August 15, 2018

Unplug with flip phone! For people who only need to call or text, use a flip phone which is smaller (fits easily into pockets), is more durable, has a built in holster, is simple to operate with one hand, costs millions of rupiah less than a smartphone (even if it breaks or gets lost, it’s costs little to get a new one); batteries can last at least two days without being charged, replacing batteries is cheaper and faster; offers better cybersecurity (with no apps, they are less vulnerable to hacks); you don’t get constant notifications and emails demanding attention and you don’t always have to upgrade to new models. Samsung models online at OLX Indonesia cost as little as Rp150,000. To make the transition tolerable, wean yourself slowly. Hang on to your smartphone for a while but get rid of all your social-media apps. Without GPS-enabled maps, you’ll need to plan ahead by looking up directions and printing them out, writing them down or asking directions from smartphone users. Once you start using the hp lipat, you’ll need to relearn the irksome, clunky predictive-texting technology without the ease of a full keyboard. Prepare for frustrated parents and friends, people teasing you about being a technology hater or apologizing for using their smartphones in front of you, but you’ll be FREE!


Garden as Profit Centre. First plant banana trees in your garden. This all-important fruit must to be ready at any time for canang segehan offerings. Its leaves are used as umbrellas, to wrap food or are used as plates. It’s chopped up trunk is used for cow and pig food. Banana trees are biodegradable when you no longer have any use of its fruit or parts. Coconuts are another invaluable tree whose milk is used in soups and its santen coconut cream – a vital ingredient in many desserts – can make almost any dish immediately delicious; its wood is fashioned into planks, beams and knife and sickle handles and. The gods are also pleased with beautiful flowers like cempaka, tunjung/teratai. Kenanga trees (sandat in Balinese) belongs to the custard- apple family and sprouts fragrant greenish yellow flowers. At Rp150,000/kg, this profitable flower used to make perfumes and incense fetches the highest price of any recyclables including brass. Frangipani (jepun) is another useful tree to grow in Bali. Once household yards were covered in frangipani petals but now they are dutifully collected. Widely used in the tourist industry, its yellow, white, red or pink petals cover baths in spas, are laid out on beds, used to beautify statuary and are found in women’s hair everywhere.


Household Hints. Digitized sensors, ambulatory blood pressure monitors, remote controlled ceiling fans and all that other fancy electronic gadgetry crap are more trouble than they’re worth. *Starter tool kit: hammer, level, tape measure, LED flashlight, wrenches, rubber mallet, multi-bit screwdriver, hex wrenches, needle-nose pliers, utility knife, safety glasses and work gloves. Buy high quality because not only will the tool last longer, but it will also work better. *White wine removes red wine stains from clothing, carpets and upholstered furniture. Apply a small amount of the wine to a white or light-colored cloth or rag, then tamp at the red wine. Repeat as needed, adding more white wine to the cloth as you go. *Rid a hot water kettle of calcium buildup by heating it empty of water on the stove under a flame for 10 minutes; after it cools, shake all the loose calcium collected on the inside out.


Consumer Be Wary. According to its own consumer protection agency, Indonesians have little protection against false claims and hoaxes advertised by vendors of health and wellness products and alternative treatments that mislead the public. Questionable products may include therapeutic water bottles, therapy mattresses, high-tech wheelchairs, medical latex gloves, back support equipment or any new method or medication. Suspect also is information and claims endorsed by “health experts” or “doctors” that promise to alleviate certain serious illnesses and conditions. Testimonials from clients without any clear identification could also be completely made up.


Security Warnings. Don’t ever enter your email address in response to offers of romance, possibly fraudulent checks, gold buying, credit cards, business licenses, winning sweepstakes tickets or any invitation to pay for a vehicle registration certificate (STNK), proof of vehicle ownership or title (BPKB) or respond to any other authentic-looking document you get on your phone. *If you’re going away, install security cameras in your home which can be viewed from your phone or computer from anywhere in the world; it’s wise to also have a friend or maintenance person in Bali who may be alerted to investigate anything suspicious taking place during your absence.


HealthWise. Eating unprocessed foods will help you be healthier and lessen your risks of diseases; exercising, jogging and working out will be of no use if you consume large quantities of junk foods afterwards and may even worsen your health. *As you get fitter working out, increase the time and/or intensity of the sessions. A few short bouts per day are just as helpful as doing longer sessions and can feel more doable. Aim for 10-minute mini workouts 2-3 times daily. Go for a brisk walk at lunch and then repeat before dinner. *Late meals or nibbling on midnight snacks is a recipe for weight gain and metabolic trouble. Eat meals in a daily 8- to 10-hour window, taking your first bite in the morning and last bite early in the evening. *Contrary to the popular misconception, head lice are not attracted to dirty or unwashed hair but crawl into the hair from other objects. To get rid of lice, use Peditox, Rp6,000 per bottle at Kimia Farma. *The Heimlich maneuver has saved hundreds of thousands of people from choking to death since 1974. Illustrations on how to administer it are easily found on the Internet.


Buy the right size A/C unit. Window a/c units now can cool much more efficiently than those made a decade ago. A model that’s too small won’t cool adequately and one too large may cool too quickly and not remove enough humidity, leaving the room cold and clammy. Rough guidelines for the right size unit to buy: 100-300 sq. ft. (9-27.8 sq. m) home office or bedroom BTU 5,000-6,500 BTU; 250-400 sq. ft. (23-37 sq. m) master bedroom 7,000-8,500 BTU; large 350-650 sq. ft. (32.5 -60.3 m) living room 9,800-12,500 BTU. If the room is sunny, increase capacity by 10%. To maximize efficiency, use silicone filler or weather stripping all around perimeter of the unit.


The Remarkable Ram Pump. A hydraulic ram pump is easy to build, cheap to install and is easy to maintain and repair. As it’s driven by the movement of water from a spring or river, it requires no fuel. A one meter drop from a spring or river generates enough energy to drive piped water uphill for about 20 meters. A ten meter drop or an array of ten systems will raise water 100 meters. For a total investment of Rp3 million rupiah, your residence or village has access to an abundant and clean source of water. For plans, videos and instructions, go to:


American Citizens Corner. Voting in this all-important upcoming mid-term election is fast (5-10 minutes) and straight-forward if you follow a few simple steps. First request a ballot by using a mobile-friendly application on your phone. Go straight to, answer the questions, print out the form they generate, sign it, and send it in per instructions. If you have any questions, the Am-In team at is ready to help.


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