August 15, 2018

Join AquaMarineDive Today to See the Sunfish at Play!

It’s official! The Sunfish are out to play and now is the time to take a trip with AquaMarine Dive Bali to witness the magnificently weird but wonderful Mola-Mola ( Ocean Sunfish) in their natural habitat. Sunfish Sighting Season is an annual highlight for Bali’s divers and international visitors and AquaMarine is delighted to launch their 2018 MM Day Trips & Safaris Special Offers.

Mola-Mola are the world’s heaviest bony fish, reaching up to 1,000kg, and they can have 300 million eggs which make them busy mamas indeed! Their two long dorsal fins mean Mola-Mola can reach 3.5m in height but, though they have rounded bodies, they are very narrow when seen from front to back (incidentally, ’mola’ is Latin for ‘millstone’). Their closest relatives are pufferfish, porcupinefish and filefish. Ocean Sunfish eat jellyfish (in huge quantities) thus unfortunately plastic bags pose a big hazard to Mola-Mola and to turtles, for similar reasons.

The experts at AquaMarine believe Mola-Mola are in Bali’s waters year round (recorded as deep as 360m), however they generally only rise up to recreational diving depths from July to mid-November. Because Mola-Mola suffer from up to 40 kinds of external parasites which require removal, they drift up in the incredibly cold, but very fertile, upwelling from the 3.5km deep Bali Trough off the island’s southern coast, to get cleaned (clever fish!) thus, how we are able to see them stationary for any length of time.

Despite being so big, Mola-Mola are actually quite difficult to find! Therefore, every day during Sunfish Season, between one and three of AquaMarine’s custom built dive boats and guides head out in search of them.

AMDive Guides have learned to be very secretive about where they see them however the most likely locations are around the offshore island of Nusa Penida and outside Padangbai and Candidasa on Bali’s East coast. There have also been rare early morning sightings on the USAT Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben Bay.

Everyone joining a Mola-Mola Bali Spotting Trip with AquaMarine is required to sign their ‘MM Code of Conduct’. That aside, expect to be in awe as you witness the behaviour of these curious creatures and watch the variety of fish that play particular roles in cleaning Mola-Mola:

Bannerfishes are those we see waiting in great swarms for the Molas and they concentrate on the body. Butterflyfishes focus (no pun intended) on cleaning the eyes, Emperor angelfishes clean the dorsal fins and Cleaner wrasses come out from the reef to clean in and around the mouth and gills. It’s mother nature’s maintenance program for the Molas!

AquaMarine will also show you how to dive with Mola-Mola. Despite their size and having no natural predators (bar humans), Molas won’t come close to the reef and the schools of fishes waiting to clean them if they don’t feel safe. Therefore, if you see a Mola-Mola or your AquaMarine Dive Guide spots one, Just. Stop. Moving!

Divers need to stay extremely still, close to the reef to let the fish come nearer, then wait for them to settle down. Once a Mola finds a place to get cleaned, it tips 45 degrees upwards, and often slightly sideways, seemingly going into a “zone”. I guess it’s like a ‘fishy massage’ of sorts! Once this happens, you and your group, rather than the Molas, will be the ones to depart first … maximum bottom time … air supply … and the water can be very cold!

PS: We’ll let you in on a little secret – sssssshhh! Here in Bali we actually have Mola Ramsayi rather than Mola-Mola, but the latter’s much easier to say and it’s recognised Bali-wide.

Check out AquaMarine Dive’s 2018 Special Offers for Mola Mola & Manta Ray Diving in Bali:

2018 Mola Mola Day Trip: 3 dives for the price of 2; free full rental gear.2018 Mola Mola Day Safari: 2 days / 1 nights / 6 dives; free full rental gear and accommodation at The Watergarden Hotel & Spa, Candidasa | +62 361 4738 020


Happy Hari Merdeka! Let’s Head to the Beach!

Indonesia’s Day of Independence is upon us again but before you put plans in motion to make the most of this national holiday and (if you’re lucky) a long n lazy weekend, check out what’s happening at Finns Beach Club on Friday August 17th!

In previous years, Independence Day celebrations have been held at Finns Rec Club, however this year sees a move to the Beach Club as well as festivities continuing well into the evening! And why wouldn’t they? Finns Beach Club proffers awesome beach front pools, a choice of bars, world class entertainment and a designated dance floor perfect for partying your way into the wee hours of Merdeka Day!

It’s free to join in the fun with no charge for general entry. Take advantage of their awesome Double Day Bed and Booth packages especially for Independence Day! Grab five of your favourites and split the cost. RP4 million means six peeps can secure a double day bed or booth for the duration of the evening. This comes inclusive of RP4 million in food and beverage credit AND a free bottle of Chandon bubbles to ensure you party out the evening in style. Booking one of these packages also means you are entitled to escorted entry, high speed wifi, bottle service, up to six of those fluffy Finns beach towels and a Beach Club Welcome Pack. What’s not to love!

The festivities kick off from 9pm through ’til 3am so dress for dancing! Ladies you’ll be looking to get there early to take advantage of the 500 free drinks on offer. Sorry fellas, it’s first in first served for the girls this time but I’m sure they’ll let you have a sip or two!

Entertainment for the evening features acclaimed Dutch DJ, Zonderling – a little ironic considering Independence Day is a celebration of Indonesia’s emancipation from Dutch colonial rule but perhaps also a fitting inclusion to the day’s lineup nonetheless! Hailing from the North of Holland, this talented musician has created his own signature style of dance music. With a unique take on international techno, Zonderling attract positive attention with the delivery of haunting house hits touched by a hint of trance. These beats makes for mandatory dance floor material so ditch the heels and grab your dancing Vans or opt to go barefoot and fancy free!

Book ahead to ensure you are guaranteed a day bed for Independence Day celebrations this year at Finns Beach Club. An evening event means you’ll have plenty of opportunity to attend any formal or official functions throughout the day then celebrate Indonesian Independence with the crew at Finns long into the evening. Drop in and see any of the team at Finns Beach Club reception or hop online and book your booth or bed package at Happy Hari Merdeka and head to the beach!


Beach Club Chic & Bubbles for Finns VIP Party

Bring out your best beach club chic and be ready to mix it with the island’s elite at this month’s grand opening of Bali’s exclusive new beach front club – Finns VIP. A cut above your regular Bali Beach Club, Finns VIP offers first class facilities and complimentary VIP guest services in a stunning, absolute beachfront locale and you can experience all of the grandeur at the opening party on Saturday, August 18th from 6pm.

Be one of the first to experience this Bali Beach Club with a difference. Sleek and elite to suit discerning tastes and those after a classy edge to their ocean front experience, Finns VIP promises prestige from the moment you pull into their private reception area. Dedicated hosts are on hand to assist you through personalised club check in and acquaint you with club features such as the Ocean Spa, Belvedere Rooftop and Champagne Bar as they guide you to your choice of VIP only areas complete with complimentary refreshments!

The evening on August 18th is set to rival the best of Bali soirees and you’re invited to join in celebrating the grand opening of this elite Berawa beach club with special guest artist and popular Australian singer and entertainer Natalie Gillespie. Those of you who saw her take to the stage some years back at a Finns Melbourne Cup function know this lady can certainly rock a venue!

A ticket to this premium party at Bali’s chic, new happening hotspot ensures free flow bubbles and beverages along with canapés from 6pm ’til 9pm. Lap up the luxury in a lush, lawn setting with the sounds of the surf just metres away. Mingle with movers and shakers around the poolside pavilion and Champagne Bar, enjoying fashion shows from established local couturiers the likes of Biasa, Uma & Leopold and Magali.

In keeping with the exclusivity of the evening, tickets for this event are strictly limited so be sure to secure yours as soon as possible! An all inclusive entry to Finns VIP Grand Opening Party is just Rp 2million per person, with Finns Bali Gold and Platinum members eligible for the discounted ticket price of just Rp1.6 million and Social & Social Plus members at Rp 1.8 million. Finns members can purchase tickets at any Finns reception or simply secure your tickets online by heading to and click on the ‘exclusive grand opening’ tab.

Dress code for the evening is ‘beach club chic’ – appropriate attire for an evening set among exquisite surrounds with the island’s elite. It’s a chance to find out what all the fuss is about and an opportunity to enjoy all of the facets of a refined beach club experience. Definitely not an event to be missed! Contact the team at today.