It’s always a pleasure going to ARC Anti-aging Clinic and checking out their latest innovations.  They use the latest high tech equipment and have two highly qualified doctors on staff.

Their expanding dental clinic now has five brilliant dentists using the latest equipment and a German technology dental lab on site. I went in recently to have my teeth cleaned and was amazed how quickly and proficiently the dentist was finished in just twenty minutes. He also checked my teeth for any problems and informed me with a smile that I was taking very good care of my teeth. No problems. Make an appointment for a free panoramic ex-ray and consultation to keep your teeth in prime condition.

Arc’s latest facial comes from Canada with certified organic products for the Express facial. This is the perfect perk for a fresh clean face. Forty five minutes of bliss of cleansing, scrubbing and a really long facial massage before the mask had me so relaxed that I was falling asleep. My face was glowing with health afterwards.

For a firming and lifting treatment for my face I met with Dr. Chandra to evaluate my skin and see which part of my face required some treatment. She commented that my skin was looking very good but the jaw and upper neck area could use some help.  She suggested the Sygmalift which uses a combination of ultra-sound and cold laser for a significant result.  She took a few photos to use for comparison for before and after shots.

It uses focal and flux high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and cold laser technology to encourage collagen stimulation by tightening and lifting the muscles.  Sygmalift© reshapes your facial balance by sculpting your chin, neck, jaw line and nasolabial fold. It is also very effective for significantly reducing that stubborn and saggy double chin, lifting the eye area and smoothing out the fine wrinkles around the eyes.

The Sygmalift body fat and cellulite hand piece is especially effective for contouring the body by smoothing out fat and cellulite on the tummy, “love handles” and thigh areas. Immediately after one treatment you’ll see some results but it will gradually improve over time up to four to six weeks.  It’s recommended to have another treatment a month later and a third time the following month for maximum results lasting a year!  Just three treatments will give you great results for a year.

A nurse escorted me into a private and clean treatment room and handed me a purple smock to wear for my treatment and then had me lie down and covered me with a cozy blanket. The nurse then applied ultra-sound gel over the areas to be treated. While lying comfortably she began slowly pressing with mild pressure and gliding the wand in an outward movement from my chin towards my ear. Absolutely no pain.

Once she completed one side she moved to the opposite side of my face. Once both sides were finished she cleaned off the remaining gel and placed protective eye covers over my eyes for the low light laser portion of the treatment. Again this was performed with very light touches over the area with the laser to stimulate collagen production. She told me to avoid going in the sun the remainder of the day and applied sunscreen.

She also told me to not have any facials or face massage for the next two weeks for the maximum effect. I was reminded to wear sunscreen and drink two liters of water to hydrate my circulation.

The whole treatment only took forty minutes.  Looking in the mirror I could already see the skin on my jaw line and neck looking firmer.  It’s advised not to drink any alcohol the day before otherwise your skin will be red following the treatment.

Two things I love about the Sygmalift is not only is it really effective but also painless. You can’t beat that.

New to Arc Anti- aging Clinic is the latest Aptos threads for an effective lifting to the face. Aptos Thread Lift is a non-surgical procedure that instantly lifts and firms moderate saggy tissues.

Absorbable bi-directional barbed threads are inserted under the skin with a needle to lift sagging skin on the brow, cheeks (deep nasolabial lines), eyebrows, lower eyelids, jowls and neck. If you are not ready for a surgical face-lift, then this treatment is for you.

This procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, takes one hour and the effects last approximately 1 – 2 years, depending on the patient’s age at the time of the procedure, the degree of sagging and the number of threads used.


ARC Anti-aging has everything to meet all of your beauty requirements to stay young looking – be it: Botox, fillers, lifting threads, facials, slimming treatments and dental work.

ARC Anti-aging Clinic

Address: Jalan Sunset Road No. 819, Kuta, Bali

Phone: (0361) 754645, 750982


Hours:  Monday to Friday: 9AM– 6PM

Saturday: 9AM – 3PM

Sunday: Closed

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