. We could all use a helping hand from time to time. Sometimes we are just too overwhelmed to ask and that’s when people like you are most appreciated. Thank-You!

LEO: Planets in fellow fire signs, Mercury and Mars, keep you motivated and stimulated during this slightly intense phase of growth.  When the energies dip to an all time low, remember to stay optimistic and use your great sense of timing and gregarious nature to support yourself and others to remain in a positive mindset, regardless of the situation. Be a support for those who matter to you, as they truly need it now. Venus is supporting your  relationships in a great way at this time, so use this portal through to the beginning of next month to nurture them and make necessary adjustments.

VIRGO: Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius are causing you a little grief right now and throughout this month with their insistence on speed and honesty.  It’s not the honesty part so much, it’s just coming up with the answers so quickly doesn’t allow much time for true discernment and that   may bother you a little. This then is a good time to follow your intuition and to allow that gut feeling to guide you to the right course of action. When you access those deep areas of your psyche this month, be sure to be gentle on yourself when you uncover those hidden aspects of your ego. A little gentleness will go a long way.

LIBRA: Venus is getting ready to turn direct and places herself in your sign for the rest of the month. A renewed interest in relationship, for better or for worse. Could be the perfect time to set new boundaries, dismantle old ones and align yourself with your highest purpose/potential. Are you living according to your dreams and true hearts desires, or are you compromising to the point where you are losing your own motivation, joy and sense of equanimity? Just asking. This is for you to discern and to then discard those aspects of relationship which no longer work, or the relationship itself. It may be a ruthless month in some aspects.

SCORPIO: Are you enjoying things yet? This month is sure to keep you stimulated and actively involved in the goings on around you and you will no doubt be going through your own set of transformational experiences and changes.  You are full of energy and the determination to get it right this time. Never mind, you have been here before and failed occasionally as well, so let this not deter you from giving the current situation all you have from the honest depths of your heart and not from a need to control the situation so it works in your favor. When you resist the urge to get things for your own end, everyone wins.

SAGITTARIUS: Great news for you, is the movement of Mercury and Mars into your sign as a warm-up to when the Sun enters later this month. What are your true ideals and visions now? How can you manifest and co-create these in a way, that supports those around and closest to you? No point throwing the baby out with the bath water or your way to achievement. There is enough time to work through all of your goal plans. Any hasty decisions now, could cost you dearly later. Think though twice and if that’s not possible, at least align yourself with the higher you and allow your actions to flow from there. All will turn out well.

CAPRICORN: Another big round of events to keep you on your toes this month. For those with early degrees of Capricorn, the possibility of a new life direction. How this plays out for you, will include the ending of something old in your life and opening the doorways for the new to flood in. No need to fear these changes, as they are definitely something you have called for at a deeper or soul level. All is going according to a larger plan here. Rest comfortably in this knowledge when the foundations begin to rattle a little and you are not quite so sure what comes next. A great time to develop inner reserves through meditation or some form of breath work.

AQUARIUS: Neptune turns direct in your sign this month and you will see the undercurrents of this movement probably in the form of a renewed interest in the Divine. That maybe something as simple as recognizing your shared humanity within a group framework or even the workplace. At the end of the day we do belong to the same species, or at least it looks and feels that way. The realization of our shared resources on one Planet will most definitely be apparent this fortnight. Indulge yourself in a little quiet time and feel those deep inner realms for yourself. Go on an inner journey of self-discovery.

PISCES: Get ready Pisces, as Neptune your ruler moves ahead for the first time since the end of May. Still in very close proximity to Chiron, healing is deep, spiritual, psychological and extremely supportive of your true inner nature and vocation. Be about whatever it is that resonates deeply with your heart. This is the place you will find true meaning now.  Use then your strong mental abilities to discern the right course of action for all involved in your life situation.Your sense of family is changing its definitions and you will feel yourself at home on this Planet, like never before.  Express that deep caring and concern of yours with true humility.
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