About Us

About Us

Bali Advertiser is a freely distributed advertising based newspaper serving the Expatriate Community of Bali. The paper is printed every two weeks. Display ads are available in black & white or color.

Published since 1995, Bali Advertiser is read by most all of the Expatriates in Bali, business visitors, tourists and an increasing number of English speaking Indonesians. There are also subscribers throughout Bali, Indonesia and around the world and the paper is often taken home by visitors as a souvenir.

Bali Advertiser features many interesting columns, articles and ads ensuring readers spend hours with each edition. Distributed free, Bali Advertiser is your best option if you want to reach Expatriates, visitors and English speaking Indonesians.

Bali Advertiser offers free private classifieds, paid display ads, real estate, employment and personal ads. You can place an ad at our office, online, by phone, or e-mail. We also offer free display ads to aid programs and charitable organizations.

You may subscribe to the print edition with delivery every two weeks anywhere in the world.

About the Expatriate Community in Bali: While no one, including the government, has exact records, it is estimated that there are more than 15,000 expatriates living full or part-time on Bali. The reasons people are on Bali include owning a business, employed in some form, doing export of Indonesian products or people who are retired here. There are many families resident here as witnessed by many international schools that are expatriate administered and teach only in English. In addition there is a French School for French speaking children. There are many community groups active in Bali. Please click on Community Info in the menu to view the complete list.