Located in an enchanted forest, Svarga Loka Resort in Ubud has created a major change by adding professional healing treatments to their services. 

Aside from their charming spa over-looking the river they now have a second place, (Ayusha Wellbeing Centre), for treatments which include spring water colonics.  A new addition is a varied list of healers to complement their services. At Ayusha Wellbeing they believe in healing the whole person, a holistic approach to wellness. This means they take the time to find out your individual healing needs with a detailed consultation prior to your treatment. This enables their practitioners to address your specific issues during the treatment session.


The Products

They have carefully selected each of their treatment products so that only the purest ingredients come into contact with your skin. Experienced herbalists working with indigenous Balinese herbs and therapeutic oils have prepared many products exclusively for them. They can guarantee that there are no SLS’s, parabens, synthetic colors or fragrances used in any of their products. Supporting supplements are on offer at the Wellbeing Centre, for a gentle and efficacious way to improve the system pre & post treatments.

I visited the beautiful resort recently and was met at reception by Richard Currall, actually a renowned British healer. He then guided me to a treatment room as we chatted while walking through the serene premises. Richard has a vast array of techniques he uses to create a customized treatment for each individual’s requirements.  Sitting comfortably with a notepad and pen in hand he asked me questions regarding my issues I wished to heal.  He also told me a little of his experience.

He began working with horses of clients like Queen Elizabeth II and the British Polo team. Gradually he expanded his techniques to include humans. He has an impressive list of former clients and works internationally at other health retreats like Chiva Som & Kamalayain Thailand and Ananda, in the Himalayas. He’s able to send healing energy long-distance too. He also told me that everyone that he’s worked on has become successful in their career and made a lot of money.  That sounded promising.

Richard then asked me to lie down on the massage table face up and relax by taking some deep breaths. He then led me through a short guided meditation to put me into a relaxed state.  Then he lightly placed his hands on an area of my body which required healing. He asked me to visualize my problem getting smaller and disappearing. Gosh his hands were really hot.  He kept them there for several minutes then moved them to my stomach for some time. He quietly moved around my body and finally sat behind my head placing his hands on my scalp to treat eczema.

When Richard finished he brought me back to awareness and asked me to lie for a few minutes longer asking how I felt…very relaxed.  When I sat up I was surprised that we had been in the room for two hours. I felt really good.  He told me that he would send me healing long-distance to continue his work after suggesting that I return for two more sessions later.


The Wellness Team

Nigel McFarland heads the Ayusha Wellbeing team as the Functional Wellbeing Director. His vast training includes colon hydrotherapy, Ayurvedic Panchakarma, Indian herbalism and nutritional alchemy. This charming Irishman organizes and heads individualized detox and rejuvenation programs and retreats. I had a colon hydrotherapy experience with Nigel, who is known as the “colon whisperer” of Ubud. He takes a totally different approach to any colonic irrigation I had done before. First, we sat in comfortable chairs in the spacious treatment room and discussed his holistic attitude on the subject.

He asked questions concerning my health and emotional state of being and any problems or stress I was suffering from.  He asked if I had any problems with constipation and I admitted that I had. Nigel explained that constipation relates to “holding on to relationships, not letting go”. He believes that any problems in the colon are related to the emotions. This process lasted about 30 to 40 minutes.  He likes to look at a person as a whole in a holistic way.

After our discussion I changed into a hospital-like gown and lay on the bed. Nigel explained how the equipment worked, which uses filtered spring water.Then he began to investigate the condition of my intestines with gentle probing fingers, asking if any areas were painful or tender. After this he asked me to lie on my side and inserted the sterile nozzle inside me. Making sure I was comfortable I returned to a face up position. Nigel then turned on the water monitoring my comfort. He explained that the water was actually exercising my colon to get it back into good condition. He recommends that clients have a colonic cleansing periodically during the year depending on your condition. His caring holistic approach to colonics is very reassuring and I felt he really knows what he’s talking about and doing.



The Wellbeing Centre has other visiting practitioners like Khun Nok from Thailand who does Passion Mapping and is part of Svarga Loka’s monthly transformational programs. Regular practitioners on-hand at the Centre are Dr. Akuh an accomplished Indonesian TCM doctor, skilled in acupuncture and Dr. Liana offers amazing anti-aging facial acupuncture. Savitri is Balinese and is the only internationally licensed Kundalini instructor in Indonesia, she is a Doula and Reiki healer and has spent some 30 years in practice in Canada before returning home to Bali.

Ayusha Wellness offers guests daily activities which include yoga, morning walks through the rice fields, bangauputih (the white crane silat martial art) and cultural activities such as “canang” offering making, Balinese cooking classes and water blessing ceremony at the spa’s spring.

Every Monday evening they host Kirtan-sacred sound circle. Authentic Balinese Healing retreats are available from three, five, seven or ten nights for those seeking positive lifestyle changes and healing.  The retreat includes escorted visits to famous Balinese healers for dynamic shifts in your physical and emotional reality.

Monthly Transformational retreats led by a host of experts are planned with a vast variety of topics.  See their schedule for upcoming retreats online at www.svargalokaresort.com. This enchanting sanctuary of healing is the ideal place to make changes in your physical and emotional health to enjoy your life more fully. I truly recommend Ayusha Wellness Centre. Outside guests are welcome to come enjoy their facilities and treatments.

For more information and reservations contact:

Ayusha Wellness Centre at Svarga Loka Resort.

Jalan Raya Penestanan, Kelod, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.

Phone: +62 361 975454


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