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Naughty Nuri’s Seminyak is actually on Jln Mertanadi, Kerobokan. Whilst Ribs are obviously the specialty of this franchise, unlike the original in Ubud they also offer quite an interesting menu of other options. However, the ribs [pictured] as as close to perfect as you can get, sojuicy and tender.. There have also neen recent additions to the menu such as a full range of different burgers. The Charcoal Burger has tender shredded pork meat and cole slaw. Charcoal [actually coconut embers] buns are supposedly good for detox and are the latest world wide food fad. Another new menu item is their interesting Chicken Parmigiana. It is the New York Italian version of what was once just an eggplant dish in Italy, breaded chcken topped with a tomato salsa. Access to this outlet is aided by a large car park at the rear of the restaurant, a rarity these days in Bali.

CasCades, was the original fine dining restaurant at Ubud’s luxury resort, The Viceroy. It was a mantle that has since been taken over by their incredible Aperitif restaurant. Now CasCades has been extensively renovated and re-opened as the Viceroy’s all-day restaurant for in house guests and discerning diners. The menu is a blend of international and local Indonesian cuisines, but still very fine dining. Scallops are grilled, with crackling sausage, and sweet corn in spinach sauce, The Foie Gras is a terrine with pickled beetroot, green apple and gingerbread crumble. Local style starters can be a turmeric coconut prawn curry with pickled watermelon or a classic Gado-Gado [vegetables, quail eggs, tofu, tempe, tomato, cabbage and beans drizzled with a peanut sauce. Your soup can be a Lobster Bisque or an Indonesian Sop Bobor [spinach and young coconut, salam leaf and galangal, topped with a lime coriander foam. Mains can be Beef Tenderloin with truffle dauphine and mushrooms, or Lobster, Barramundi or Lamb Rack. Local dishes such as Bebek Betutu or Pork Rendang are available. At the moment they also offer a Special Sunday ‘all you can eat’ BBQ Brunch that includes access to the swimming pool with a live band, special price and events for the children, an all in fun day.

Velada is the sports bar at Nusa Dua’s Westin Resort. For a three month period the food at Velada will be provided by Merah Putih, with their signature take on modern Indonesian. Start off the evening with the light and peppery dish from the canape menu with the Kerang Lengkuas. Continue to the mains with the recommended staples including the Minangnese lamb curry Domba Kalio from the Highlands of West Sumatra, the tangy Krengsengan Sapi from Surabaya, or the creamy pumpkin curry Sayur Tuturuga from Manado, North Sulawesi

Square One is a small coffee and eatery serving up simple and fresh food options along with great cups of coffee. It is a ppopular spot on Jln. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur, for breakfast and brunch. Breakfasts include the Square Banny [hashbrowns, wild rucola, choice of salmon or bacon, garlic mushrooms, poached egg with hollandaise sauce] and the King’s Jester [smashed avocado, cherry tomato, feta, a choice of boiled, poached or scrambled egg and two pieces of sourdough]. Brunch can be the Honey Mustard Chicken Salad [with bacon bits, mixed leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, toasted nuts and seeds with sliced avocado] or the Mediterranean Breeze [cherry tomato halves, cucumber, feta cubes, black and green olives in herbed olive oil served with pita bread]..

JK [Just Kitchen] is a Georgian restaurant on Umalas II. Traditional Georgian food includes these wonderful dumplings which can be filled with Beef, lamb or be totally vegetarian. The accompanying sauce is with either yoghurt or Georgian Adjika. Adjika is a hot, spicy but subtly flavoured paste used to flavour food mainly in the Caucasian regions of Abkhazia and Samegrelo. Adjika is usually red, though green ajika can be made with unripe peppers. The name itself comes from the Abkhaz word аџьыка “salt” – the more descriptive аџьыкаҟaҧшь (literally, “red salt”) and аџьыкаҵәаҵәа are also used to refer specifically to ajika. The Abkhazian variant of adjika is based on a boiled preparation of hot red peppers, garlic, herbs and spices such as coriander, dill, blue fenugreek (only found in mountain regions such as the Alps or the Caucasus), salt and walnut. A dry form of adjika exists that is sometimes called svanuri marili in Georgian (“Svanetian salt”); this looks like small red clumps mixed with a looser version of the spice mixture.

Mozaic in Ubud, hosts a Gala Tribute to French Cuisine with Vincent Nigita & Chris Salans on Sunday, 27th September 2020, 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm 9 courses for Rp.1,600,000. The Amuse Bouches is Champagne, Taittinger Nocturne Sec, Reims, followed by Cassolette de Fruits de Mers aux Herbes [scallop, yabby, squid and king crab ravioli in a fresh herb broth. Then Cabillaud au Pistou [confied Atlantic Black Cod, braised fennel and tomato basil pistou. Homard Forestiere is butter poached Brittany lobster, girolles mushroom and asparagus. Foie Gras aux Lentilles du Puy[seared foie gras, lentil emulsion, caramelized onions, bacon Porc aux Pruneaux [slow cooked Iberico pork, pluma, prunes and armagnac].Then a supermain of fillet de Biche Rôti aux Choux [roasted venison loin, wilted cabbage, orange and juniper berry]. Finish with Chariot de Fromages, cheese trolley and condiments and La Poire Vanilla [pear jelly, pear and smoked tea espuma, almond ice cream, Le Mille-Feuille [caramelized puff pastry, vanilla Napoleon cream, salted caramel, vanilla and lemon sorbet, candy lemon zest, vanilla emulsion],.Petits Fours du Chef.

By Gerry Williams
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