August 15, 2018


As always, emergencies come first! The Bali not-for-profit community has set support programs in motion to help government response to the massive earthquakes rocking Lombok this month.

In Bali, the aftershocks have been frightening for all of us; it’s hard to picture how terrifying is for the hundreds of thousands of impoverished villagers whose tiny, poorly built homes have shattered around them all across Lombok island. Early quakes hit North Lombok regency, while the biggest (12 over 4.8, biggest 6.9 at time of writing, may it remain the worst of them!) have ravaged across the island.

Communities in many areas – such as tourist spot Senggigi, where villages on the western side of the road are badly damaged – are living outside in the hills above the town, to avoid the possibility of aftershocks.

For more info, contact disaster specialist yayasan IDEP. You can donate to help provide the basic needs of evacuees, via and Or assist four shattered Senggigi families, whom I have supported for many years, via



Every capital city has rebellious teens, pushing the boundaries in various unsuitable directions, for want of the necessary experience to support their untutored attempts at leadership.

So Ubud-based youth worker and Psychodrama master, Mario Cossa, returns regularly to the US to run training programs for troubled youth in schools and prison settings, including the Safe Schools Ambassadors Program, where his powerful and energising methods have helped many teens and young adults take confident steps on a socially useful path. He also runs train-the-trainer workshops, and is widely recognised for empowering workers in this vital and challenging field.

Later this year, Mario flies to Jakarta, where he will offer those decades of practical knowledge and expertise to professionals working with young people as counsellors, therapists, educators and youth group facilitators. It will be a “once in a lifetime” experience.

The intensive three-day workshop will explore the theory, philosophy, and practice of action techniques such as psychodrama, sociodrama, and drama therapy with adolescent groups. The workshop will be held mid-December; for dates, venue and other info, and to register, email



The waste pollution piles up around Bali, and community awareness campaigns won’t work without an effective collection system. So let’s support Gianyar Waste Recovery Project and its environmentally friendly waste treatment program.

One of Temisi’s main goals is to help us create a beautiful, healthy, and comfortable environment for future generations and ourselves. The project’s Temesi Recycling Program takes in 42 tons of biodegradable material daily, processing it into 16 tons of good quality compost through an ISO 9000 Quality System.

Helping with erosion control and containing no pathogens or weed seeds, Temesi Compost is suitable for hotels, villa and home gardens, paddy fields, vegetable and fruit plantations and golf courses, and for the restoration of poor soils. Healthy soil contains 10% biodegradable material, but 50% of Indonesia’s 8 million hectares of agricultural land contains only 2.5%, while 5% are necessary for reasonable harvests. Only compost can improve these deficits.

Temesi compost is sold at the Gianyar Recycling Centre in five and 20kg bags or in bulk (orders needed for tons or cubic meters), and delivery is available. W: P: 0361-743 80 83 (bahasa only).

Or buy at Little Tree or Kopernik.



No two people are the same, so why would the same sport, dance, yoga or meditation feel right for everyone? Yoga Barn invites us to explore and experience many different approaches to meditation, so that we can find which suits us best.

The Yoga Barn class schedule offers a rich variety of meditation classes taught from the different perspectives and expertise of teachers from many countries.

First, there are two different sessions for beginners – “Develop Your Intuition”, and “Opening to Meditation”. And if you are already on the journey, visit the website to find out more about all they offer, including Chakra and Aura meditation, Active Consciousness meditation, Tibetan Bowl meditation, Higher Self meditation, Gong Bath meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Koshi & Crystal Bowl meditation, Sacred Heart meditation, Guitar meditation and Crystal Bowl meditation.



Keep your eyes open for performances by this powerful musical duo, as they travel around the island for the launch of their first album, Drumology.

BetelNut, one of Ubud’s best event venues, hosted the energetic pair for a great evening of music and dance last month, and will definitely bring them back again soon.

The Rhythm Rebels are Reza Achman on drums and Rizal Abdulhadi on the didgeridoo, both based in Ubud. Their eclectic rhythms are an irresistible, raw combination of different sounds including drum & bass, dubstep, jungle and deep house. They use primarily organic instruments – real drum kits, didgeridoo for bass and synthesizer sound, trutruka for brass sections, a one-string bamboo bass, and lots more.

W: BetelNut news on FB (BetelNutBali);



“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no either way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Albert Einstein

Extraordinary Ubud-based healer Lela Thomas – Reiki Master teacher, Eternal Breath facilitator, Access Consciousness facilitator – has based her life in Ubud since 2002, every year going back to the States for a couple of months, to support her friends and clients from before her Bali move.

This month and next she’s leading a series of “Future Leaders: Changing Consciousness” workshops in Indiana, Kentucky, New York, and will return to Bali to run similar sessions here, in mid-October.

Drawing on Albert Einstein’s statement, Lela says we all have the capacity to create and support whatever we choose. So the important thing is to make the most of those choices. Lela says her workshops are designed to ensure that we are making choices that support and allow us to keep open to – and offering energy towards – contributing to all life.

For more information, or to ask her questions, email