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September 8, 2010

Beginning the Fortnight with the New Moon in Virgo at 16 degrees, we set in motion a round of healing and service work. In the southern hemisphere we move into the Spring Equinox and the beginning of our yearly cycle. Just after the movement of the Sun into Libra, marking the Equinox, we have the Full Moon at 0 degrees Aries. Remember the oppositional arm in the latest T-square is in Libra and Aries. Although both Jupiter and Uranus have returned to Pisces, the T-square remains activated. As the Sun and Moon both rekindle the memories, challenges and lessons of the past three months, we get to put in place what we have recently learned through our experiences. It is then a good time to get yourself into a routine and rhythm which supports your inner stability, clarity and connection to the Divine Principal.  Virgo likes to be conscious of what it is doing to its’ body and mind, purging any impurities which may be clogging up the normal bodily processes and hindering growth and forward movement. Aries remember, is the radical warrior who is willing to take risks and daring. We will continue to be highly activated by the transforming qualities of Pluto as the Full Moon approaches, and as a continuing theme throughout this coming year. Pluto in Capricorn dismantling old structures in the material world, as well as within your own psyche. The quickest way to amplify this situation is through our honest and integral one on one relationship with others.Libra wanting fairness and justice for all.

NEW MOON 15 Virgo 41  September 08, 2010  06:31 p.m.

ARIES: Mars your ruler remains in Libra for this fortnight and is set to enter Scorpio by the beginning of the next. Relationship being the theme of the moment, has you in close proximity to others at this time.  Mars as the activator and original ruler of Pluto, you are set for some interesting times from the Full Moon on and with the Full Moon in your sign you are sure to be ready for a little solitude or at least solo adventures. The square to Pluto however, will keep the fires of passion kindled and act as a strong reminder of the responsibilities inherent in any relationship.

TAURUS: Venus enters Scorpio and brings some sensual passion to your sexual encounters. This is an extra long stint in this intense and polar opposite sign, as she goes retrograde throughout October.  Get yourself prepared for some deep inner transformation through relationship at this time. Any attempts at laziness or avoidance will be thwarted. As Mars continues to travel closely to Venus throughout this month you will be motivated to transform old patterns of behavior within your relationships, whether they be intimate, familial or friendships. The Sun remains in Virgo this fortnight supplementing your earthy qualities.

GEMINI: Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 13th.  You will notice the shift in mental energy available to you, at this time.  Also the communication glitches will cease, as you come into alignment with your higher mind once more. Mercury in the sign of Virgo gives you some added mental stamina, discernment and discrimination abilities. Use these in service of your ability to adapt and transform situations in your life which no longer work to your benefit. This could be in the arena of work, business ideas and projects.  With access to so much information it is easy to get derailed or side-tracked. Be discriminate.

CANCER: This fortnight heralds the beginning of some new ventures in your life. Ventures and adventures. With the moon cycle marking a time of regeneration and healing for you, much energy will be made available for transformational work which was not quite completed during July and August.  The ongoing balancing act between self and other, and work and home life, continues to propel you into making necessary adjustments. It could be time to erect some new boundaries or dismantle others, which are getting in the way of true relating. Any fears you may have around them, will be highlighted now.

LEO: As Jupiter moves out of Aries, there are no Planets currently in fire signs. You will need to be the motivation in your own life at this time and possibly the life of others. Use your wonderful ability to inspire as the guiding light this fortnight. The movement of the Sun into Libra on the 23rd and the Full Moon in Aries will give you some much needed support. Harness the energy at this time to implement your projects, as the fire signs only begin to re-emerge in November. It really is a time for integration, relationship and communication, with the need for solitude and quiet times interspersed.

VIRGO: The Virgo Birthdays continue this fortnight with the Moon’s cycle in your sign as well, culminating in the Full Moon in Aries.  You are sure to get some surprises coming your way now, as Mercury goes direct and you get a glimmer of the rising Sun on the horizon. This really is a new beginning, the new dawning for many on the Planet now. Embrace the wholeness and splendor of who you are, and share those things; gifts which you excel at and are inherently yours to embody. Be kind to yourself and allow some space for introspection, to get your mind in order and to discriminate between the old the new, and what is worth holding onto.

LIBRA: Venus as she moves into Scorpio portends a time of transformation and liberation from the old.  This is an individualized process and depends largely on your personal chart and your environment. Having a strong need for  order and beauty, you may find that it is time for you to move from your current living or work situations.  They may no longer fit who you are or more who you have evolved into.  This is the time for many to move on in their lives, leaving behind the old, the worn and the outdated.  Let the changes come with ease and Grace and cease placing extra burdens on yourself through self-criticism.

SCORPIO: The powerful sword of discernment is at work in your life, as Venus and Mars enter your sign this month.  You will be able to achieve much over these coming weeks. Your tendency however, is to push yourself and others, so remember to go gently and to remind yourself that there is plenty of time to achieve all your goals. Pluto being activated by the Full Moon and Sun later in the month will allow for some  more purging of the old paradigm. As the past dissolves effortlessly now you tap into an inner guidance with more clarity then ever before. Your intuition is heightened and senses honed.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter re-enters Pisces for it’s spiritual journey until January next year. Although the pace slows a little, you will well remember what these past three months have brought to your life and bring confident anticipation of what is to come throughout 2011. Use this time to review all that has transpired in your life and harness this month’s Full Moon portal and propel yourself in the direction you need to go now. There are adjustments and changes to be made and this is the time to slowly and methodically go about making them.  There is no need to rush or push this process. All is in Divine Order.

CAPRICORN: Saturn moves along at quite a pace now in the sign of Libra. Relationship seems to have taken on a new meaning and is moving in an entirely different and seemingly supported flow.  Enjoy this sense of the new.  You are in a long process of transformation and unfolding which will set you in good stead for the years to come.  The patience you have acquired is to  be used in all areas of your life.  If you have been too hard on yourself over recent months, now is a good time to regenerate and recharge your  batteries. Following the natural cycle of the body allows you to harness your fullest potential.

AQUARIUS: Jupiter joins Uranus this fortnight and with that brings accelerated change and growth for all of us, and especially you. In the sign of Pisces once more, just to recap all the spiritual changes and to enhance them.  Remember the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is still in your sign as well.  These past years of unfolding and moving into a softer and gentler way of being is a welcome relief, although at times still a little confusing. All that you’ve acquired will be used over the coming years to bring about the necessary changes within your environment and community.  You are settled enough within your own self, to be of great assistance.

PISCES: As the Sun now moves in Virgo, your polar opposite sign, you are motivated to make more of a commitment to your health regime.  You see the necessity to make changes and  to adhere to a schedule. Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces continuing to make changes and to balance out the  earthly with the transcendental. Both are necessary.  Something that aids this balancing act;  the meditative and the physical is what is most needed now. Your dreams continue to reveal to you what is occurring and how you are healing, as well as what the coming trends will be.  Take some much needed rest.

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