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Punjabi Tadka is a new Indian restaurant on Jln Seminyak. It features a large menu covering most of India’s regional cuisines; Meat and Vegetarian curries, Thali, Biriyanis, Kebabs from the Tandoor, even Indian breakfasts. Samosas [pictured] are amongst my all time favourite snack foods, particularly the vegetarian ones and these are very good. They come with two different dips but I always like a side of mango chutney as well to stuff inside the samosa. As is the norm with Indian restaurants the range of vegetarian dishes is quite enormous. People often forget when considering vegetarian restaurants that Indian offers an incredible taste range, such as Aloo Jeera [boiled potatoes fried with cumin seeds, tomato, coriander and ginger] and Navrattan Korma [mixed vegetables, cottage cheese, fresh and dried fruits] or Dum Aloo [potatoes stuffed with dried fruit, cheese and khoya] . An Indian breakfast can be Parathas or a Masala Omelette but what corn flakes or worse still ‘bread, omelette and French fries’ are doing on an Indian menu I do not know?


Food Trends keep surprising you!. Last year, CBD burst onto the scene, and by October YouGov reported one in ten Brits had used CBD products. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana plants, and experts believe its popularity is set to soar in 2020 – in everything from cocktails to meals. “Cannabis is the new kale,” says Rich Woods, co-owner of London’s Scout, a venue that’s number 28 on the World’s Best Bars list. He predicts a bright future for CBD oil-infused drinks, commenting “2020 will continue to see the trend rise, with more high-street bars experimenting with it”. Food is in on it too, according to Annabel Wray and Victoria Knight of Hakuna Foods, which caters for the entertainment industry. “Restaurants, cafes and shops that provide food and drinks containing CBD are set to rise. We also expect there to be an increase in products, such as CBD-infused sparkling water and coffee, in supermarkets. ”It’s part of a wider trend, according to Chris Green, co-founder of Young Foodies. “Consumers are buying into products that bridge the gap between medicine and food, as we become increasingly conscious of the role food and drink plays in our mental wellbeing,” he says.


Umalas Breakfast Club is something different! Needless to say the breakfasts are all day, mostly egg related plus many alternatives [pancakes, corn fritters and toast with toppings]. On Jln. Dukuh Indah it also has all of the healthy options.


Tippo’s is in Lod Tunduh [Jln. A.A. Gede Rai], just south of Ubud. As the cost of living steadily escalates in Central Ubud, more and more long term expats and tourists are seeking the outlying villages for their accommodation. The services quickly follow. There have always been local warungs in these areas but now specialist cafes are appearing to service the new demand. Tippo’s is such a place, even with Health Food options [Quinoa and Falafel Salads]. It is quite amazing to see items such as Eggs Benedict on a village menu such as this. Back in the 90’s it was almost impossible to find an edible Bacon & Eggs at such a place [the eggs were either a sloppy mess or a hard board, the bacon so tough and impossible to cut, it had to be overcooked so you could break it and the supermarket white bread toast crumbled as soon as you touched it]. What an amazing development in just 20 years.


Luwus is the restaurant at the Secret Garden Resort, found at the 36km point on the Tabanan- Bedugul road and is a perfect stopping point on trips to the north. The food is very Balinese local, crispy duck and all that, but the surroundings are very relaxing and peaceful.


Brunch Club gives you what you want, that all day breakfast and a bit more. On Jln. Legian it has American touches from a Melbourne [Australian] perspective. Breakfasts are the basic [croissant, French toast, frozen fruit bowls] to the more extensive [pancakes, breakfast burgers, smoked salmon bagel, chia seed pudding, Bircher muesli with apple, hazelnut and goji berries]. You can even have a ‘Green’ Omelette if that is what you want? All this is available all day, and can be had with one of their Bloody Marys, but after 12.00 midday the menu expands to include many Pizzas and Burgers [beef, veggie or a Portugese Chook burger, for the non-Australians a ‘chook’ is one of those things that run around the back yard laying eggs that other people call chickens].


The Golden Saffron is steadily getting a name for itself. On Jln. Raya Kuta, Tuban, close to the airport, the first thing you note is just how many Indians are dining there, always a good indication as to traditional tastes and good value. They have extensive veg and non-veg Thali platters. The concept of Thali is to offer all the 6 different flavours of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy on one single plate. It is also very reasonably priced.


By Gerry Williams

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