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Naughty Nuri’s Seminyak is actually on Jln Mertanadi, Kerobokan. Whilst Ribs are obviously the specialty of this franchise, unlike the original in Ubud they also offer quite an interesting menu of other options. The most recent additions to the menu have been a full range of different burgers. The Charcoal Burger [pictured] has tender shredded pork meat and coleslaw. Charcoal [actually coconut embers] buns are supposedly good for detox and are the latest world wide food fad. Activated charcoal is an ancient way to cleanse the system, as it is the most absorbent material to get rid of toxins and impurities from the body. Another new menu item is their interesting Chicken Parmigiana. It is the New York Italian version of what was once just an eggplant dish in Italy, breaded chicken topped with a tomato salsa. Access to this outlet is aided by a large car park at the rear of the restaurant, a rarity these days in Bali.


Ubud may be named global ‘gastronomy destination’? The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) is assessing Ubud for its suitability to be named a world “gastronomy destination”. The assessment is apparently to last one year. The UNWTO seeks to make Ubud a prototype “gastronomy destination” for other regions around the globe. “I want Indonesia to have a world-class culinary destination, hence we need a certificate that will function like an award. The best endorsers are world organisations such as UNESCO or UNWTO and [the certificate] won’t be easy to get,” Tourism Ministry Arief Yahya told a recent press conference in Jakarta, as quoted by UNWTO’s lead expert, Roberta Garibaldi, said UNWTO was applying three assessment processes for the title: namely an inventory of gastronomy assets and attractions, which include mapping the readiness of the industry and business players, a verification and analysis process that includes interviewing all gastronomy stakeholders, producers, hotels, restaurants, chefs, food festival initiators, regional administrations, transportation providers, academics and tourists and recommendations that are required to be implemented by the stakeholders. If all goes well, Ubud may receive the title in 2020.


Two Moods is on Jln. Tanah Barak, in Canggu. The two moods are breakfast and dinner, two restaurants in one. Open from 8.00 a.m. you really can have breakfast here. After the juice and coffee it can be standard [eggs, etc], healthy or even Vegan. Dinner is general International with a leaning to Mediterranean. A cosy, friendly restaurant with views, it is a pleasant spot for relaxed dining.


Riverside is the newcomer in Lovina. It is yet another project by the ‘retired’ Marinos of Mykonos fame [too old to work, too young to retire], the man who virtually started what was to become Eat Street, as I once called Jln. Laksmana in Kerobokan. It is to be a modern café but no doubt many Greek favourites will be on the menu.


Le Patio actually has one, or two, but most eat in the open central garden area, very relaxing. It is just metres away from the throbbing noisy Raya Seminyak. Whilst it is under French management the menu is a mix of local and Mediterranean dishes. If you want French you can order a real Salade Nicoise [greens tossed with tuna, tomato, corn, onion, black olives, potato, boiled egg and honey vinaigrette], Steak Tartare or the very French Fish a l’estragon [mahi-mahi in a wonderful tarragon cream sauce]. There are unusual dishes on the menu such as the Tuna Sesame Steak [with a balsamic caramel sauce] or Grilled Chicken, greens, cashew nuts and pineapple, served in a pineapple boat. There are Sandwiches on Ciabatta or Burgers, for just a snack. The local menu leads off with a Ginger Chicken and included the ever popular Indo-Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken [Ayam Asam Manis]. The kids love the Gelato Twists.


Massimo [Jln. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur] keeps coming up with new things! The latest is a rotary pizza oven. It is located street-side, adjacent to the ever busy gelato area, between the street and the bar. It works in the same way as a convection oven. The pizzas are placed on the rotating centre plate, the wood fire is on the side, producing a more evenly cooked, smoky, pizza. Massimo, ever the perfectionist!


Aperitif @ The Viceroy has amazed everyone with its incredible fine dining experience, taking us back 50 years, chandeliers, crystal and all. Their original 8 course degustation menu remains but there is now also an 8 course Vegetarian menu. Braised young jackfruit with fennel and a Mushroom Wellington, both sound great and I am sure they are exceptional but I am afraid that any visit there for me has to include their wonderful seafood and meat dishes on the main degustation menu, such as the Iberico Pork, Caviar, Foie Gras, Duck Magret and the most sensational of all, the Venison Wellington. Aperitif is a dining experience never to be forgotten.


Ubud Wine Club has been in operation now for almost 20 years. Members are a mix of hospitality professionals and avid lovers of fine dining and wine. A monthly lunch is held at a different restaurant in the Ubud area each month. For anyone interested in joining, contact Richard Llewellyn @


By Gerry Williams

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