A Star in the Northern Sky!

10th Table presents intimate fine dining in Lovina for the first time. The place reeks of quality, and experience, which comes as no surprise as it has been set up by local Belgian Geert Jan de Meyer, for many years a hotel manager on Europe’s most luxurious cruise ships.

The experience begins at the entrance, stylish and classy and that continues throughout the whole experience. The cuisine is decidedly French with the occasional Asian touch. The chef is actually from Myanmar, but with considerable experience in multi-starred French restaurants, and it shows.

Begin your evening with aperitifs at the rear garden bar before dining in the main room where there are actually just 10 tables, as the name suggests, the 10th being the only large one and it is in an air-con private area, Very intimate!

You can dine a la carte which is mainly French or stray towards Asian and International with their Degustation or Vegetarian menus.

The seared Foie Gras is served with chutneys and a brioche, Smoked and Marinated Salmon with cream and the Escargots with garlic butter, Pernod and parsley. An Asian starter is the fresh Shredded Chicken with papaya salad.

Soups can be the classic Bisque d’Homard with cognac and cream, served with a wooden strip resting atop the small bowl of intensely flavoured lobster bisque, holding a line of small prawns which have been shelled bar the tail to facilitate dipping in the broth below. Just as French is the Onion Soup, this version with puff pastry.

An alternate soup is described as a Burmese Lentil Soup, it arrives accompanied by a small tray of condiments for you to add as you wish, thus creating a taste to suit yourself, transforming a basic vegetarian standard to anything that you wish.

The mains are outstanding. Fish can be Dory or Barracuda or a combination in a saffron infused traditional Mediterranean Bouillabaisse. The Rack of Lamb [pictured] is served a ‘perfect pink’ as you would expect from a French kitchen. The Beef  is Wagyu and served with a tamarind reduction whilst the Beef Curry is a surprise as it displays a combination of both the chef’s heritage and his work experience, the curry is of Indian origin but it is wrapped in a filo parcel like a large money bag, and served with yellow rice.

Desserts are simple, Chocolate Fondant with vanilla ice or Crème Caramel flambéed with Grand Marnier. Then it is time to return to the pleasant cool garden bar for those coffees and cognac, etc.

Alternate menus are Degustation or Vegetarian, both with your choice of 6 or 8 courses, with or without wine pairing. The Vegetarian includes many interesting offerings; Stuffed Baby Zucchini, Papaya & Pomelo Salad, Sweet Potato Ravioli, Harissa coated Eggplant, etc.

The ultimate dining experience can be enjoyed by ordering the very French Connoisseur Degustation Menu, again 6 or 8 courses with wine pairing.

10th Table is an amazing step forward for Lovina and will be appreciated by all of those who enjoy the better things in life. 

The sleepy north comes alive!


Restaurant :  10th Table.

Address        :  Jln. Raya Singaraja-Seririt, Kalibukbuk, Lovina.

Telephone/WA  :  08234026660.

Website        :  www.the10thtable.com.             

Open                       :  Tuesdays to Sundays, dinners only.

Air-conditioning :  Private room, the 10th table.

Smoking Area     :  Rear garden bar.

Non-smoking Area   : Main dining room.

Pick-up Service :  Local hotels and villas.

Parking          :  Secure, inside entrance.             

Price                        :   Rp. 1,200,000 for two [+ drinks].

Credit Cards        :   All major cards.

Food                         :   Mainly French.        

Wine                        :   Medium, but well selected.

Service           :  The ultimate.  

Atmosphere          :   Quiet fine dining.

Overall                     :  Style in the north!

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