A Thai Hang Out!

Hang Out describes a place where you ‘hang out with friends’. It is most likely at a café, bar or pub? Hang Out in Renon is such a place but it is also a great little restaurant presenting authentic street food from Thailand.

It is a simple place from the outside but quite pleasant inside. There is a small general dining area and an inner private dining room [for up to 20 persons] both air-conditioned. At the front is a small open terrace for the smokers.

If you are just hanging out then there are interesting snacks to nibble. Crisp Chicken Skins in a light batter are deep-friedas are alternate offerings of mixed vegetables or chicken pieces. The Chicken Wings are done three different ways, crisp & spicy, in fish sauce or Bangkok style.


Then there is a group of dishes that can be snacks or entrees up to a full meal. Gai Tod Bai Toey is on the menu simply as Pandan Chicken. The chicken pieces have already been removed from the pandan wrapping although the flavour remains, they are served with a chilli dip rather than the traditional tamarind reduction. Thai Spring Rolls are more Indonesian than Thai whilst the Tod Mun Gai, balls of minced chicken, combined with a red curry, crumbed and fried, and are listed as chicken cakes, are moist and tasty.

Som Tum is what everyone associates with Thai salads, a mix of shredded green papaya, lime and chilli. Sour and spicy as are many of the dishes that originated in Thailand’s north-east province of Isaan, most of which have been adopted from Lao cuisine. Other salads on the menu at Hang Out, all with the same spicy sour combo, are Corn, Glass Noodles and Pork. Laab is another Lao specialty, again spicy and sour with minced pork

The most recognisable Thai soup is the much-copied Tom Yum Goong, prawns, again sour and spicy. Unusual variations of this are also available here with chicken, minced pork and mushroom.

Kra Pao means basil. Kra Pao Moo [minced pork with basil, + chilli, etc] is the most popular in Thailand but Kra Pao Gai with minced chicken is the most common version outside of Thailand. Both are available here and are quite unique in that the meat is in small pieces rather than minced and the basil is a handful of fresh holy basil which they often have a problem in obtaining. For me this is a dish I can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or as an anytime snack. It arrives with a serve of steamed rice on top of which is a flash-fried egg [crisp white, soft yolk]. At Hang Out the Kra Pao is excellent, nicely spiced but with a side dish of sliced chilli in oil for you to add if you want to up the temperature.

Stir-fries are headed by Tod Kra Tiam Prik Thai, and can be chicken, prawns or pork, with garlic and pepper. Pad Thai is the classic Thai noodle dish [rice noodles, egg, tofu, dried shrimps, peanuts, etc], Pad Thai Goong is the same but with prawns. Another popular anytime dish as is the light fluffy flat Thai Omelette. Stir-fried Paprika is actually Thai RedPeppers, they are also with chicken, prawn or pork.  The Fried Garlic Pepper Pork Balls [Thai bakso] did not quite work, as they were a bit too dry.

Thai curries are the base of almost every Thai meal, at Hang Out there are two; Chicken Green Curry and Minced Pork Red Curry. Khao Pad [fried rice] comes in many different forms here. The basic is with chicken or pork pieces but they also do some combining a curry or soup with the rice before wok-frying; Red Curry [prawns, chicken, pork] or Tom Yum [prawns].

Fusion food is all the rage in the cafes of Bangkok such as the Black Canyon chain. What they really mean is just combining Italian pasta [replacing the normal serve of rice] with Thai dishes. Hang Out gets into this with Macaroni dishes, served with either chicken or prawns in a tomato sauce.

The standard way to finish a Thai meal is with a dessert of Mango and Sticky Rice, but far better with durian if you can handle it?

Thailand street food at virtual Bangkok street food prices, Hang Out is a place where you can afford to eat at, anytime. Not only that, it is the real taste of Thailand.



Restaurant                     :  Hang Out.

Address                          :  Jl. Merdeka, Renon.

Telephone                      :  0812.4612.5492.

Open                               :  From 11.30 a.m. [Mondays to Saturdays] From 3.00 p.m. [Sundays], till 11/00 p.m.

Non-smoking Area       :  Yes [inside in air-con].

Smoking Area                :  Yes [front terrace].

Parking                           :  Small area at front

Price                                :  Rp. 150,000 for two [+ drinks].

Credit Cards                   :  Visa, Mastercard.

Food                                :  Thai street food.

Wine                                :  Beer, cider only.

Service                            :  Happy.

Atmosphere                   :  Eating & drinking.

Overall                            :  Real Thai, very cheap!


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