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Ryoshi is the first choice when it comes to basic Japanese cuisine. Think Japanese and you almost certainly think of Sushi and Sashimi, even though there are many other dishes in this unique cuisine, The critical factor with both of these dishes is that the fish must be FRESH, and the dish prepared ‘to order’ not hours, or even days, before and refrigerated. With the constant turnover of seafood required by this group [5 Ryoshi restaurants, Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, Tuban and their HQ in Seminyak, plus the Sakanaya and Ramen Boy outlets] the product here is always fresh. At Ryoshi the offerings are of unbelievable value, my favourite is the Pisang combo, 12 pieces of sushi [the maki roll is cut into three which makes 14 in my book]. It always tastes best fresh! At Ryoshi you can sit and watch it being made. It arrives accompanied by a small dish, a lump of wasabi [often referred to as Japanese horseradish but tasting more like a hot mustard] on its side, and a little pile of gari [sweet thinly sliced young ginger] on the edge of the sushi board.

Tip some soy [always on the table in a small jug] and edge some of the wasabi in, to your taste! Place a complete sushi in the soy/wasabi mix so it can soak into the rice base [my way, not the Japanese way], then with chopsticks, or even fingers if you must, eat and savour the exquisite taste. Follow with a small slice of the gari, and a sip of whatever you are drinking. My kind of lunch! Ryoshi has a number of different combination boards of sushi and sashimi [raw fish] or a combo of both. Other raw fish specials include their Tataki which is a Japanese salad of raw fish, a Tuna Carpaccio or Aji Tataki, a type of mackerel tartar. Chirashi Sushi is a bowl of various raw fish draped over sushi rice. Then at night the rooftop at Ryoshi Seminyak becomes Bali’s leading Jazz Club, which has now also re=opened, now on Mondays [19.30 – 22.30] and from August it will be live Jazz on both Mondays and Fridays.

Avenue A is an American gastropub on Jln. Permelisaqn Agung, Canggu. It is also home for long time Bali New York American chef William Collier [ex Happy Chappy, Sentosa’s EVO, Alila, etc]. The menu suits the place, you could almost be in New York, but with a Bali touch. Wagyu Beef Sliders, Confit Pork Belly, Tuna Sashimi Poke, and Slow Roasted Beef Po’Boy sandwiches, With memories of EVO there are some interesting pasta dishes; hand-rolled fresh Garganelli with oxtail ragu and smoked ricotta, sweet grilled corn Risotto with rambutan wood-smoked rock cod and hand-rolled Potato Gnocchi with potato truffle foam, crisp onions, pancetta, parmesan. For the beer drinker there are two draught and 18 bottled options.


Watergarden Café continues to serve its regular customers! New Asian and European dishes abound on this menu, waking up sleepy Candi Dasa. Thai Fish Cakes with ginger and coriander, Indian Vegetarian Samosas with chutney and cucumber, tomato yoghurt sauce. That fragrant Vietnamese Broth Pha Bo, beef, noodles and spices. Gulai Kambing, slowly cooked goat meat in a coconut milk sauce. Tom Ngon, Vietnamese Prawns stuffed with garlic, lemon grass and chilli, pan seared in olive oil. A Moroccan Vegetarian Tangine with couscous, a Chinese Braised chicken with ginger in oyster sauce, Singaporean Chilli Crab or Pork Spare Ribs done their way, flavored with rice wine & soy sauce. From Germany; Pork Leg Knuckle [Schweinshaxen] with Bavarian dumplings, or a Beef Rouladen, thin sliced beef tenderloin filled and rolled with bacon, gherkins, onions and mustard, pan fried and broiled in its juice, also with dumplings. . Dishes on this menu are marked as being Nut or Gluten Free, as appropriate, more places should consider those tourists who have to battle allergies. The Watergarden at Candi Dasa has always been a special place to go to stay, but now it is also worth a visit just to eat!


Milk & Madu has re-opened in Ubud [Jln. Suweta]. In very large premises, it is an enormous glass house, north of Jln. Raya Ubud the line above where no western restaurant has ever before been successful. Perhaps that reason is the normally zero parking availability or maybe a lower quality of the walk by traffic. It is just a few meters from the old Terazo which closed its doors, at first being very popular then declining rapidly. Buttermilk Pancakes are the American dream for breakfast, a dish that is not commonly available in Ubud, although the many egg options are likely to prove to be more popular. Brioche Burgers are another popular offering at Milk & Madu, although many go there for their Pizzas, eat-in or takeaway,


Karma Beach has re-opened and is better than ever. It is now with two distinct areas, the beach and dining areas being separated. Golden Hour is between 5.30 and 6.30 p.m., with select cocktails available for the special price of 110K++, sangria and mojito jugs for 440K++, and Bintang buckets for 160K++. This sensational Uluwatu site has always been one of the very best sunset spots in Bali, and the quality of the cuisine served here only adds to the attraction. The two distinct areas are Karma Beach Dining, and Karma Beach Bar. More decking has been added and now seats 110 persons, with wet weather protection as an added bonus, There is a minimum charge that is credited in F&B for all guests and bookings remain essential.


By Gerry Williams

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