A Beautiful Union of Rolfing Feldenkrais

A Beautiful Union of Rolfing & Feldenkrais

What do you get when you marry Rolfing with Feldenkrais? A whole new system called Somalogy. Tyr Throne, founder of Somalogy, Youthing Systems, and AquaSoma, and director of these training programs in the US, Europe, Canada, Central America, and Asia, has helped thousands of people over the last 30 years. He is certified in Advanced Structural Integration, Feldenkrais, Bones for Life, NLP, Yoga and Meditation, and is also an award-winning director of dance and theater.

Tyr has a very special gift which he happily shares with the world. He cares about how to help people get back to what they love to do. Tyr says he is grateful to the Structural integration work because it helps him to see how to untwist something that’s out of alignment in someone’s body, while Feldenkrais gives him the tools to help people learn how to have better posture and move with greater ease. Tyr had grants from the Sida program which gave him the opportunity to work with very diverse clients spanning from Autistic people to mass murderers. As he assisted them to untwist their bodies, their state of minds completely changed.

In September 2014, I had a serious motorbike accident and broke my right upper arm. I initially went to see an Osteopath who told me that I was in pretty bad shape – much worse than I probably knew. I Ieft her office feeling pretty discouraged. I decided to seek out another practitioner and was fortunate enough to hear about Tyr who currently works out of Taksu.

After doing two sessions with Tyr, I began to see immediate improvement. Our first session focused on Feldenkrais, which is a very gentle but potent system that assists people to become more aware of any restrictive body patterns that may be inhibiting our ability to move freely or be more comfortable in our bodies. Tyr explained in great detail that how I was holding my shoulders, the way that I walked without swinging my arms and even how I sat were all having a negative impact on my arm and shoulder which had become frozen. My muscles were literally stuck together. After showing me how I could correct these patterns and improve my movement intelligence, I could feel a big difference in my whole body. During my second appointment, Tyr incorporated more Rolfing into my session, stretching my stuck muscles with deep pressure and long strokes down my right side of the body. I felt my arm loosening and opening up which was wonderful. At the end of this session, I could reach my injured arm significantly higher above my head then I had ever done prior to our appointments. I was truly amazed by how effective Somalogy was in releasing my stuck muscles and retraining my body to move more efficiently in such a short time.

In February, Tyr is offering three trainings in Ubud, Bali. In the ‘Youthing – Movement Intelligence training’ you will learn how to move your body with intelligence and flow which will literally take years off of your age. The course will be held from February 14 – 19th and costs just US$120. Participants will learn the entire 30 processes of Tyr Throne’s upcoming book: “Youthing – how to feel and look 10 years younger in 10 minutes a day.”
These movements feel wonderful and are gentle and fun. You will also discover how to remove a lifetime of pain; you’ll never have to worry about it coming back again. The training will include wonderful tips on how to stand, have the best posture, experience more comfort at the computer, greater flexibility and balance and much more.

The second training is for those seeking professional accreditation. In the ‘Somalogy Professional Training’ you will learn the professional applications of the Youthing System, how to improve your posture and feel better than you’ve ever felt in you life. Participants will learn how to analyze posture and fix problems of the neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms and legs directly and quickly. In addition, you will learn exercises that are fun to do and only take a few seconds to maintain and will help improve the results for both you and your clients. Tyr will share the best tools of all his knowledge attained from Structural Integration and Feldenkrais, as well as his expertise in anatomical structure and years of knowledge about movement as a professional dancer, martial artist and yoga teacher. This training will be held from February 14-19 from 10am – 5pm and is US $600.

The third training is ‘AquaSoma Professional Training’ which will be held February 22-27, 10am-6pm, and is US$750. The AquaSoma training is for those who would like to enjoy the amazing healing aspects of working in the water for themselves, and learn how to work professionally in the Watsu pool to fix neck, shoulder, back, hip, arm and leg problems. AquaSoma can also assist people with improving their posture and flexibility, balance, breathing, and sleeping. Many people have reported after experiencing this dynamic treatment that they feel and look stronger, younger, and more attractive. It can also help enhance to yoga, meditation, dancing and running, by moving in special ways through the water.

“Suppression leads to depression and holding is olding,” says Tyr. His tip for us is that Instead of holding yourself stiff and straight, we should look for a symphonic movement with our arms and legs so that they move in harmony with each other like a symphony.

For more information about Tyr’s upcoming trainings on Bali or to book a private session, please email: tyrthrone#gmail.com, or visit: www.somalogy.com and www.taksuhealinghaven.com

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