August 15, 2018

Cocoon, Jln. Double Six at Blue Ocean Beach, Legian, is always the innovator. They are the market leader and have just celebrated their 8th anniversary, a good record for a Bali beach club. At Cocoon, they have totally revamped their menu and with great deals from suppliers have actually reduced their prices for many dishes. Furthermore they have eradicated one of the biggest bugbears for tourists, all prices for food and drinks are now nett, inclusive of tax and service. This often causes much confusion to Bali tourists in general and tourists from Australia in particular where it is illegal to add any extra charge, the price shown on the menu must be the full amount. Just a snack with a drink or two [cocktails from Rp.85,000 nett] from their Grazing Menu is perfect. Tapas, mostly at Rp.45,000 Nett each; Moroccan Spiced Chicken Wings or Vegetarian Spring Rolls [4 of each], Chicken or Crispy Pork Dumplings, great Steam Buns stuffed with roasted pork, with cucumber and pear-hoisin sauce. Share a few 30 cm pizzas, all at 90,000 or less. The full dining option is also there, fine dining quality at budget prices. Start with Salt & Pepper Calamari or old faithful, Prawn Cocktail. As the GM is the boy from Lygon Street [Melbourne’s little Italy] the pastas are 100% traditional. Home made actually means ‘on the premises’ not at someone else’s home. I like the Fettucine Lamb [big chunks of real lamb]. Mains include Lamb Shank, Steaks, Chicken, Fish and Roast Duck….even a simple, but perfect, Beer-Battered Fish & Fat Chips. The very traditional and authentic Italian Parmigiana is about to be joined by an old favourte Saltimbocca, left off the new menu but about to return by popular demand. As always, all menu items that are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free are so marked. This must be the best value in Bali, snack by the pool, dine ‘al fresco’ on the terrace or inside in the so comfortable restaurant. Steaks [pictured] are still one of the most popular dishes here.


TEK KROTEK, on Jln Raya Mas, is very popular with all of my local Bali village friends. Even adventurous foreigners venture there for spicy food. Their menu does not lie, it is titled “Chicken Firehot”. One of the most popular dishes is spicy chicken pieces served on noodles, Mie Tek Krotek. A small, friendly place and very, very cheap with mains from Rp.15,000.


Taco Casa keeps on spreading its wings. Now at Jln. Batu Mejan, Canggu with its popular Cal-Mex, Tex-mex offerings. No doubt that will be yet another success story?


Curry in Bali is the latest major restaurant to open an outlet in the Ubud Food Court, at Jln., Sukma Kasuma, Tebasaya. Unlike most Indian restaurants in Bali, they mostly offer food from the south rather than from the north, from the Malay-speaking area of Kerala. on India’s Malabar coast, although also a selection of Northern dishes such as a few Tandoori ones. Snack on Samosa’s [veg or chicken] and Pakhora’s, soft curries from Kerala, with Malabar spices imported from India. Chicken and beef curries. The Fish Molee is cooked in coconut milk turmeric and curry leaves, as well there is a red curry option. Also many vegetarian and even Vegan dishes.


Daily Baguette offers daily home/villa delivery in Ubud, Sanur and other areas [depending on the order value] for breads, cakes, pastries and those early morning croissants. However all orders must be placed by 8.00 p.m.the previous night and only via their website []. Small minimum size orders apply. The only exception is for the sourdough bread which must be ordered two days in advance.


Berawa’s Kitchen is Canggu’s classy food court Jln. Raya Semat. With outlets selling Pizza, Indian, Burgers, Crepes and a variety of other dishes. Snacks and meals, local and international in a pleasant garden setting.


The Shore is a restaurant that is actually …on the shore. The latest totally redeveloped part of the old Gand Nikko Hotel at Nusa Dua, now a Hilton Resort. The three level restaurant actually has tables on the edge of the beach, on ‘the shore’ and presents a wide variety of seafood dishes in that perfect setting masterminded by their well-travelled Exec. Chef Clinton Webber.


Gerry Williams

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