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October 06, 2010

We start the fortnight with the New Moon in Libra at 15 degrees in the early hours of the 8th. Mercury also joined the Sun and the New Moon on the 3rd. Venus the ruler of Libra moves retrograde on the 8th a few hours after the New Moon and stays that way until mid-November. So although this month features relationship and communication within them, most of it is done in retrospect to what has already transpired. Venus herself retracing steps to 27 Libra. Libra is a sign that desires fairness and prefers peace, love and harmony to conflict, although is no stranger to it, if it is needed to bring recognition and reconciliation. Saturn also in the sign of Libra for the next couple of years, teamed up with the Sun at the very beginning of this month and will conjoin Mercury to begin the fortnight. There is a lot of authority and discipline related to this meeting and Saturn is calling for responsibility within our relationships and verbal exchanges. Being the diplomat that she is, Libra can sometimes say the more pleasing thing rather than the truth. Once more I will remind you that the Cardinal Cross during July and August and again on the most recent Full Moon, included that very sensitive degree of 0 Libra. This month then, is a balancing act of words, loves, emotions and purpose, with the focus being on maintaining a state of equanimity. Neptune and Chiron smoothing the way in a healing sense of united purpose beyond the personal and small agenda.
NEW MOON  14 Libra 24  October 8, 2010  02:46 a.m.

ARIES: Being the polar opposite sign to Libra, you will be highly charged by this months galactic activities. Wanting to forge ahead on your own steam your actions could be thwarted at every turn. Striking out on your own will create conflict within your environment and a call to remain calm within your familial and personal relationships is paramount.  Those of you, not in relationship will be yearning for one like never before and at the same time looking at the very fears and ego mechanisms which keep them from you. This is a good time to find your answers in a shared way, rather than going solo.

TAURUS: Venus as your planetary ruler and moving retrograde for the next few weeks, is taking you on a very familiar journey. For those who have just embarked on a new relationship adventure, current themes could be reminding you of the past and giving you the opportunity to revise and modify old behavior patterns, before you end up doing the same old things within the latest budding adventure. You could find things a little frustrating if you let the Libra niceness get to your more practical and up-front and down to earth mannerisms. Relax and weigh out the consequences of all of your actions and communications.

GEMINI: Mercury in Libra, creating a harmony to your own airy nature. Have some patience as she meets Saturn’s strong approval tactics to begin the fortnight. Others may be imposing their strict agendas and rules on to your life right now.  It may be necessary that you create some boundaries for yourself; a framework in which you feel secure in your sense of self, and identity. Our primary partners often superimpose a picture of who they would like us to be, or prefer us to be, and it is not always in alignment with our authentic selves. Do your best to remain in your own integrity when you feel manipulated by others.

CANCER: Moon cycle in Libra and another Full Moon in Aries. We swing between the polarity of other and self this month. Aries and Libra also creating tension aspects to your Cancerian nature. What this means is that when it all gets too hot and fiery, and when others are demanding more of your time than you want to give, there is an inner dynamic which occurs that creates stress for you. Now when you are privy to this fact, then the impact can be lessened by a balanced approach to any conflicting situations. Take time out for yourself, and time to nurture your inner strength and calm. This way you won’t be thrown around by the winds of change.

LEO: This juncture brings a lot of good fortune and lucky situations for you. All the activity around you, will keep you entertained as well as asking you to participate and play your part.  Be very careful to keep an eye on your inner child and your wayward ego tendencies. Things could get out of hand  if you allow the words of others to penetrate old wounds unconsciously. Remember to take a step back and an objective approach will bring clear thinking and an appropriate response. Remember to give as much to your partner, as you demand from them.  It is all too easy to overlook the needs of others at stressful times.

VIRGO: Mercury spends the next two weeks in the sign of Libra. This hasty movement through Libra will see a lot of activity in the mental realms. There will also be much shared communication and no doubt the topic will be relationship.  Some astrologers give Virgo’s rulership to Chiron, and with that in mind and considering its close connection to Neptune, you are in for some mystical experiences and blessings of Grace, along with deep and profound healing moments. Finally being able to separate yourself out from your thought processes, you can get a clear perspective at what has been running you all along.

LIBRA: Birthday time, and so much emphasis on your sign this particular fortnight. The highlight for you now and always, are your  relationships. These are the very things that make your life worthwhile. Keep that in mind then, if the glue that holds them together begins to become unstuck this fortnight. Be willing to take an honest look at your behavior, past and present and own your part to play in any dramas. Compromise may be necessary as you move towards a more workable model for your partnership. If on the other hand it is time to make a break, do so in a way that is harmonious and grace filled.

SCORPIO: Pluto your ruler is moving ahead in Capricorn and past its recent connections to the outer Planets, as it squares Mercury momentarily to begin the fortnight.  This will clear the way for the Venus retrograde period when we all get to preview our relationship status. So much of the old was dislodged during July/August that we now need to modify and redefine our relationships in a way that supports the new paradigm and who we are becoming as Planetary citizens in these dramatically changing times. Rather than discard entirely what you may think of as an unworkable situation, be willing to look for compromises and reconciliation.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter and Uranus begin to pull away from each other by the end of this fortnight and change will slow a little. Things may even settle into a routine a little. Let this not deter you from any sense of adventure that has been propelling you into new areas of your life. This is the time to put some energy into your relationships. Your children, your friends and the significant other may be requiring some more of your attention during this fortnight. Any efforts you make in this direction will be well rewarded, as your workload is lightened by united effort. Neptune and Chiron bringing some amazing new ideas into view and aligning you with your higher self.

CAPRICORN: Relationship agendas were highlighted at the beginning of the month and as we move into this fortnight they reach the communication stage. Remember to be patient as this is  a process of reassessment and possible refocus on the priorities of your partnerships. These are on all  levels and in all areas of your life, not just the romantic sector. There will be inner tension as the Libra Planets create square aspects to your Capricorn ones.  At times the best solution can be to take time-out or agree to disagree for a moment.  If things become a little heated, step back and try to focus on the bigger picture. Take some distance.

AQUARIUS: You could try something completely new, different and possibly even bizarre or at least unusual. This is the prime time to experience and experiment. All that is of a healing nature and anything along the lines of new sciences and mind-power could interest you. These experiments could place you in a position to network much needed and new information for those in your environment and community. This being the very thing that makes your life an interesting excursion through experience and shared communication. Really a good time for you to expose some more of your authentic self.

PISCES: Once more, our highlight is the Neptune/Chiron joining. Everything still bodes well for you this fortnight. In fact it may even be easier than the last moon cycle in Virgo. Now you get to make those much needed changes which may have eluded you in September. Taking a long close and personal look at the nature of relationships is your mental and emotional undertaking this fortnight and in fact this month. If others don’t agree with your thinking let that be o.k. as you delve deeply into your own psychological depths. At the end of the day, it is how you feel about yourself that matters the most within any of your relationships.
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