A Chinese Noodle House

Hongalia is a simple noodle house, all of which are made in-house. For any selected dish you can choose to have it with Kwetiau [rice], egg, curly or fine [vermicelli] noodles. The location is almost beside the main entrance to the Arma Museum.

You can start with Dim Sum [chicken, pork or shrimp], Fried Dumplings [chicken or shrimp], or Gyoza which is the Japanese version of a Chinese dumpling, although at Hongolia they are served deep fried rather than in the Japanese style of being steamed/boiled then pan seared on one side, which was disappointing. Steam Buns are either pork/chicken or red bean.

More International starters include a Basket of French Fries, Fried Onion Rings or Sweet Potato, Vegetarian Lumpia, Tofu/tempe or crisp Mushrooms.

Soups can be the Thai Tom Yum to whatever spice level you want or the very Chinese Chicken & Corn or Dumpling Soups [chicken or shrimp] with soya sauce. The Noodle Shrimp Soup Hongalia combines rice noodles with shrimp, egg and vegetables and soya sauce whilst the Dun Ci Thang Liau is a stewed chicken soup with herbs [ginseng stalk, red dates, yam and wolfberry] with rice, and Chicken Soup Hongalia uses carrots, potato and onion with the chicken.

However it is for the home-made noodles that people come here. The Bakmie can be just chicken or the special with Chasio, the Chinese method for flavouring and roasting meat [pork] on top, both are with three dumplings, vegetables and soup. There are also Bakmie specials with beef or pork, the meat being braised oriental style, also served with vegetables, wonton and soup.

Halal Bakmie can be Ayam Kampoeng, or Tofu/Tempe. The Kwetiau noodles can be fried or boiled. Fried Beef or Seafood [fish ball and shrimp] or the Special with sliced chicken, fish ball, shrimp and vegetables. If you prefer a little spice in your life then order the Fried Kwetiau Kangkung Balacan, rice noodles with chicken, fish ball, shrimp, egg and water spinach spiced with shrimp paste [pictured]. There is a similar range of boiled Kwetiau dishes.

Hongalia also offers non-noodle dishes, most of which are classic Chinese street food such as the Foo Yung Hai, a flat omelette stuffed with sliced chicken and mixed vegetables, served with rice and soup, simple food, simple price [Rp.45,000]. Rice dishes can be with Chasio [pork], Oriental Braised Beef or Pork. Pork ribs are also on the menu, Bak Kut The, ribs with cinnamon, garlic, black soy, yam and wolfberry. Many stir-fried vegetable dishes can be ordered as sides or as mains. There are also Fried Rice dishes Thai style [chicken, pork, pineapple, green onion and fried egg] and Vietnamese style [chicken salted and dried, shrimp, fish ball and fried egg] as well as just Seafood [shrimp, fish ball, fried egg].with Beef, Chicken Satay or Pork and a few vegetarian options as well.

The people speak. Hongalia is busy every day with happy noodle eaters.



Restaurant                 : Hongalia.

Address                      : Jln. Made Tebah, Pengosekan, Ubud.

Telephone                  : 0812.6017.8822.

Open                           : 9.00 a.m. to 11.45 p.m., daily.

Smoking Area           : Outside covered terrace.

Non-smoking Area   :   Inside.

Air-conditioning       :   No.

Parking                       :   Offstreet, secure.

Price                            :   Rp. 200,000 for two [+ drinks].

Credit Cards              :   Visa, Mastercard [they add 3%].

Food                            :   Chinese.

Wine                           :   Beer only.

Service                       :   Order takers.

Atmosphere              :   Simple.

Overall                      :   For noodle lovers.


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