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Melting Pot is well known as Bali’s best and largest sports bar, what is less known is that it also serves Bali’s only authentic Texan cuisine. No flash restaurant here, just comfort food served comfortably. Sit at booths, high bar style tables, or at the bar itself. Bowls of Chilli con carne, just referred to as Chilli here and in Texas, heads the list [pictured], What is called Chips & Texas Chilli is a pile of tortilla chips [not French fries] and a bowl of that hot, luscious chilli. Highlight of the Tex-Mex offerings are the Quesadillas, the best I have ever had. Many options for bar food, leading the way are a selection of Sliders [3 mini burgers]. The Hot Link Sliders I like best, spicy smoked link sausages [pork] with a dab of Dijon or BBQ sauce in a mini poppy seed bun, served with fresh cut fries. Other sliders can be Beef or Chicken and Parmesan. The best meal I have ever had here [amongst many] was my introduction to Gumbo. Authentic Louisiana style gumbo is a spicy stew including chicken, pork sausage, okra, celery, scallions and much more. It is served in a bowl with rice and two pieces of garlic bread.

Chilla’s, Jln. Legian, Kuta, is healthy! They offer Salads, Wraps and Bowls, even Desserts. Salads – Tabbouleh [roasted chickpeas, parsley, mint, cucumber, couscous, radish, lemon, homemade granola, served with a dollop of cashew cream and flat bread], Asian [mixed greens with juliened carrot, radish, cucumber, mild chillies, shredded red cabbage, bean sprouts, crosp tofu and tempe, garnished with crisp seasoned rice noodles, crushed peanuts and toasted sesame seeds, served with garlic, honey and lime dressing]. Wraps – Samosa [crisp toasted wrap filled with a savoury potato and mixed vegetable Indian inspired samosa filling with strawberry cucumber chutney, served hot],   Tex-Mex [mashed red bean paste, brown rice, corn, crunchy sweet potato rosti, tomato salsa and cashew mayo]. Bowls – Breakfast [spinach, sweet potato hash, with basil cashew pesto, avocado, tomato salsa, wilted spinach, topped with a poached egg], Buddha [mixed vegetable curry, brown rice, sauteed eggplant and mango chutney]. Desserts – Chia Glass [fresh fruit layered with coconut, chia, topped with toffee cashew garnish], Raw Chocolate Pie [base of nuts, dates and cacao, with a filling of cacao, cashews, dates, honey, vanilla and coconut].

Di Mare at Karma Kandara is offering a three course seafood tasting menu on Good Friday, for Rp.490,000++ p.p. Start with the Amuse Bouche [seafood cocktail of prawn, octopus, shellfish, cauliflower panna cotta, wakame, cucumber] followed by the Starter [pan seared Hokkaido scallop, lemongrass risotto, corn, spirulina foam], Main [roasted garoupa fish, fiddle head ferns, celery root, pomelo, torch ginger flower, beurre blanc] and Dessert [Cheesecake – yuzu marscarpone, kemangi sponge, yuzu sorbet].

 Mari Beach Club is at the beachfront of Jln. Batu Belig, Kerobokan. Inspired by coastal Mediterranean and Japanese dining experiences, Mari Kitchen,  Their food celebrates vibrant, seasonal and local ingredients that elevate dishes like their signature Salt crusted seabass in lemon and soy mayo, Grilled mackerel in XO sauce, or Lobster tail in miso butter. Proud to his Nordic culinary culture, Chef Martin religiously stays within his course of authentic cuisine and heritage recipes exploration, to then reintroducing the new way of serving it. It is earthy and refined, ancient and modern.

Bejana is the Indonesian restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, although they also have a Balinese inspired menu on offer. Both are served family style for the whole table. Star of the Indonesian table is their Anyang Ayam Jantung Pisang [Chicken banana flower, bean sprout, fern vegetable salad grated coconut] and  Gohu Tuna Kacang Kenari [Diced tuna sashimi, shallot, tomato, chili salsa and roasted almond flakes Pical]. For the Balinese selection it is Makanan utama Gabung with Nasi Putih [Steam rice] Satay Tusuk Babi, Darah Goreng, Lawar Nangka [Pork skewers], Fried pork blood, Young jack fruit salad Keropok Babi Pork cracker and Sayur Nangka Muda Berkuah, Braised young jack fruit, Balinese paste, salam leaf Babi Guling [Roasted pig]

Shima in Kerobokan, is well known for its Teppanyaki and Shabu-Shabu. Teppanyaki is a healthy style of Japanese cooking that places great emphasis on quality and consists of a wholesome balance of fresh fish, meat and vegetables. Teppanyaki focuses on the fresh ingredients themselves, avoiding drowning the meats and fish in sauces. At Shima, you are given the choice of Teppanyaki, Shabu Shabu, Sushi, Sashimi or Tempura . Shima features four Teppanyaki tables, ideal for big groups and also for smaller parties that can still enjoy their privacy. For those in the mood for Shabu Shabu, there is separate comfortable seating to enjoy the traditional hot pot style cuisine.

Zali from Beirut, Jln. Pererenan, Canggu, offers eastern Mediterranean cuisine. This Levantine cuisine has a wide palate of tastes embracing its agricultural healthy products such as olives, fruit and wheat. Levantine food is full of healthy dishes, as it uses more spices, olive oil, whole grains, lentils, chickpeas, cauliflower, other vegetables and other fresh ingredients. They don’t use processed food at all. Most of their dishes are grilled, baked or lightly cooked in olive oil.

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