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Art, Beauty and Charm, are words that come to mind at the Waroeng Djamoe Spa at Hotel Tugu Bali. The moment I stepped out of the car I felt like I’d entered an ancient world from Colonial times of Java and Bali. The hotel has many unique antiques throughout the hotel including the five private rooms of the spa.

At Tugu Bali not just the furnishings are antique, the spa embraces the authentic indigenous health treatments that have been used for centuries in Java and Bali in what we now call “spa”. The traditions blended aspects of spirituality with the physical healing arts to achieve the ultimate in mind, body and soul harmony to heighten total deep relaxation. For higher castes a special ambiance was created in a secluded atmosphere and the ministrations of the healer would cause a kind of hypnosis for the patient, sending them into a state of peacefulness.   Healers knowledgeable of the powers of nature and its effect on the sense of smell, used flowers to create the atmosphere of the treatment rooms.

Frangipani, tropical magnolia, rose, jasmine and ylang ylang are believed to be the flowers of the higher deities. Incense, or ‘dupa’ as it’s called, also has mystical properties, knowing which are used at specific times and for specific purposes.

Centuries before the Western spa concept was created, the Javanese were incorporating flowers and incense to stimulate the spirit and expedite the relaxation of the mind. Only after the relaxation begins, would the physical treatment begin, often with a short prayer or mantra to accompany it. It’s believed that this approach permits the treatment to penetrate the soul and when the hands begin to touch the body with rhythmic movements of the hands massaging the entire body. Like a graceful dancer the healer will search for the areas requiring attention and apply the healing power of their hands.

Waroeng Djamoe Spa offers luxurious authenticity in its treatments and traditional products. They recommend treatments such as The Balinese Pijitan or The Javanese Pijitan massage that have been used for a thousand years.

I came with my boyfriend who adores antiques and beautiful things, knowing that he would appreciate the ambiance and décor. As we waited in the lobby for our host we wandered around admiring the artwork. Hotel Tugu probably has the finest collection of antiques in Bali.

Soon our host arrived and led us through a labyrinth like walkways graced with flowers towards the spa rooms. We were greeted at a wooden door by two lovely Balinese women who would attend to us for the next two hours. Entering this healing sanctuary was a garden with a table and two garden chairs, a black and white tiled bathtub, big enough for two people and a large turquoise square pool surrounded by flowers. A sense of peace filled me. Widya led us to the inner chamber where two old fashioned barber chairs sat next to a cabinet. Clearly these were used for pedicure treatments. Two large antique chests, which served as the massage tables stood majestically in the centre of the spacious room. These were the largest massage beds I had ever seen. Artwork adorned the walls giving the room a state of beauty and peace.

Widya handed me a sarong and panties and directed me to a changing room as she handed Micha a sarong too. Even the changing room was lovely containing a fish pond and single bathtub with antique fixtures giving the room an old fashioned look.

By the time I removed all of my jewelry and was ready for massage, Micha was already climbing up on his massage table. The table was so wide I wasn’t sure where to place my arms. I settled them beside my body as Widi asked what kind of pressure I preferred. We were having the Pijitan Gemulai Penari (Balinese Dancing Massage). This special massage was designed to let you fall under the magnetism of the beautiful and refined Balinese dancing therapists and feel the relaxation through their magic hands that followed the rhythm of Balinese dancing music. Let the magic and relaxation begin. Soon I couldn’t help drifting off as she pressed points and kneaded muscles.

This massage was so relaxing and soothing to my tired muscles as I listened to the Balinese dance music, which enhanced the sensations. Actually I fell asleep under Widi’s magic fingers. An hour later I regained consciousness and sleepily looked around. Micha was sitting on his massage table smiling at me with a peaceful look on his face.

After wrapping the sarong around my body I slowly emerged from the room and found the huge bathtub full of water with red rose petals floating on the surface. Widya invited us to climb in. We settled in at opposite ends of the huge tub enjoying the warm water, swirling our hands through the rose petals. The therapists soon brought us a pot of ginger tea and two plates of fresh fruit. We enjoyed our snack and tea we as we chatted in the tub about how wonderful the massage was and being in such a romantic and graceful sanctuary of beauty.

You may indulge in a stay at any of spectacularly luxurious pavilions with gigantic king-size beds and your own plunge pool and private dining area. You may also be pampered with authentic traditional Javanese and Balinese spa treatments in the privacy of your choice of pavilion. You may choose from Kampong Suite, Dedari Suites or the ocean view Rejang Suites located on the upper floors of the charming Javanese houses.

The Puri Le Mayeur is dedicated to the passionate love affair between Belgian painter, Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres, who moved to Bali in 1932 and his beautiful muse model of his paintings, the famous Legong dancer Ni Polok.

You’ll feel like a time traveler when entering the Walter Spies Pavilion, a romantic art deco era of Java in the early 20th century, dedicated to the legendary German artist and poet Walter Spies, who made Bali his home.

A visit to Hotel Tugu Bali will offer you a memorable experience and treat you royally in the museum style of old world charm surrounded by unique antiques. This is a place for a special occasion such as a honeymoon or anniversary or special guests arriving for a holiday.

Hotel Tugu Bali, Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu Beach.

T : 0361-4731, 081805307164.

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