A German Meat Feast!

Extrablatt returns to Nakula.

Many regular customers were very sad, a few years back, when the little German warung, Extrablatt, closed on Jln. Nakula, There were only 4-5 small tables and a front bench on the terrace but the place was always busy. Guests, often from the Rumah Manis hotel, which was across the road from Extrablatt at that time, had made it their first stop for a hearty meal.

Well, Extrablatt is back, bigger and better than ever. A large site it has both an inside and an outdoor garden area as well as a comfortable bar for the serious drinkers. The food served at the new Extrablatt is exactly the same as was served at the old one, and new dishes as well are expected to be added soon including the unique Sauerbraten, a specialty from the Rhine.

Start with a big breakfast [served any time]. Standard is just 2 eggs, any which way, with sliced sausage, etc.  For me it is the Farmers’ Breakfast. You do not have to be a German farmer to enjoy this one! That German style [thin crisp slices] pan-fried potatoare tossed with shards of bacon, slices of smoked sausage, strands of sauerkraut and shredded egg.

You just want a snack, but German style? Semmelknodel are bread dumplings with a mushroom sauce. Perhaps a German sausage?Bratwurst, Wiener or Nurnberger, all served with your choice of extras; potato mashed, fried or salad, sauerkraut, bread and mustard.

Soups can be Goulash [meat with paprika] or a very healthy Lentil, with sliced sausage added. A variety of salads include potato, sausage and the very European, cucumber salad.

One of my favourite any-time German dishes is Leberkase. Finely minced corned beef, pork and bacon formed into a loaf and baked in the oven like bread. A thick slice is served with a fried egg on top [pictured] with those German style fried potatoes and fried onion. Excellent, and cheap!

There is another meatloaf that I like very much here, the Hackbraten. This one is made with minced beef and is what I order when ‘very’ hungry. If not that then I usually have the Geschnetzeltes. It is a dish that is popular in and has many variations between, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sliced beef with mushrooms. Very similar to a Stroganoff and is available with either beef or pork.

Rinderroulade mit Rotkraut is yet another favourite that they do well at Extrablatt. Thin flattened pieces of beef are rolled around a mix of shredded beef, diced vegetables and bacon, sausage shape, and baked in the oven. They are served with red cabbage, enough reason alone to order this dish.

Steaks, hamburgers and roast meats [pork and beef] are also available. They even have a Cordon Bleu. Other pork dishes include a Kassler [smoked pork] with sauerkraut or Pork Neck with onions. From Austria a Wiener Schnitzel made with chicken, large piece of flattened breast coated with breadcrumbs and pan-fried.

The space that is now Extrablatt was for a very short tine a Babi Guling restaurant. At Extrablatt they continue to serve Babi Guling and they use real suckling pigs [not more than 20kg] unlike the old full-sized pigs [way past suckling age] often used elsewhere.

A rice dish for your Asian friend? Lemon chicken with sesame oil. Desserts are Pancakes; banana, pineapple, ice cream or honey.

Hearty meals and every dish on this menu is priced at LESS than Rp.100,000! No wonder it is already very busy even though it has only been open for 4 weeks.

I have my old favourite back, I am very happy!



Restaurant                  :  Extrablatt.

Address                       :  Jl. Nakula 57, Legian.

Telephone                   :  0878.6064.4726.

Open                             :  9.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. daily.

Non-smoking Area     :  Yes.

Smoking Area              :  Yes.

Parking                         :  At rear of restaurant.

Price                              :  Rp. 300.000 for two [+ drinks].

Credit Cards                 :  Visa, Mastercard.

Food                              :  German.

Wine                              :  Small list, a beer house!

Service                           :  Functional.

Atmosphere                   :  Eating & drinking.

Overall                              : Hearty meals, great value!


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