A Variety of Japanese

Tenkai is a small Japanese house in the gardens of the Padma Hotel in Legian. It offers quite a variety fo different Japanese cuisines and styles on different nights.

The restaurant is open for dinner only and there is a Japanese Buffet dinner [pictured] on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays whilst the a la carte menus is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. On these nights there is also a full original Teppanyaki table but this requires a previous bookings for either a 6.00 or 8,00 p.m. start.

Tenkai is one of the few Japanese restaurants in Bali with a Japanese chef in charge, Masahiko Morikawa.

There are many set menus, by far the best value particularly for anyone experiencing these cuisines for the first time. For the Teppanyaki Table you select either the Hakucho or Toki menus both of which combine meats and seafood. Both have 11 component parts to the menu, the Hakucho includes Seafood Salad, Australian Tajima Wagyu Sirloin beef 4.5 marbling, Bamboo Lobster, Chicken Breast, Tasmanian Salmon, Tuna, Scallop and assorted vegetables, steamed or fried rice, Miso soup and pickles.

As with many Asian cuisines if you have fried rice it is served at the completion of the meal as a final course, rather than during the meal, whilst the soup is sipped throughout the meal.

The alternate Teppanyaki Toki set menu offers a Green Salad followed by Australian meats [Black Angus Sirloin beef and Lamb loin], King Prawns, Tuna, White Fish, vegetables, steamed or fried rice, Miso soup and pickles.

You can tailor your meal by adding a side of any of the available component parts, and there is also a special cheaper menu for children.

The a la carte menu offers many choices but there is also a special Tenkai set menu that includes the appetizer and sashimi of the day followed by either Yakimono [Wagyu from OZ] or Mushimono [steamed fish with Ponzu sauce, a tangy citrus and soy-based sauce], a choice of grilled eel fried rice or one of three sushi. Finish with green tea ice cream.

The menu offers many unique Japanese dishes but the stand out for me was the Gyutan Yawaraka Ni, Beef Tongue, slow cooked in soy and ginger. Miso soup with salmon head and vegetables is a Japanese favourite as is the Pork Belly with yuzu miso sauce. A variety of Beef [Wagyu and Angus] dishes are also available as are many seafood options.

Needless to say there is a range of sushi options including a few specials from the chef such as the one I like very much, a roll with grilled eel. Rice Bowls are a great snack or small meal, often that is all that you want. Ten Jyu is prawn and vegetable tempura on rice, Una Jyu is grilled eel, Oyako Jyu is my pick, poached chicken thigh

and egg.

The noodle dishes include both Soba and Udon, with hot and cold options. All in all a very varied menu, highlighting fresh quality ingredients in the best Japanese tradition.

To visit Tenkai is to visit Japan, without the air fare.


Restaurant             :  Tenkai.

Address      :  Padma Hotel, Jln. Padma, Legian.

Telephone              :  752.111.             

Open             :  Dinner only  from 6.00p.m. daily.

Parking        :  Secure parking in hotel grounds.      

Price               :  Rp. 1,000,000 for two [+ drinks] – reductions for children.

Credit Cards        :  All major cards.

Food              :  Japanese.        

Wine              :  Good list.

Service         :  Very informative .  

Atmosphere          :  Intimate.

Overall                       :  Like visiting Japan.

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