Bali Eats

Shima Teppanyaki [Jln. Kerobokan] also does Shabu-Shabu. You select your own menu from a vast range of options. Soups from Miso, Kimuchie, Sukiyaki and Chicken Goma. A selection of vegetables including enoki and shiitaki mushrooms, nappa cabbage, kale and broccoli. Seafood can be king prawn, barramundi, tuna or calamari and meat; pork loin, Australian sirloin or wagyu. You can also add tofu or udon noodles.


Bee Cafe is at the Beehouse Dijiwa Sanctuary, Peliatan, Ubud. A rural scene overlooking rice paddies, it is an Artini hotel. The menu has a wide varfiety as is essential for a wide range of tourists. Start with the basic spring roll, onion rings or chicken wings. Soup can be Cramcam [minced chicken with crisp crisp celery and shallots], Moringa [with fresh moringa leaf, sweet corn and grated coconut in a spicy broth], or the classic Indonesian Soto Ayam. Mains can be a Beef Rendang, Seafood Laksa, Chicken Curry or Sweet and Sour Seafood. Just a snack? What better than Fish & Chips, or Chicken and Chips, or  a simple Satay.


Woods is in Jln Munduk Tengah, Pererenan, Canggu. It is very different to all else. The word ‘woods’ means a place full of trees., and the restaurant Woods is just that, it is full of trees, inside. They regularly hold what they call their Jazzy Brunches. The next one is due to be held Sunday January 30. It is an Oysters Special Edition, 1.00 to 3.00 p.m. Whether it is for breakfast [Shakshouka], lunch, dinner or just in between, it is becoming the place to be at, in Canggu.


Massimo at Sanur is a landmark. No one who has ever driven past could have failed to notice the all day queue for his famous gelato. They even have a special small dining area, just behind the gelato stand, for patrons to sit down and enjoy their take away gelato. The main restaurant behind has worked since day one. Budget priced food that tastes great, what more could you want? Massimo has been a part of the Bali food scene now for 20 years. A passionate man he loves his traditional Italian food, particularly that of his native Lecce. The only place in Bali with perfect hand made semifredo, an art form in itself. He remained open throughout the pandemic even though it was not always profitable, but he considers his staff to be family and wanted to support them.


The Melting Pot, just south of Ubud at Pengosekan, has gone all romantic for February, not just Valentine’s Day. They are serving Fondue, what could be more romantic than that? Sharing your dipping bowl. A soft side to Bali’s biggest and most comprehensive sports bar.


Warung Nasi Ayam Kedewatan is probably one of Bali’s most famous local restaurants. Packed every day with the local gentry, it serves what the Balinese call Nasi Ayam, or Chicken Rice [not to be confused with the Chines Hainan Chicken Rice. Here all the spices of betutu are used but the chicken is simmered in them rather than steamed as in betutu, Invariably busy and very affordable, this restaurant offer “halal” Balinese dining with a range of chicken dishes and satays, Balinese steam vegetable, boiled eggs, and long beans.


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