Adopt a Family

Background of AAF

Adopt a family is a Bali-based community initiative helping families in need, who are unable to make a living during the COVID – 19 pandemic. Life in Bali changed dramatically since the outbreak of the virus. Especially, the impact of no tourism has led to a significant rise in unemployment amongst local people who have no access to welfare. This has already resulted in widespread poverty across the island. Instead of being able to stay safe at home, they are forced onto the streets and into unsafe situations to try to earn some money.

Debbie Huang, like many people who live in Bali, was disturbed by what she saw on the streets. Her strong belief in making a difference in the lives of children and their families led her to challenge her thinking on what she could do if she could rally support from those who had the means to help. It all started with her vision to feed Gojek drivers, who often do not earn enough for themselves let alone their families, through a local soto and ayam warong. The aim was to feed 50 drivers and have them survey their families and neighborhoods for those in dire need. A secondary aim was that the warong would be doing enough business to stay functional.

Starting with a small fund and the support of Debbie’s family and some good friends who gave her the courage to begin, Adopt A Family was able to give out its first 50 packages within a week of surveying the Gojek drivers. By this time a

What’s App group had collected a diverse group of innovative people who helped get the charity off and running.

By enlisting not only the donations but the ideas and skills of a range of people, Adopt-A-Family grew quickly. Instagram and Facebook accounts were created to spread the word and seek donations. In less than a week a further 60 families were supported. By the third week, 250 families from Denpasar to Gianyar, families who scavenged on the dump for recyclables, and the unemployed were on the list of families receiving support. A team of willing and dedicated team of volunteer delivery people were on the ground, and donations were rolling in. By the time we held this press media, AAF had been working for 90 days where we were able to support more than 1100 families in Bali.


Who we help?

The families we help are some of the lowest-paid workers in Bali. They have come to rely on the flow on effect of the tourism industry and were some of

the first to be hit when that stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These are people you may see in your daily life. Gojek and Grab drivers. Foragers and collectors at the rubbish dump or along streets looking in bins. The pandemic has left all of them with little or no work and thieir wages have dried up to as little as IDR 25,000 (US$ 1.50) a day. Or worse yet they return home, after a long and fruitless day, empty handed. These are the families that were living hand to mouth before the pandemic and now find the hand and the mouth both quite often empty.


How it works?

We run the following programs :

– Empowerment for sustainability

– Grow Harvest Share

– Water Sanitation Hygiene (WASH)

– Classroom without Barriers

– A Home to Grow

– Food packages – Relief Done Well


How can People participate?

You can make a financial donation to support Adopt A Family Bali through the following: Bank Acct and Paypal link . This will go towards advancing our mission of bridging the support for families and children, and empowering families and young people to engage with their goals.If you would like to speak to us about arranging a legacy donation, or for any other reason, please contact us using the details below.


“Your smallest contributions are making a big difference to the lives of the families living in Bali.”

Contact us :


IG: @adoptafamilybali

Facebook: Adopt A Family Bali

+62 81918113990