Mandara’s recent addition to their chain of spas opened in Sanur at the new Maison Aurelia Hotel and Spa.  Featured in this charming French style boutique hotel is a four room spa, a beautiful spa keeping with Mandara’s famous standards. There are two couples rooms furnished with Jacuzzi baths and two singles also with Jacuzzi baths plus a manicure/ pedicure room.

I was invited to come experience their newest treatment a Warm Bamboo Massage plus enjoy a body scrub prior to the massage. I was greeted by smiling friendly staff who offered me some warm ginger tea as they prepared the products for my treatment. Because it was a chilly rainy day I chose the boreh scrub to warm up my body.  The therapist escorted me to a modern well-furnished treatment room with a large massage bed and shower and single bathtub behind a frosted glass wall.

After undressing I lay face down on the comfortable massage table awaiting the treatment to commence. She applied the boreh paste to the back of my legs and covered them and then applied it to my back. After this she asked me to turn over and applied the paste to the front of my body and wrapped me up snuggly in a thermal blanket. Very quickly I could feel the warmth seep into my muscles. A few minutes later she opened the blanket and scrubbed off the paste. The therapist asked me to go shower off the remaining paste. A luxurious hot shower warmed up my body and cleaned off the paste.

All fresh and clean I returned to the main room and lay on the massage bed ready for the massage.  She reentered the room and covered my body with a sheet and asked if I was comfortable. Yes, I’m ready!  A strange new sensation of light bamboo sticks gently beating over my body.  It was like “wake up body” but the rhythmic beating was also soothing. Next she uncovered one of my legs and applied a little oil and immediately I felt the warm bamboo stick sliding up my leg with firm pressure. It felt similar to a hot stone massage but with the stick the pressure was stronger and flatter. After this she used her hands for massage, eliminating all the tension from my leg.  Then the process was repeated on the other leg.

She moved up to my back and continued using larger bamboo sticks. The warm bamboo was able to “iron” out all of the sore muscle tension from my back, shoulders and neck in a methodical manner. Because most people carry tension in their shoulders and neck she thoroughly gave these areas attention.

After covering my back she gave me a very thorough head massage using a unique tool that looks like a large egg whisk with small knobs on the ends of the prongs. This was new for me. Afterwards she used her fingers to continue massaging my scalp similar to a cream bath head massage.

Turning over with a cool pad covering my eyes she methodically massaged the front of my body using the warm bamboo sticks and repeating the scalp massage at the end before finishing with a gentle face massage. As a grand finale she gently beat the front of my body with the small bamboo sticks. This seventy five minute unique treatment left me feeling completely relaxed.

After leisurely getting dressed I returned to the reception with smiling staff who had a tall glass of water waiting for me.  My therapist asked if I had forgotten anything in the room. As I sipped on my water she showed me their spa products that were used in my treatment as a take-home package.

I have been going to several Mandara Spas over the years and seen the changes occur.  Mandara Spa was founded in Bali, Indonesia in 1995 and was one of the pioneers of the tropical Asian spa style, based on natural products, tropical settings and open-air spa suites for couples.

The first Mandara Spa opened in May 1996 at The Chedi (now Alila Ubud) in Ubud, Bali. In 1998, Mandara Spa formed a US based division, headquartered in Hawaii, to develop spas in Micronesia, Hawaii and the Pacific.


What inspired the Mandara name?

The name Mandara comes from an ancient Sanskrit legend about the gods’ quest to claim Tirta Sanjiwani – a powerful holy water that held the secret of immortality and eternal youth. The legend pitches good against evil as it tells of the ten stages of destruction and the eventual return to harmony.  In this legend, Mandara Giri is a sacred mountain from which Tirta Sanjiwani flows.

Mandara Spa began its operations in Bali, Indonesia, followed by Malaysia in 1998 and expanded into Maldives and Thailand in 1999. Over the years, Mandara Spas continued growth extended into China, India, major cities and exotic locations around the world, including Tokyo, Palau, Cairo, Dubai, London, Mauritius and Moscow.

Mandara Spa LLC (the US based division) operates in hotels and resorts in Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Micronesia, Puerto Rico and a cruise ship division. Mandara Spa now operates more than 50 spas worldwide with corporate offices in Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Miami.

Through years of experience, Mandara Spa has perfected its training methods to produce an unrivalled level of service, professionalism and skill.   All spa therapists undergo rigorous training and assessment at Mandara Spa’s own training school before they are introduced into the spa environment.  Mandara Spa’s training program encompasses therapist technique skills, customer service, job appreciation and product knowledge.  The ultimate aim is to develop a team of professional, loyal and dedicated employees that will strive to enhance the guest experience.

I’ve always enjoyed my visits to all Mandara Spas, where the staff are professional and serve their guests with a wonderfulgrace, that is unsurpassed in the spa world.

If you haven’t visited a Mandara Spa come experience the luxurious pampering at the new Maison Aurelia.

Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 140, Sanur.

T: 0361-4721111.

E: infoasia@mandaraspa.com

W: www.mandaraspa.com


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