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Naughty Nuri’s Sanur has opened on Jln. ByPass Ngurah Rai, close to The Hub. An institution throughout S.E. Asia, this franchise reached another level with the opening of Naughty Nuri Seminyak, The same management team, under the generalship of Ed Balma [of The Drum Factory fame] is in charge here. Whilst the ribs are obviously the main attraction [pictured], a visit is worthwhile for the rest of the menu as well. It features many popular New York items from Ed’s memory bank. Such as the amazing Fish Wings [combining a crunch with sweet succulent fish meat], and a simple Mac ’n’ Cheese. But overall it is pork that reigns supreme, every which way, Burgers, soups, stirfrys, curries, steaks, etc. As they say in those TV commercials all over the world….get a little pork on your fork!

Suku at the Conrad Bali, on Tanjung Benoa near Nusa Dua, will showcase Singapore’s signature dishes through 31 May 2022, The result of a culinary collaboration with famed Singapore Chef Bernard Chew and Conrad Bali’s Culinary Team, led by Executive Sous Chef Made Semawan. Chew moved to Bali in 2016, creating Little Singapore as a place to enjoy delicious and authentic Singaporean food. During Bernard Chew’s limited engagement at Conrad Bali, “must-try items” on the menu are The Crab Choices”– particularly the Salted Egg Crab and the Black Pepper Crab. Bernard Chew’s crab dishes use Papua Crab, universally known for its size and flavor. Please note the famous Singaporean Chili Crab requires a day’s advance notice to prepare, so be sure to book in advance.

Melali Ubud on Jln. Sri Wedari, does all day healthy breakfasts,.Egg Flo Rosti is a poached egg on Swiss potato rosti, topped with sauteed spinach, mushroom, aragula and hollandaise sauce. Marissa Spiced Egg is a chorizo sausage with poached egg, caramelized pepper, mushroom, harissa and sourdough. The Champs Choice is two eggs of your choice with rosemary chicken sausage, sauteed mushrooms, tomato confit and toasted sourdough. The Wraps can be Falafel [with olives, tomato, cucumber, spinach, cauliflower, chickpeas, couscous, purple cabbage, beetroot, hummus and salsa verde], or Mexican [grilled chicken, Mexican rice, baby romaine, guacamole, tomato salsa, black bean, sour cream and sweet corn]. A Tempe Bowl consists of fried tempe, roasted sweet potato, grilled sesame broccoli, baby carrots, avocado, tzatziki and hummus served with flat bread.

Skool Kitchen, Jln. Pura Dalem, Canggu, is the hottest new restaurant by Tai Buddha and Adam McAsey where every dish is touched by fire. A primitive style of cooking meets contemporary culinary excellence here, with its honest modern menu powered by natural wood and charcoal embers. Try the slow-roasted lamb; marinated for over three days in garlic, yoghurt, and spices, before being trussed and hung over the fireplace to roast to perfection. Even the artisanally crafted cocktails get a taste of the flames, like the Burnt Lemon Daiquiri – perfect for watching a fiery Bali sunset overlooking the waves.Small plates cab just a grilled oyster with Szechuan vinaigrette, woodfired bone marrow on garlic toast, hay-smoked kingfish with seaweed and finger lime or stuffed chicken wing with amoked ham and apple glaze.

 Zest is totally plant based. On Jln. Raya Penestenan they are open from Breakfast through to late dinners. They serve Sushi including their Burmese Sushi [grain free], and Jackfruit and Avocado, Smoked Capsicum and Broccoli, Tempura Mushroom and Tempura Onion. Burgers can be Teriyaki Jackfruit or a Snitzel Burger [caramelized pineapple, red cabbage, onion gravy and tartar sauce]. The BIG Burger is stuffed with a shiitaki mushroom patty, caramelized onion, capsicum, beetroot, mayo and smokey BBQ sauce. Mains include a Mushroom Schnitzel, Cassava Fettucine and a Roam Jack Pizza [jackfruit and mushroom]. Very popular is their Peking Duck inspired Pancake Platter, a dish served for two or four persons [pictured]. It consists of 16 small pancakes for you to fill with salads and fresh herbs, with their secret papaya ‘plum’ sauce and 3 combinations;: mushroom schnitzel, jackfruit sausage and ‘schnapper’ fillet. ou dip the pancakes in a spicy soy sauce, very tasty!


By Gerry Williams

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