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September 22, 2010

The Sun changes to Libra early on the 23rd and Full Moon opposition is later the same day. This marks the Equinox and the beginning of a new seasonal year in the southern hemisphere.  Now we plant the seeds and make our plans for the coming 12 months. It is a potent beginning with the Full Moon on the same day at the degree of the recent cardinal cross and  T-square. Pluto has recently moved direct, after spending the months since the beginning of April in retrograde. Mercury  returns to the same degree at which it turned retrograde back in August, this fortnight and moves on into Libra on the 3rd.  Neptune and Chiron are exceptionally close right now and continue this way into the early months of next year.  Venus will move into a retrograde phase the beginning of the next fortnight, retracing her steps all the way back to 27 Libra in mid-November, marking the parting of the ways of Venus and Mars, who have been close partners since the beginning of August.  This fortnight then is really about consolidating and integrating the recent changes. The unexpected information and events around Full Moon need to be integrated into your systems while simultaneously forging ahead with new endeavors. As we move towards Venus retrograde, Saturn keeps us focused on the work that needs to be done within these ever changing and evolving relationships. The old has been recognized and now begins the process of implementing the new forms. It could at times feel a little laborious.
FULL MOON  0 Aries 15  September 23, 2010  19:18

ARIES: Mars has boldly leapt into Scorpio and as a co-ruler of this sign is very much at home.  If those around you are feeling a little pushy, it   is probably better to yield then push back. The Full Moon has injected some rapid changes to the home front and the coming months are filled with excited anticipation with regard to recent changes. You prefer things to be a little on the unpredictable side, and this is just where they are right now. Partnership is the current theme whether you are participating in one, or not. It’s usually those within, would prefer not and those without want.  Find your equilibrium regardless of your situation.

TAURUS: Checking in on your relationship status this fortnight is a good thing to do as  Venus your ruler, turns retrograde next fortnight.  There could be some glitches in your life at this time and it is better to know exactly where you stand or where you want to stand, with regard to your significant other. It is all too easy to project our own short-fallings onto the other person in our lives, as well as play out the blame game. This is just an avoidance of taking personal responsibility and will get you nowhere in the long run. When the time comes, be bold enough to see where you have made the mistakes and be willing to apologize.

GEMINI: Mercury in Virgo has been creating some decent sized headaches for you. The good news is that your ruler moves into Libra, a fellow air sign at the end of the fortnight. Sifting through mental processes is a waste of time, when you could be using the power of your mind to make adjustments to your thinking and creating a world more to your liking.  So if you are finding yourself in unworkable situations, reassess and set your thinking to the way you would prefer things to be. It is so easy to get caught in the old paradigm way of operating and trying to make the adjustments on the outside. Remember it’s always an inside job.

CANCER: An exceptionally strong Full Moon this one and no doubt triggering many of you in unpredictable ways. Relationship is apt to be a theme, as well as possible conflict and work  oriented adjustments or upheavals. Being forewarned then allows you the opportunity to enter in with some caution and to protect your sensitivities by perhaps delegating or avoiding stressful situations altogether. This is the perfect time to make necessary changes to your relationships. It may be time to cut your losses with unworkable situations.  Tempers could rise over the most mundane of situations and clear out old issues once and for all.

LEO: As the Sun moves into new territory this fortnight, you will notice a shift in your energies.  Passing through the Virgo portal is never a comfortable ride for you and as we move into Libra you find your spirits soaring a little freer. Venus and Mars in Scorpio could be upsetting things in the bedroom for you with their insistence on deep and meaningful encounters. Probing investigation may unearth some hidden agendas. It may be enough to change the status quo with the coming Venus retrograde phase. You will get the perfect opportunity to review all that has happened over recent weeks and may do it alone.

VIRGO: Mercury does its’ last stint in your sign this fortnight. It has been a long process of  mental observation and review. If the going has been a little tough, perhaps it is time to move into the spiritual realms and explore the divine and finer aspects  of your being. Those places beyond reason and logic, although this may be a tough call for a Virgo, such as yourself, it could be an exercise worth doing.  You may access information direct from your higher/divine self, which is more in alignment with what you truly need to be doing in your life now.  It may create enough space for you to get a different perspective altogether.

LIBRA: Time to get your house in order with regard to your relationships, as Venus your ruler, goes retrograde for the next few weeks and those without a solid foundation will flounder during this time. Venus in Scorpio is ruthless in regard to what she demands of us. Deep emotions surge beneath the surface. Mercury about to enter your sign will enable you to prioritize your relationship commitments just in time for the Venus review. The Full Moon affecting you deeply with its’ contact to both Pluto and the Moon in Aries, will promote much unprecedented change provoked by the August alignment.

SCORPIO: Pluto teams up with the Full Moon and the Sun in Libra to start this fortnight.  The missing leg is Cancer, which emphasizes the home and family. Finding a place of nurturing within your own heart, firstly for yourself and then for others, allows for a meeting of compassionate and enduring understanding. Both Venus and Mars in your sign, are pushing, prodding and probing relationships, which is a major theme during the Libra Sun cycle and the very arena for this understanding.  We are all so accustomed to blame the other person for the faults in our relationship.  It’s time to redirect the attention back to our own selves.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter is traveling closely  with Uranus in Pisces for a rerun of those Neptunian experiences of the deep blue, unfathomable realms. Not much solid ground to hold onto here and not much fire in the sky either, apart from the Full Moon portal which revisits Jupiter’s meeting with Uranus back in early June. This is a good time to set the stage for the coming year with respect to your experience during July and August. Life will settle into that grove by the end of January next year, when you will be firing on all cylinders again. In the meantime rewrite your script and modify it as new inspirations arise.

CAPRICORN: Saturn is forging ahead in new territory and away from the insistent prodding  of Uranus. This new momentum is welcome indeed. Pluto continues in a slow and methodical dismantling of old structures.  In Capricorn for a long time to come (until 2024) this is the period of demolishing and rebuilding. Develop your personal power and your  wisdom and deliver it with love and patience.  Assist those around you who may not have your gifts of endurance  and stamina.  You will continue to evolve into a supportive and valued person, if you follow the promptings of your heart. Relationships are important right now.

AQUARIUS: This beautiful and harmonic dance between Neptune and Chiron has you a little spellbound.  The play of synchronicity is apparent in your life now, more than ever before.  There is no need to analyze or dissect your past.  Allow the waves of healing to purely and simply bath you and wash away all the residue of accumulated thoughts. A deep release occurs in all your bodies, physical, mental, emotional and etheric simultaneously, without attachment to story. Uranus your ruler, traveling with Jupiter in Pisces brings another wave of Divine understanding and Grace.  Let this time be soul deep.

PISCES: You would do well to read Aquarius as well this fortnight.  Jupiter ruled Pisces before the discovery of Neptune.  In your sign once more and alongside Uranus, with Neptune in Aquarius teaming up with the wounded healer, Chiron, to bring so much healing and Divine Grace to your life.  In the midst of chaos and turmoil you are blessed with a sense of Oneness and growth through your shared humanity.  The veils are exceptionally thin, and you are intuiting so much at this time. It could be that you can effortlessly discern  the pain of others and just want to reach out to them with your heart and caring words.
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