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November 17, 2010

Finally after weeks of retrograde motion Venus moves direct on the 19th, along with Jupiter. Love and optimism, what a great combination. Full Moon on the 22nd in Taurus and Sun moves into Sagittarius on the same day. By the beginning of December all the outer Planets will be in direct motion.  A lot of forward momentum as we head towards the return of Jupiter in Aries at the end of January and Uranus mid-March. (The cardinal cross of July/August)  Mercury and Mars continue in the sign of The Archer (Sagittarius) and with it’s retrograde in December, Mercury waits to align with the Sun momentarily around the 19/20th just  before it moves into Capricorn and the 0 degree of the Solstice. Some direct communication during the revision phase to set everyone in good stead for their Solstice Intentions and Manifestations. However, back to the current trends. This fortnight sees the culmination of the Scorpio Moon Phase. Our personal values will be highlighted with the Sun and Moon both at that auspicious 29 degree mark. Venus freshly out of retrograde is right there with the Sun and so highlights relationship issues. A fresh beginning for many, either within existing relationships or starting or ending one for others. Jupiter in Pisces trining this configuration bringing compassion, while Neptune and Chiron create a square pattern, demanding unity consciousness and healing communication. A good time to remember some key phrases, “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you”.

FULL MOON  29 Taurus 18  November 22, 2010 01:28 a.m.

ARIES: Mars your ruler and Mercury team up this fortnight for an injection of a little truth serum.  A time to get really honest and to speak your truth while listening to that of others. The tendency is to be a little brash, although this won’t serve you at this time. As this occurs around the Full Moon you have the opportunity to clear a lot of ground and to really make ready for a fresh start. Although your own needs are paramount this also necessitates the healing potential of compromise. With Saturn in Libra affecting many of you now, this will be a big part of the current agenda. Remain calm during all of your communications.

TAURUS: Finally a little headway is possible for you.  It feels like forever, that Venus your ruler, has been traveling backwards and making life feel like one step forward and two back. The time to cover any lost ground and really make rapid and lasting changes in your life. The Full Moon in your sign acting as a catalyst to make a fresh start. For many, this will be a bold new start within many areas of your life. Venus returns to her turning degree right on the Solstice, so expect rather large changes by that time. As Planets move into Capricorn at that time, you will be feeling way more grounded and centered within yourself.

GEMINI: Mercury in Sagittarius is calling the shots at a rapid speed right now and if the communication is a little lofty or far-reaching allow this to be OK. It’s a good time to expand the thinking processes and to allow any subconscious thoughts and therefore actions, be revealed to you for reprogramming. The dissolving of old neural pathways and the formation of new ones via quantum thinking. Find someone to introduce these to you, or read up on some of the awesome quantum physicists available. Why stay limited in your old paradigm thinking when you can align yourself with a higher consciousness?

CANCER: If you find yourself recycling old emotional behaviors this fortnight, perhaps it’s time to allow yourself to create some new and positive ones. Rather than cling to old methods and masks, try on some new ones. Start your day in a new way.  With all this optimism flying around at the moment, use it to your own benefit. What have you valued which no longer fits the image you wish to now create of yourself? A little boldness is called for here as we move forward into another new beginning. This is a good time to get yourself sorted before the onslaught of more hectic energies which will be flowing again in January.

LEO: The Sun’s passage into Sagittarius heralds a time of positive change and high  expectations. Use this portal wisely, and aim to accomplish those things which are truly obtainable, otherwise you may disappoint yourself with your own expectations. We are all pushed to grow in compassionate understanding now, and life will present you with the situations which call forth these energies. When your ego wants to rule the day by being right, see if it really serves the conversation at hand or could you be a little more understanding. Try being a better listener. Just food for thought this fortnight.

VIRGO: An amazingly healing time for you.  It’s like the floodgates have opened and you are being bathed with the benevolence and grace of the multiverse bestowing it’s wisdom waters upon you.  Allow any discordance within to be molded and melted by these soothing waters. The harder you try to do anything, the further away from the results you will find yourself. Surrender into the flow of this miraculous time and allow your life to be transformed. New doorways will begin to open for you as you release old patterns of behavior. You have asked for this and so it is being given.  Sit in your gratitude and appreciation.

LIBRA: All eyes are on Venus your ruler, as she moves forward in your sign now.  What this means for you is that there will be a renewed interest in the area of relationship particularly as she is also in your sign. These past weeks the focus has been on the internal workings of relationship and how they affect you. Now it becomes more personal and interactive. What would you and your beloved most  benefit from? How can you be a better lover yourself, through communicating your own needs and being honest about your own true feelings. The ability to compromise is great and yet not at the expense of your own self.

SCORPIO: Deeply held feelings of yours have remained in check for a long time. The art of communicating deeply held truths this fortnight is yours to perfect. Any brashness or harshness will only fall on deaf ears. It’s then a time to be bold while maintaining a sense of harmony and cohesion. Pluto in the sign of Capricorn is methodically and almost systematically converting old behaviors into productive new ones. You now get the opportunity through guided support to make further adjustments to your field. Meetings from the past have been taking place and many for healing purposes.

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun boldly strides into your sign on the 22nd to join with Mercury and Mars.  You will be fully amplified by your own sign this coming month bringing amazing experiences, growth and optimism. Finally that sense of freedom you have been longing for, is yours. How you will express it around the Full Moon will depend on where your values lay. Jupiter your ruler, ever enthusiastic is in the sign of Pisces and bringing just a hint of confusion to your affairs around this time. The upside is that your spiritual heart will be deeply touched. Any opportunity to expand your viewpoint is to be taken advantage of.

CAPRICORN: Saturn your ruler is marching along in a determined fashion in the sign of  Libra. Libra is about our relationship with and to others. The Node and Pluto having just met in your sign, has brought to the surface some old partnerships.  Whether they be business, romantic, friendship or familial, they are creating a reassessment of your actions. The optimum requirement of Libra is fairness for all. How this bodes with you will depend on your individualized chart placements. However it is fair to say that you are currently in a period of discerning what is best for all concerned.  Let the Full Moon illuminate your personal values.

AQUARIUS: Uranus moves direct at the beginning of December, having been retrograde since early July. So if you feel like you’ve been in revision since that time, get ready for the change of pace that will occur come next fortnight. All that you have been mulling over will now be converted to action, as we prepare for Uranus’s entry into Aries in March, which is where it will stay for the next seven years. A truly hectic change of pace for sure. Use the rest of this time period until then to strengthen your inner reserves. You will need them in the days and months to come to keep your attitude of appreciation, joy and thankfulness intact.

PISCES: As you continue to feel the effects of the Neptune/Chiron conjuncture you are steadily about mending relationships and creating a bridge between hearts and minds. If the newer sciences are revealing the links between the mind and health for you, begin to enlarge on this and use it to your own benefit now. Much inner strength will be required in the coming times, so the more coping skills   you have in place the better. Use your wisdom and discernment to place yourself in the best  emotional state that you can as often as you can. This time is about building stamina and connection to your higher self.
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