August 16, 2017

A Celebration of Song (19 August)

The Bali Community Choir is a mix of local and expatriate members of the community who meet each week to sing and rehearse for concerts including their traditional Christmas event.  Their catalogue of songs is impressive, covering a wide variety of genres including Broadway, traditional and operatic.  The Bali Community Choir performed on the televised 10th anniversary of the Bali Bombing in 2012 and the Pan Am Memorial Commemoration in April 2014 at Padang Galak to their credit.  The community are invited to come and listen to the incredibly beautiful voices that make up the talented community choir led by Brennan O’Connell, former ‘Sing Australia’ conductor.

When       :  7.30 pm

Cost         :  IDR 50,000 (adults)  IDR 25,000 (students and children)

Where     :  SMK3 Hotel School, Jl Tirta Nadi, Sanur

Contact   :  081 338753327


Bamboo Bike Building Workshop

Bali never stops to impress on its wide range of events and activities and this Bamboo Bike Building Workshop is no exception.  The Green School is the venue for this workshop, not surprisingly, with their lead in all things environmental and green.  Argentinean, Nicolas Masuelli is an expert in this field of bike building and is coming to Bali specifically to guide this five-day workshop.  The 16 in the group will learn how to build a bamboo bike from the very beginning.  You will also learn all about the folding bamboo bike that Nicolas Masuelli has developed.  The workshop is open to 16 participants.  Meals and accommodation are not included but that is the beauty of Bali as there is a multitude of accommodation and amazing cuisine.  Do book your place as soon as possible to ensure your spot.

When       :  9 am – 5 pm (daily)

Cost         :  6,000,000

Where     :  The Green School Jalan Raya Sibang Kaja, Banjar Saren, Abiansemal,

Contact   :  469875


Canggu Fun Run (20 August)

Fun runs are a great way of bringing people together and raising money for good causes.  This run will take place over 5 km and its purpose is to showcase Canggu and promote this area of Bali.  For newcomers to Bali, Canggu used to be a sleepy little suburb with the odd restaurant, bar and little traffic.  It was an area you would pass through to visit Tanah Lot.  Now though, the urban sprawl has spread out covering Canggu.  Despite this, Canggu has managed to preserve its rice fields, beaches, temples and heritage and remains a beautiful part of Bali.  ‘Heritage’ is the chosen theme for this event and runners are encouraged to add a touch of ‘traditional’ or ‘heritage’.  The run will showcase Canggu and its highlights.  Zumba will also be part of the fun and there are prizes organized for winners of the run, best zumba dancer and other categories.  An auction will also be held to help raise much needed funds for Yayasan Semara Putra, an orphanage located in Klung Kung.  All proceeds from this event will be donated to Yayasan Semara Putra.  As well as fun it is great to see the generosity of the community and thoughts for those in need.  You can purchase your tickets at Frii Bali Echo Beach, The Haven Suites Bali Berawa, The Haven Bali, Seminyak or Fontana Hotel.  Participants will receive a t-shirt to wear on the run.  These community events are worth attending and if you do not feel like running then come along and show your support.

When       :  6.30 am – 10 am

Cost         :  IDR 150,000

Where     :  Frii Bali Echo Beach, Jl Pura Batu Mejan, Gg Munduk Catu 33, Batu Bolong

Contact   :  8469178 (Frii), 9347299 (The Haven Suites, Berawa)

738001 (The Haven, Seminyak)  8947100 (Fontana Hotel)


Independence Day Party (17 August)

This is one of Indonesia’s most auspicious occasions with every island across the archipelago celebrating independence from the Dutch in 1945.  It also gives workers a chance to celebrate with a day off work and of course students. If you are wondering what to do with your children here is a great option.  The Cubby House are hosting an Independence Day party in the afternoon. Chicken satay, noodles and a white and red pudding will be served and games include cracker eating, marble races and the children can make Indonesian flags. All the usual toys, fun and games at the Cubby House are included.

When       :  1 pm – 5 pm

Cost         :  IDR 200,000

Where     :  Cubby House Kids Club, Finns Recreation Club, Jl Raya Pantai Berawa, Canggu

Contact   :  848 3939  858 5722 2942


Lionel Gougne Emotional Gates Therapy (19 – 20 August, 26 – 27 August)

Workshops such as these are rare and well worth attending if you are looking for some guidance or simply want to learn more about this concept.  This is a level 1 ‘Release Emotional Subconscious Imprints in Body Memory’ 2 day workshop. Emotional Gates Therapy is a new alternative therapy and healing system that enables people to heal, free and gain fulfilment.  Lionel Gougne has been a health practitioner for 14 years and has not only developed this system but leads these workshops that take place in different countries.  This system is unique as it activates healing and well-being at the emotional, subconscious and physical level and most importantly empowers people to plug directly into the dimension of oneness within them – their spiritual dimension that is free from all baggage, blockages and the past.  This reduces the need to work on the endless flow of issues and limitations and allows for a much higher level of wholeness and freedom to fulfil oneself.  These workshops are unique and popular so do make your reservation as soon as possible.

Cost         :  IDR  3,900,000

Where     :  Ayusha Wellbeing Centre, Svarga Loka Resort, Jalan Raya Penestanan, Kelod, Ubud, Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar

Contact   :  975454 ext 186 (reservation)  (more information)


Tropical White Party (20 August)

The high season is in full swing and it just keeps on going getting better each year as successful parties become annual events.  The theme as the title of the party indicates is white and for all those attending dressed fully in white, entry is free!  The line up of entertainment includes Fran Tinez, Dan Cook, Folila Percussion and Joshua D.  DJ Dan is a classically trained musician, DJ, sound designer and producer hailing from the UK.  DJ Fran Tinez has an equally impressive resume and has played at different venues most famously Ibiza and Seville.  As with all these popular parties booking is advisable. The party will go ahead whatever the weather.

Cost         :  IDR 500,000 (IDR300,000 food and beverage credits)

Where     :  Karma Kandara Resort, Jl Villa Kandara, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan

Contact   :  848 2202


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