A Burger House!

Burger Cartel is the latest in a long line of crazy restaurant names in Bali. According to the dictionary a cartel is a group of apparently independent producers whose goal is to increase their collective profits by means of price fixing, limiting supply, or other restrictive practices. How that can apply to a hamburger restaurant in Ubud I have no idea?

However this is a restaurant that features mainly a list a different hamburgers, all of which are served in a soft [not toasted] bun and accompanied by a generous serving of fat chips, also known as wedges, their skins intact for highest fibre content, and dips of mayonnaise and a kitchen produced tomato-based sauce, all individually named and well illustrated on their graphic menu.

The patties, of different combinations of meat are coarsely ground to retain maximum flavour, unlike the cardboard tasting commercially produced ones often served elsewhere.

The Main Cartel Burger uses a base of Wagyu and Black Angus beef. Added to this are layers of carameized onions, Dutch cheese, chorizo sausage, lettuce and tomatoes with a house sauce. One called Moody Meat has a combination of pork and Black Angus beef meat for the patty with pickled cucumbers, Dutch cheese, bacon and mushrooms.

The Femme Fatale has the same meat patty but with s spicy Jack cheese, pickled jalapeno, cucumbers and a sambal mayo, A 3 Cheese Burger [pictured] is supposedly with three different cheeses that I had difficulty in recognizing. I also found the house-produced tomato sauce quite tasteless, much preferring a standard commercial tomato sauce which was not available. The meat patty was excellent and was cooked exactly as I had requested, Medium Rare, very good.

The Chicken Burger uses a slab of tempura chicken with a wasabi mayo, cucumber, tomato and French brie cheese. A Classic Fish Burger uses a Black Cod fillet, tartar sauce, cucumbers, lettuce and sweet cheddar. There is even a burger for a ‘hangover’; that uses a Black Angus patty, double cheddar, red onions and a fried egg with truffle mayonnaise.

The Falafel uses two patties of same with a garlic sauce, tomato and red onion, whilst the Vegetarian Burger has grilled vegetables, goat cheese, truffled mayonnaise, caramelized onions, rocket and grilled Portobello mushroom. For the very hungry try the Tower Burger, it is again a Black Angus patty with double bacon, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, grilled aubergine and a fried egg. If you finish it under 10 minutes you also get a free Bintang beer.

There are some non-burger items on the menu, not many but this includes an all day Brunch Menu. The Big Breakfast consists of streaky bacon, egg Merguez sausage, grilled tomato and Portobello mushroom, baked beans, avocado and lettuce salad together with toasted rye bread and balsamic dipping.

The Pancake Stack offers pancakes made from coconut milk with tropical fruit and strawberry chantilly cream, honey and chocolate sauce. The Sampler Plate, is a mix of mini sliders, vegetarian and other; sliced pepperoni, blue cheese, cheddar, salad, tempura onion rings and homemade pickles.

Salads on offer include a Minted Watermelon and a Flame Grilled Chicken; soy and honey glazed thigh meat with romaine, kale, green onion, caramelized corn, sauteed mushrooms, red onion, coriander and crisp bacon, all tossed in a wasabi mayonnaise.

The building is open and cool with a front covered garden terrace, a classy relaxed way to enjoy a burger.



Restaurant                 : Burger Cartel.

Address                        : Jl. Pengosekan 110, Pengosekan, Ubud.

Telephone                   : Awaiting connection.

Open                             : 10.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m., daily.

Non-smoking Area    : Inside.

Smoking Area             : Garden terrace, at front.

Parking                        : Area beside restaurant.

Price                             : Rp. 400,000 for two [+ drinks].

Credit Cards               : All major cards.

Food                            : Burgers, breakfasts and snacks.

Wine                            : Very limited.

Service                        : Friendly.

Atmosphere              : Relaxed.

Overall                       : Burgers, with style.


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